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  1. No prob, I appreciate it tho! I found a link for it elsewhere here. Posting in case anyone else needs it. Also, Yatun has a free Temp Display driver that more or less let's you do the same thing, just have to do it off of variable programming. I actually prefer that driver as it doesn't show any thermostat controls like set point or mode in the UI. temp_tstat.c4i
  2. You bet, if you need any help I'll be happy to assist.
  3. Yes, but before we start in response to your user name ILoveC4.......I hate C4. So onto the hacking. And yes, I used to be an installer. But enough hate... I did this with a SATA HDD I had laying around, but no doubt you could do this with a bootable usb. 1) Disconnect all cables going to front panel mounted PCB. 2) Remove eSSD USB drive from front panel and install directly on MoBo. The motherboard in mine was an Intel D510MO, and it had a header specifically for a USB SSD. 3) The factory eSSD in mine was only 2 GB, but thats plenty for an OpenELEC install. Boot from Ubun
  4. I've had a similar issue with sony receivers. C4 tech support has explained it this way... the app triggers things differently than the remote or touch screens would. However, the volume worked in my situation, it was simply a volume ramping issue. Does it work from an SR250 or from the navigator interface? If it does you might be dealing with finding a workaround solution.
  5. Been using harmony adapter with URC/Control4/Harmony/Eventghost/Whatever. Works well, if you learn from a harmony remote. If you want to get picky the codes are in URC database, they've been good to me, just make sure to set repeats to 0 before you learn to C4. The ps3 is also how i stream my movies from a DLNA server. One of the best DLNA clients ever, not to mention the streaming from Amazon AND Netflix. That being said, worth integrating, the harmony adapter is cheap, and a few cheaper passive usb baluns and you have yourself a distributed gaming platform. The off macro (if it can't be
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