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  1. Hello David, Can I have a peek at the sample Client driver? I'm needing more channels on the Sonoff relay driver for a 5ch power strip, also could help with some sensors
  2. Hey Could you send me a PM when you get a chance I'd like to buy a driver from you.

  3. Have you checked the Matterlink MultiX? https://www.matterlink.sg/
  4. Nexus fan over here, I'm out Control4 app, all my devices are already on Marhsmallow (Nexus 5,6,7-2013) and I can't use the damn thing, I hoped that the 2.8 app would fix the issue but it didn't. So all I have is to wait for the next couple of weeks/months until C4 brings the new app.
  5. I've already coded it for myself, but still thinking about selling or open sourcing it ┬┐still interested?
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