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  1. Hi, has this been resolved yet? Just checking, as I have my whole pool controlled by iAqualink now and would like integrate into my Control4 system. Thanks.
  2. Yes, known issue since 2.8. Control4 knows about it, since the day 2.8 came out, and still hasn't fixed it yet. I have the issue with Lutron Triathlon shades as well as blinds that are setup with z-wave. Both used to show the blue indicator so you knew if they were opened or closed, now neither do. They claim they'll fix it, but haven't yet, and it's been over 5 months since they told me that.
  3. I'm pretty sure this is a well known issue that a majority of dealers/integrators should know about. You should keep your Yale locks on firmware 27, and if you upgraded, need your dealer to flash back to firmware 27. It's described in the referenced KB article in the below post. I had my locks on firmware 33 and my dealer flashed back to 27 and haven't had any issues since.
  4. Do you plan to add more supported models? I have the SB-6183, just wondering. Thanks.
  5. What Cy said above regarding Roku 4 with Plex, or get an NVidia Shield. You'll need to root it yourself, so you can install LANMote to get the full functionality and integration to Control4 with Alan's KODI full or lite driver, and that'll have you 4K ready and you'll have one of the fastest Android boxes on the market. Not only do you get a great Android box for Android TV, but tons of cool games that you can download with a game pad if that's of any use to you. My kids love it for that purpose.
  6. I don't know much about WeMo outlets, as I don't use them. However, I have Ubiquiti mFi mPower Pro's, which are the 8 outlet strips with the @HouseLogix driver for them. Would similar integration be able to be implemented into them, meaning they could wake rooms on/off from turning my PS4 on/off from standby? If so, I'm assuming it's some additional programming that would have to be added into the driver by HouseLogix if they were willing to do so, but guess I'm just wondering if it's even possible, as the mFi's also trigger on/off through WiFi and have power monitoring, just not sure how similar in operation to that of these WeMo outlets that enabled you to do this with them.
  7. Sonos is best for Spotify with Control4. I still find myself opening my Sonos app though, separately, after it's launched, just because all options aren't fully integrated into Control4.
  8. If you rooted the Shield, you're good to go. Shield over Tronsmart for sure. I was just saying Tronsmart wasn't a bad option since it comes rooted if you couldn't root the Shield yourself. You just need LanMote installed on your Shield and left running in the background at all times. It'll allow Alan's KODI driver to wake up the Shield, so you won't need a separate remote to do so, when you launch KODI from your Control4 interface. Check out his guide for KODI installation and it explains the specifics of that in more detail.
  9. LOL. No worries. Save the $15. Nobody has ever charged me for advice here and I've gotten plenty of it. For simplicity, find an Android box that comes already rooted. I had Tronsmart boxes prior to the Shields. There were some firmware issues, mostly on the 4K side of things, but I think their newer boxes have that stuff figured out. Either way, they'll suit what you're looking to do, or something similar to those.
  10. I have 2 NVidia Shields in my house. They are great pieces of hardware in my opinion. However, you can't fully control them with Alan's KODI driver, full or lite, unless you take a few extra steps. You need to have LANmote or something similar installed on your Shield, so it can be triggered over LAN when you switch input to them so it wakes them up and then automatically launches KODI. This is also needed for the full driver so you can view your KODI libraries in your Control4 navigators without actually having to have it open on your TV. The problem is, the only way to get LANmote on the Shield is you need root the Shield first, which is possible as I've done it to mine, but not an easy process if you've never done something like that before, especially on the Shield compared to easier root processes on other Android devices, that don't come already rooted of course. If you don't root your Shield, you can still hit the KODI button on your Control4 device to change your TV/Receiver inputs to your Shield, but you'll still have to turn the Shield on or wake it up separately and then launch KODI with the Shield remote every time you want to use it, then you should be able to go back to and use your Control4 device from there. The full KODI driver is awesome, so if you can figure out the root process, it's the way to go. You can Google how to root the Shield, and there's a few results and guides that you'll find on NVidia's forums and XDA Developers forums that are pretty useful that should help you do it.
  11. Sounds like a lot of work, LOL. I'm surprised they don't make them more easily adaptable to thermostats. It's one of their newer models too.
  12. Thank you. I'd love to set this up with mine. The wife is always complaining that it's making the room too hot! LOL. I have a Harmon Accentra 52i Pellet Insert. I wonder if it can be setup the same exact way. @Cyknight, have you heard of anybody doing this with Harmon's? Thank you both.
  13. Just wondering, what kind of pellet stove do you have, and how is it integrated into your project?
  14. What was reduced? I thought they didn't offer lifetime on the Bolt line? Have they announced when the Bolt Pro's will be out? Will it be a 6 tuner like the Roamio Pro? I couldn't make the jump to Bolt because I was worried about the 4 tuner downgrade, but will definitely upgrade to a Bolt Pro if it has 6 tunes. Hoping soon.
  15. I have this exact same situation with the kids, and we got a bunch of them. I wish Control4 would make in-wall outlets. Since they don't, I have a GE Z-Wave duplex in-wall outlet (costs around $25) and a Vera Edge ($99) which are integrated into Control4 with the free z-wave driver in each room where the TV's are. Through programming the outlet turns off at 9pm and turns back on at 6am on weekdays and 11pm and 6am on weekends. The outlet shows up under lights. If it's a week day night where they end up not having school the next day, be it a holiday or whatever, I can manually turn it back on from my app for them, then another off command for that outlet is set to shut it off again at 11pm in those rare situations. There's no power to the outlet, so TV can't be on when it's not supposed to be. We used to make them put iphones/ipads, handheld games (ps vita, ninetndo ds) etc on kitchen counter after bedtime hours, as we'd occasionally find them using them. It's a pain in the ass to ask them all the time to do so. Now we have time restrictions on their devices set via MAC address in the router to kill WiFi and on their cell/data use (you can do that with Verizon at least, not sure about other carriers). 9pm hits, they are shutoff from the outside world. Lights go off via Control4 programming at 9:15, if they go back on after that, notification to my wife and my phone. Sometimes they'd miss the bus because "alarm didn't go off". Now lights go on 100% at 5:45am and shades go up, nobody has missed the bus since. One of our teens tried sneaking out through his bedroom window one night. Now if window opens after a certain hour, I get a notification on my phone instantly via the alarm sensor. There's a ton you can do to make your life easier and keep the kids in check!
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