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  1. Ok, so I have no idea how this happened... lol... I'm an idiot. I had the 2 sensors setup on channel 1 and 2. For whatever reason, they changed to 2 and 3, so my relay wasn't ever triggering on 1 obviously. I have no idea how it happened, but I think I am set! I really appreciate you both!
  2. Yeah, I have two sensors, so that I can tell if a car if coming in or leaving. Then if someone is coming in and we are home, then I play something over the speakers. If no one is home, then I'll turn on some lights or something like that. Must be something with the jumpers, because that didn't seem to trigger either. I report back... I appreciate the help!
  3. Ok, I definitely never tried that configuration... I'm going to try it right now!
  4. I think it's for 1 second by default, but you're correct.
  5. I bought two driveway sensors that integrate with the Dakota DCR-2500 and I have everything working as it should... Now I'm wanting to connect the output relays from the DCR-2500 to my HC-800. I've never wired up a relay before like this and I just want to make sure I get it right. Each channel has a normally open, com, and normally closed and then a 12V positive and negative out. Can anyone shed some light on how this would normally be done? I've tried a few things without any success and I do already have them add to my project, but they are never getting triggered to the 800, but always tone on the 2500 works every time as it should. I appreciate any help, I know it has to be something stupid! Thanks!
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