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  1. i have used the myq internet gateway with the house logixs driver and have had great results i have also wired a cat to the garage door wall station and soldered direcly to the button on the board for a relay contact from a io or a controller and that works great too but u still need to add a contact sensor for the garage door open or close positon or what i am doing currently is adding a nyce tilt sensor which is super discreet and easy to install i really like the myq integration no soldering and works fast and super easy to program just the driver isnt cheap
  2. yup my bad here is all the info fireplace is a town an country tcws54 series wall switch module has no part number on it that i can see but it has two rj45's on the back one goes to the fireplace and one is an input from a home automation system . according to the instructions if i connect pin 8 ( which is the digital i/o for the flame ) to the common pin 1 and/or pin 5 it should turn on the power vent and then 15 secs later spark and ignite it does not do that if i do it thru my ea-5 relay or me with a jumper just holding the wires together it does not fire up the power vent and thus no spark or flame i have the cat termed in configuration "b" as per the instructions and have made a test jumper to bypass my c4 relays and see if i done screwed that up, but seems like the module isnt doing what its supposed to do . was hoping some guru on here has had this problem before and could point me in some direction
  3. good day everyone i have a random question that seems to have me and the fireplace guys both stumped.... here it is i have a town and country fireplace with " wall switch" and remote it all works how it should push a button and the power vent turns on and 15 sec later my igniter goes and there is flame woo hooo!!! now the module is "integration ready" meaning if i connect connect two wires it should replicate what the remote does but alas it does not i can get the module to beep but power vent does not power up and thus no flame the manufaturer has tried to help but they make the fireplaces the modules are from somewhere else and there technical help is limited has any of u fine installers had an issue like this that could shed some light on this for me ???? it would be greatly appreciated
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