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  1. I have two dots that both respond to the wake word because they are close - one in the kitchen (open plan) the other in the living. The nearest one will respond. Best example is if I have a kitchen timer running when it alarms I can cancel in the living without any issue.
  2. I have literally just swapped out my Panasonic ST50 for the Samsung 65Q80 - the picture IMO is better especially blacks being fully backlit with dimming. I did look at the Sony and it was a tough choice but went with the Samsung because picture for sport (motion) was excellent good reports on the Samsung OS I have a Samsung phone the Samsung TV supports Alexa voice control Control 4 SDDP IP control driver that has been around for a number of years Your priorities may be different though
  3. Thanks - so I could get the new panel driver installed and bound by a remote programmer? And if needed I could update panel settings locally myself?
  4. I believe I have the old v1 driver and would like to upgrade to the v2 - does this require any changes at the NX8 panel? It’s connected using the NX-584 module?
  5. Saturn south make energy monitoring relays rated up to 40A and chowmein has a c4 driver for intergration
  6. Check with you installer but the nx8 driver uses the c4 old security protocol? I have have the same panel and would install DSC if I were building now only because it uses the new security protocol. if I’m wrong and there is a new driver for the NX8 please PM as I would update!
  7. If it helps the ring alarm has an Alexa skill and if you have an echo set up with c4 there might be something but I can’t say for sure and I believe it’s USA only at present??
  8. If you put a Dot in the rack connected to the c4 audio matrix input you can group that device within the Alexa app with another Dot/Echo and chose which speaker is used to output the response. Mine is set up this way and works great! Mitch (msgreen) did the remote programming for me.
  9. Thanks - it appears the remote has started to work again without any intervention except being left overnight
  10. Unfortunately my SR250 remote has just stopped working. I've removed the batteries and replaced with new ones but the display just says 'waiting for network'. Any ideas on how to fix please?
  11. Hi my system is currently running 2.8.2 . i have an HC800 as the director, a HC250 in the media room and SR250 i have 4sight and HE but can’t use this without the update Anyone able to help?
  12. Did you try the play button - I’m pretty sure mine is mapped to the play button ?
  13. Or the other dealers have included the fee in the quote. I’m in the hvac business and we often get asked to provide design work. We just let the client know that if we don’t get the job there will be a design fee. Whichever way these dealers operate you’ll be paying somewhere along the way for their expertise - which is kind of the point really?
  14. Ryan E so who is going to pay for this update? I have paid for HE and without warning or official notification from Control 4 i’m now being told via a forum that it is EOL. i don’t have a local dealer and use the excellent remote dealers on this forum; the reason I haven’t updated is because it’s not recommended to do so remotely in case of a a glitch. i believe the issue lies with expired client certificates so why can’t these just be updated and a Patch released to preserve functionality? There are lots of devices that are receiving updates over the internet all the time
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