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  1. I admittedly did not read all 18 pages, Do i need to get the PRO (with usb) to make this driver work? since i need the IRusb dongle? or can I go with the Normal? I dont need the space bump that the Pro provides
  2. I got quotes from dealers ranging from 60,000-100,000. Pieced it together via buy sell trade forums and various other sites for about .25 cents on the dollar. Spent another 500-700 on various drivers fees. Spent $1000 on a remote integrator to program it all, he basically told me where to plug what. I consider myself technically savvy. Ended up cutting the price of my project by 60% this site is an amazing place for research and knowledge. To be honest I learned “newer” methodologies on how to do things here than dealing with the 4 local dealers in Oklahoma
  3. Yearly bump these guys are still around seem to be picking up some market, anyone else give them a go?
  4. I have had battery powered Serena shades and for the cost mentioned above. 12 for 4.5k, roughly 400$ per share. I think I spent a touch less on Serena including the smart ridge pro that has a free driver to work with Control4. serena shades have seasonal sales that end up being 20-25% and the savings can add up. I installed them myself and they were super simple with a ladder and a cordless drill. 4 years in I had one stop working. Figuring I was sol I called lutron and they said my warranty was 10 years!!!! They sent me a brand new one, easy peezy! my Serena are much quieter compared to my buddies with somfy motors. My saving grace wasI only needed 10 shades. lutron shades in my mind are one of the things that were worth paying for and I would do it again. This coming from a bargain shopper, who build his rack out from this sites classifieds and many eBay bought c4 products running
  5. so whats the point of having vista21ip to get it on the network if you still have to use the Honeywell 4232CBM via serial cable to the Control4 unit?
  6. 100ft HDMI and put it in the ceiling above the room you're going to play in
  7. I had a 7 daisy chained controllers and reworked my closet and used this to consolidate it worked great 32 Channel 96A RGBW DMX 512 LED Decoder Controller DMX Dimmer DC5-24V RGBW RGB LED light 8 Bit/16 Bit https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075FHJM35/
  8. is there an IP driver for Samsung UN55KU6600 does anyone know?
  9. Any pics of the panel, I’d love a nice panel to run all my rgb too it’s just a big rats nest in my closet
  10. Why did you use for the corners to do 90 bends?
  11. God I cant help but think this is the beginning of the end, if I had the stock and was in the green I would sell it, but I think Control4 will be a brand of the past in the next 5 years sadly. Their innovation in the last 72 months has been laughable. Other players and NEW players are innovating circles around Control4
  12. HC800 -> EA5 or EA3? my Hc800 seems to be on its last legs. But damn even used prices on these EA5 is over $1000.
  13. How do I update my firmware for this? my Status shows as Incompatible firmware v5.061 and driver version 2.02
  14. 1.5 year bump but it looks like these are out in the wild these days. Anyone got one in their project?
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