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  1. If you use the onscreen display for lights, security, heating etc then don't upgrade as you loose all of this. The benefits are not enough for me for the loss of functionality. The only hardware I had thats not supported was the touchscreen, but the new app on an iPad is far better. On the plus side the new app is very good, lots of nice things like being able to see which lights are still on, rather than having to scroll the whole house to find them. Also putting shortcuts to things on the main screen are very useful. I've not found any exciting functionality that makes it a must have, but apart from the OSD stuff thats missing its much nicer to have.
  2. and when someone attacks a straw man its the end of the discussion.
  3. Did you read the thread, I think I made it clear that a dealer did the upgrade and I wanted to know if I could roll back myself. There is no need to cast aspersions about people you don't know, as you can see from the other messages it doesn't enhance your reputation. Quite the opposite. Obviously its in C4 & dealers interest that the market is bigger. That comes from more people using their stuff and taking an interest in it - thats how you get loyal users. People asking questions about how things are done is to increase their knowledge, and in turn builds their loyalty. Being told I can't tell you because its a secret has the opposite effect.
  4. Thanks for saying what I was thinking, I'd stopped replying because I could see where this was going. To add the context (which proves your point exactly) I did have it upgraded by a dealer, but wanted to know how it could be rolled back so I knew what was involved. So I could see if I could do it myself or work out how much it would cost in dealer time.
  5. For OS 2 on iOS you can open the url control4v2://test Now the app might not be able to open it directly (apps must contain the urls they open when submitted to apple). But mail and safari don't have the restriction, so you can host a web page on the internet with a redirect in it. Something like <HTML><HEAD><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="1;url=control4v2://test" /></HEAD><BODY>Redirecting to C4</BODY</HTML> Then put the url of the webpage in your app. It will open safari, which will then open this url. It could work for android as well, but I've not looked in the APK to see which intents (urls) it will support. For OS 3 - I couldn't see a url in the info.plist, so it won't work for that.
  6. Are you seriously accusing me of stealing the livelihood of dealers? I'd ask how I'd done that, but to be honest I don't really want to get involved.
  7. Thanks, that's pretty helpful. I might be able to make that work as a stop gap. I'll take a look.
  8. Not trying to start an argument, but take a look at their screenshots on the website. I see lights here. The description below the picture reads: Favorites make it fast to get to your most-used lights or scenes, and also quickly start your favorite movie or music.
  9. Thanks I appreciate the value you've added to the thread.
  10. Thanks, Such a shame that they released this without having parity with 2.10.
  11. Thanks, I take it from your reply that the answer is to re-image it and restore a backup, and re-associate all the Zigby remotes and keypads. I'm missing the lights and the security from the OSD, wish I'd known beforehand. I don't suppose anyone knows if there are plans to bring them back to the OSD.
  12. Thanks, I've not got access to the KB. Don't suppose you could give me a hint?
  13. Just wondering if this is this possible. Just upgraded to 3.0 then found out half the stuff from the on screen navigator isn't there. cheers,
  14. Sorry, I didn't mean to disagree. I think you are right, its the disk. Mine dead, your's not dead - but if corrupt its the same. If its corrupt you are probably better copying the image from the working hc800 to the corrupt disk and trying to boot it. I doubt you will be able to recover anything from the existing disk, and its probably not worth trying if you have a backup of your config to restore. I'd be interested to know if there is another way of re-imaging the disk. I imagine C4 have a way or re-imaging, knowing them though they won't make this available.
  15. I'd imagine that if the drive is working then the problem isn't the same as mine was with a dead drive. So it might be something else, like the data is corrupt?
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