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  1. Do you still have the yale conexis control4 zigbee modulo?
  2. Sorry for my english, I was asking for the latency wifi interface delay vs rts to rs232 delay. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I found that there are two alternatives to integrate somfy blinds. The RS485 RTS or the mylink interface. I have experience in the RS485 only. Someone tried the other option using somfy mylink that is WIFI alternative. More than anything because of delay of response. thanks!
  4. Hi, do you have the C4-DIN-8DIM-E? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much for the clear explanation. I will try to do a hybrid hdbaseT and local installation.
  6. What do you have to sell? Send a PM with the list. thanks!
  7. Yes, I know the difference between the concepts. I just want to know because AV over IP is more expensive than hdbaseT in small applications and if the quality and performance is the same? I am doing a new building so I can make any wiring so can I choose between both alternatives. THanks!
  8. Hi all! I am looking for an 4k AV matrix compatible with C4 for 4 sources and 7 TVs. I am looking at both AVoverIP and HdbaseT as my idea is to install everything on a rack in the basement. I find that hdbaset are cheaper than avoverip so I would like to know if it worth the money to go for avoverip? I am looking for a good price/quality product? Thanks!
  9. I tried that also but I dont know why when you try to close the blind and the sensor is either open or close the blind will start moving and suddenly closes. Code attached.
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