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  1. Thanks everyone. You guys are awesome. Will update to 2.5.3 as noted.
  2. Thanks for the heads up and saving us another round of troubleshooting. Will update to 1.8 when it arrives.
  3. Thanks Amr. I been thinking about that and will do. If anybody has a brand old HC800 let me know please. Thanks
  4. We have 7 SR-250's from back in 2011 and not a single one stopped working and the reason I purchased 5 more remotes just in case. The HC200's been great as well but will need to upgrade to HC250's just to get to 2.10.6 and then stop. The seller that I bought the 5 remotes from is sending a brand new old HC200 in box that has the version 1.7 software that will resolve the programing of the new old SR-250's. oh, the HC800's been in rocking for 7-8 years now too. Life is good with these oldies. Cheers
  5. HC250 are $20 and EA1 more like $300.I have 5 of these throught the house. I am very happy with my current set up and it works wondefully and no plan to upgrade.. I let the braves keep upgrading.
  6. Thanks guys. White & red box. I will ask them to downgrade to 2.53 one of the HC200’s for this purpose. I have five mew HC250’s coming next week for upgrade to 2.10 amd will just leave one of the 200’s for programing old new remotes.
  7. We recently upgraded the HC200's to version 2.9. I am being told that we need to down rev. one of the HC200's to older version software before the remotes are recognized. Is this really true? Thanks
  8. We will do that next. I need to find 5 HC250's first. I was told the HC200 needs to go before I can upgrade to 2.10.6 I am on the lookout for the HC250's.
  9. Yes, SR250 is very old and works great when its programed
  10. Thanks Amr and will do. I have the HC800 controller.
  11. Thanks guys. Yes. remotes are brand new. I personally took of the plastic wraps. I will let him know to upgrade firmware using HC200.
  12. Hello Our C4 echnicain tried to program new remotes yesterday with no luck. We have version 2.9 installed and my other SR250 remotes are working. I am just adding more remotes. The new remotes are SR-250 and brand new. When we press the Control 4 red button 4 times the Mac address does not come up on the programing screen and we cant get the remotes on line and as such not recognized. The screen on the remote keeps showing Control 4 remote. Pressing the room off and the few digit codes in the instructions did not reset the remote either. I even brought over the working remotes and pressed the red button 4 and the MAC address would not pop up on the computer screen. Any idea what we may be doing wrong?
  13. Thanks nawty. Amp works great and in very good shape. Very happy.
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