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  1. God I cant help but think this is the beginning of the end, if I had the stock and was in the green I would sell it, but I think Control4 will be a brand of the past in the next 5 years sadly. Their innovation in the last 72 months has been laughable. Other players and NEW players are innovating circles around Control4
  2. HC800 -> EA5 or EA3? my Hc800 seems to be on its last legs. But damn even used prices on these EA5 is over $1000.
  3. How do I update my firmware for this? my Status shows as Incompatible firmware v5.061 and driver version 2.02
  4. 1.5 year bump but it looks like these are out in the wild these days. Anyone got one in their project?
  5. Been running a HDbaseT wyrestorm 8x8 1080 matrix for 4 years with IP control driver, works great, never misses a beat
  6. I have a Living Room dot and a Rack Dot, the living room Dot will receive the command, Alexa play Sirius XM, but I dont want the living room dot to play through its speaker, I just want the rack dot to play(which goes into c4 amp with autosensing to turn on audio in living room. How do I achieve this?
  7. Is there a way to use the Echo Dot (3rd gen) to sync to control4 via bluetooth, to avoid having to run a 2nd one back in the rack to run the audio cable in to the matrix? Maybe using Shairbridge?
  8. Do you know of a connector like this thats good for 90 degree turn? I have this issue in my tray of my theater room
  9. I am running Driver Version 2.02 but the Status shows as Incompatible Firemware v5.061, Everything seems to be working ok. What should my course of action be?
  10. Pretty pissed att hasn’t stepped up and released a native directv app while dish has great Alexa integration
  11. FWIW I bought all Cisco (switches) equipment for less than that. Its been rock solid(duh) for 3 years and have never rebooted it. If this stuff is in a nice shiny rack that you want to show off to all your friends maybe you pay an extra few hundred bucks for the "sleek design".
  12. Networking price(hardware) looks high to me, and you could probably save a few thousand on the 4k video matrix as well Here is an 8x8 https://www.amazon.com/SWITCHER-SELECTOR-CRESTRON-CONTROL4-AUTOMATION/dp/B07D7XCPDF/ref=lp_15343946011_1_1?srs=15343946011&ie=UTF8&qid=1527622102&sr=8-1&th=1 EDIT: DAMN this includes 8 baluns!!!! so its way less than half the price some guy bought one of these a few months back and said it was working just fine in his environment. I dont even think the Control4 one is HDR 4K 60hz YUV444 but dont quote me on that This is what I believe most people run from a WAP: supports 2.4/5ghz https://www.amazon.com/Ubiquiti-Networks-802-11ac-Dual-Radio-UAP-AC-PRO-US/dp/B015PRO512/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1527622287&sr=1-1&keywords=ubiquiti+wap
  13. Great idea, unfortunate that the cost of the driver is more than a garage door opener, but thats life I guess
  14. Use Serena Shades with Smartbridge Pro, works GREAT(Smartbridge Pro driver is free)
  15. http://www.nohassleav.com/8x8_hdmi_hdr/after_dec_15th/New_avswitch_No Hassle AV_8X8_Control4.c4i
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