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  1. After my electricity went off for a few minutes, the time of day is incorrect in my system. The GUI is showing correct time but 250 remotes are not. Temperature control therefore is not being driven as I like due to the wrong time of day issue..example Home theatre which is programmed to cut temp up at AM hours is actually using those temps during PM hours. i have a HC800 with other 300 controllers running 2.9. I’ve rebooted the controllers but time remains wrong. Long time control4 user. First time ever had this issue. Thanks for any help!
  2. My dimmers were installed in 2010 when I first added downstairs light control to my system. Not a guru..so don’t know what apd means...but they are old!
  3. I’m having an issue that my LED bulbs will flicker and not ever go completely off when I turn off through my Control 4 system. In between dealers now..thoughts on why this is happening and how to fix?
  4. Don’t understand what you are asking..but wall outlets have worked since house was built..and control outlet switches work find except with LED bulbs.
  5. These are the wireless outlet switches..pulled into a regular wall switch ..to control lamps.
  6. Yes...electrician installed..and no issues until used LED bulbs.
  7. I’m running and have a problem with LED light bulbs in lamps controlled by system. They will turn on and burn fine..but when off selected, they just flash rapidly and won’t turn off. Wind up unscrewing bulb and replacing with non led. Any solution to this?
  8. Upgraded to 2.9 at same time bought new dimmer---
  9. I have the Hc800 and two HC300 in my system. Had a dimmer go offline. Remote dealer worked through me to reset with no luck. Bought a new one from dealer and also can't get it online. In trying to get it up & running, dealer made a third one go offline. Losing faith in them..they called C4 but no luck using their suggestions...unplug..hold down button and plut back in...push button 4 times to get back online. Waiting on dealer to call me with time to try again. Thoughts? Losing faith in dealer's knowledge...
  10. Reboot controller..don't have a touch panel..no change..
  11. I've refreshed ..with no change. Will follow up with dealer after holiday on driver..
  12. I've recently upgraded to 2.91. Under comfort, there is no tab to schedule temp settings. Top bar just has tempature button and extras. I can program on my iPad...has a schedule tab under comfort...is this normal? Anyway to add schedule to GUI?
  13. BTW. My problem was simple...had renewed Napster @ $4.99 a month offer. Needed the premium subscription to work with control 4. Upgraded and all is fine.
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