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  1. Is it possible to order additional charging bases? it would make it more convenient to use it in multiple rooms vs. buying a NEEO for each room.
  2. Everything's labeled, colors assigned, and engraving report generated.
  3. What's the going rate for custom engraved buttons. I need to buy around 200. A mix of white, black, and light almond. Various sizes. Also, what type of lead time am I looking at?
  4. Echo dot looks interesting. I don’t have power at these location. Any suggestions for in-wall POE to USB adapters to power the echo dot?
  5. I moved into a home with an existing Russound audio system. it has all been upgraded to C4 since moving in. There were a ton of Russound Uno wall controls for the audio zones. Most of the CAT6 drops in these locations have been changed to intercoms, cameras, and WAPs. However, a few of these locations are still unused as those devices don’t make sense in those locations. Any suggestions for decora-type devices that use IP/CAT6 wiring that I could use in those wall locations. I don’t need any more C4 dimmers, switches, keypads, etc. to use in those locations either. If I can’t find something useful, I’ll just fill the holes and leave the wiring in the walls. Just looking for interesting options before I do so. Thanks.
  6. Looking to get ahold of the Cinegration Doorbird driver. Anyone out there able to get this, please PM me with the price.
  7. If any of you are a Just Add Power dealer, I'm looking to order the following: 4x VBS-HDIP-508 (3G RECEIVER) 1x VBS-HDIP-RS1U (RAZOR SHELF ACCESSORY DEVICE) Feel free to PM me with pricing Thanks
  8. I am looking for a dealer that can order the following: Qty Part Number 1 TS-AMS24 30 C4-FP1-LA 5 C4-FP1-BL 21 C4-FP2-LA 2 C4-FP2-WH 1 C4-FP2-BL 6 C4-FP3-LA 1 C4-FP3-WH 1 C4-FP3-BL 1 C4-FP4-LA 2 C4-FP4-BL 67 C4-CKFPDAPD-LA 3 C4-CKFPDAPD-BL 16 C4-CKKD-LA 2 C4-CKKD-BL If you have the ability to order this for me, please PM me. Looking to order in the next week if possible.
  9. Doing a bunch of wiring before we move in to our new house. looking to get a bunch of wall boxes for future intercoms. Don't have a local dealer yet. Please PM me if you can get these for me.
  10. Previously I had a 16AMP3, but needed to drive more rooms. I was happy with the response of the 16AMP3. My dealer had the AMP108s setup with the triggers (vs audio sense), but they were slow. He said it was normal. I eventually bypassed the triggers as SMHarman suggested, but worry about the long term effect on the amps.
  11. I have a Control4 system, but am moving to a new house in a different state. I'm looking to implement C4 in the new house, and am looking for new ideas. The new house has ceiling speakers I'd like to use, so not looking for a Sonos-type solution. I currently use a 16ZAMSV3 and 2 AMP108s for audio distribution. My complaint with my current setup is the delay for the audio to turn on when requested. Is there a better 3rd party solution for multi room audio I should consider? Wish list: 16 zones of audio output Instant on (or as quick as possible) Digital audio capability i'm going to engage some dealers (Dallas area), but would like to educate myself a bit before moving.
  12. Same for me. Changed password. Not sure how open this site is right now and if they'll grab the new one. Luckily, I use a password manager, and I use a discrete password on each site. Good luck to all.
  13. I currently have U-verse, my contract is up, and I'm looking into DirecTV as a replacement option. I have three receivers in my rack, and distribute out to other TVs over a Just Add Power 2G system. The U-verse functionality is OK, but it lacks 2-way communication (IR in my setup). From what I've read, DirecTV supports 2-way functionality over IP on Control4. Honestly speaking, I don't know the benefit in detail because I haven't seen a DirecTV implementation. Can someone comment on the benefits, and possibly help me visualize (screenshots, etc.). Thanks.
  14. Your dealer should be able to order any of these color change kits for you. I am unaware of any site on the internet that sells them directly to consumers.
  15. I had my dealer update me to 2.6 and integrate my Sonos Connect over the weekend. So far, everything has been great except for one issue. I can't get the Pandora service to authenticate through the C4 Sonos media services. When I click on Pandora, I get a popup to enter my password. I click on the field to enter the PW and then click "Enter". This brings me back to the screen with my username and PW fields. However, there is nowhere to go from here (no confirm button, etc.). If I click anywhere else, and then back on Pandora, the same popup appears. The service is actually working through C4. I can control everything from the Sonos app on my phone, and see the metadata on the C4 system. However, I have no means to control it through C4. All of the other services (iHeart, Amazon, etc.) are working flawlessly. My dealer wasn't quite sure what the problem was since I was his first 2.6 upgrade. Has anyone else seen this issue, or have any suggestions. Any help is appreciated, as I'd hate to have the dealer come back out if there's a quick fix I can do.
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