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  1. I would be absolutely ashamed to work for this company. if you go to their news on the website no mention of this. How companies try to misdirect and deflect these breaches is mind boggling. Companies should OWN their mistakes. Based on the wording of their release “unauthorized access to certain of our information technology systems hosted by a third party cloud provider,” This seems intentional wordcrafting to me to cause vagueness and divert responsibility. IMHO, Whether it was in an on-site data center or a cloud. Why does that matter? it was still their responsibility to
  2. This is totally misleading and I agree that they are trying to make it look like an Aws issue not the fact they were careless or ignorant with their security of their credentials. This is 100% on Ubiquiti not AWS. I work in this space and unfortunately something similar happened however my company owned their mistake instead of smoke and mirrors trying to push it off as AWS. to me this is the same as buying a car with a seatbelt and you are wearing the seatbelt incorrectly, possibly just around your waist but not the shoulder. Then you get in a wreck, get injured and blame the car company
  3. I use Alexa with the direct tv skill and it works great
  4. I know this is a total Hi-Jack of the thread, but I have an IR on my bedroom TV, controlled from my 6x6HDMI matrix. I have been wanting to see if I can get the IR codes for my 1. Vornado Fan 2. Chillipad sleep chillers. To automate turning these on/off. The IR sender thats on my TV "probably" has a clear shot to all these units. Could I leverage the IR sender thats already tapped to my TV for control of my fan/chillers? Thinking about this more, it should work, if i can send the IR command to IR OUT 3 from my HC-800, how would I find the IR codes anyone k
  5. What can this c4chime do better than my ring pro with driver?
  6. In all fairness it’s not control4 shitting the bed on this it’s pentair. Intellicenter is often offline it’s often buggy and overall the developers need to all be fired its ridiculous, but I guess when you hire the guy that was a pool cleaner to write your software, Intellicenter is what you get
  7. I did the 7/4/7 and all light blinked white 14 times, I guess now i know its embernet and useless to me since im on 3.1
  8. I have an older KPZ-3b1 I was trying to get added to my project. When i power it up all 3 of the lights blink crazy colors for 1-2 minutes then it just goes dark. The identify of 4 button taps on the top button doesnt seem to do anything. Anyone have any ideas? I have no idea what kind of project this was in, if any ever I manually typed the address in the Address box to see if that would work and no luck
  9. I admittedly did not read all 18 pages, Do i need to get the PRO (with usb) to make this driver work? since i need the IRusb dongle? or can I go with the Normal? I dont need the space bump that the Pro provides
  10. I got quotes from dealers ranging from 60,000-100,000. Pieced it together via buy sell trade forums and various other sites for about .25 cents on the dollar. Spent another 500-700 on various drivers fees. Spent $1000 on a remote integrator to program it all, he basically told me where to plug what. I consider myself technically savvy. Ended up cutting the price of my project by 60% this site is an amazing place for research and knowledge. To be honest I learned “newer” methodologies on how to do things here than dealing with the 4 local dealers in Oklahoma
  11. Yearly bump these guys are still around seem to be picking up some market, anyone else give them a go?
  12. I have had battery powered Serena shades and for the cost mentioned above. 12 for 4.5k, roughly 400$ per share. I think I spent a touch less on Serena including the smart ridge pro that has a free driver to work with Control4. serena shades have seasonal sales that end up being 20-25% and the savings can add up. I installed them myself and they were super simple with a ladder and a cordless drill. 4 years in I had one stop working. Figuring I was sol I called lutron and they said my warranty was 10 years!!!! They sent me a brand new one, easy peezy! my Serena are muc
  13. so whats the point of having vista21ip to get it on the network if you still have to use the Honeywell 4232CBM via serial cable to the Control4 unit?
  14. 100ft HDMI and put it in the ceiling above the room you're going to play in
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