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  1. so with what are the paid drivers (driver central, annex4) any better
  2. Yea, we are a dealer and i dont remember them announcing end of sale on them
  3. My client already has 6 SR250s and needs 2 more. And wants the same look
  4. Hi, we are looking to buy 2 brand new SR250s.
  5. I am a dealer, and this is for a client. The z2io, or any other relay for that matter, does not give me a thermostat proxy in Control4. What im lookig for is, multiple thermostats built-in to a single physical device.
  6. I habe a house now with only 7 AC units and 32 underfloor heating zones. So i will need 32 Thermostats. And i don't want to build the great wall Of C̶h̶i̶n̶a̶ Thermostats. So i'm looking for a small simple device that has simple relays to control the manifolds, with temperature sensors inputs for each zone. And a control4 driver that will see this device as many Thermostat zones.
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