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  1. I have an Elan g! System (long story) and ended up running plex media server on a Mac mini I had laying around. Mac mini is IR controlled and setup in Elan as an appletv. Works fantastic and great interface..... The only issue is if the OS X system pops up any kind of os message that takes you out of the plex interface.
  2. Anyone know if C4 has Apple Watch integration planned for their app? This in itself would drive me toward the Apple Watch (on the fence now) and firm up the decision for C4 in our new construction.
  3. Sweet.... all the more reason that I only need to start with two controllers. If I'm doing lighting in six rooms, is there any reason that I need to do a full Lutron solution (that I would integrate into C4 anyway)? Seems like it would be easiest to just buy the C4 switches and integrate them.
  4. Yes, it will be interesting to see how our family ends up controlling. I can see a couple of scenarios where the OSD would be used more readily: 1. Security cams 2. When I plop down on the couch after a long day, I like the idea of having a small tactile remote in my hand and not having to interact with my tablet.
  5. Good point. We will be dropping a small fortune on HDMI matrix, so the thought was to have two controllers. There are only three of us in the household (unless our dog starts using the interface), so the chance of three OSD's being used at the same time are pretty low. Figured two would work fine for now.
  6. Just catching up on this thread... I'll be running 1 or 2 motorized drapes in a new build. May not install them initially, but am not clear how they need to be pre-wired. Is "3 core + ground" low voltage? I'm not familiar with it... Thanks!
  7. Again, great insight.... thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to use the local integrator for structured wiring and security and then engage a board member to perform the configuration. That will allow me to "rack & stack" and participate in the project a little bit. I moved out of a technical role and until 100% management about 12 years ago, and man do I miss it!
  8. Yep, and I even questioned them several times on why two controllers wouldn't be enough...
  9. I was just reviewing the budgetary quote, and here are a couple examples: - SINGLE motorized shade system for back of the theatre, quoted at $6800. That's in addition to $7600 for Lutron base system controlling lighting for 6 rooms. - 3 HC-800's and 3 HC-250's (I had planned one HC800 and one 250) - $10k for 1.5 racks (one full, one half height), power conditioning and UPS I rest my case. I shouldn't have gone after work in my suit.
  10. The builder we've chosen uses one exclusive company for low voltage and automation. This shop represents URC and Elan G!, but not C4. I could possibly talk the builder into letting another integrator do the work, so I got a quick "budget pricing" quote from Best Buy Magnolia last night. What a joke. With 7 audio zones, 6 TV's and a dedicated theatre, six rooms with lighting, six cameras they were quoting around $110k (+ or - 10%). To actually do a line by line quote and figure out what's driving that cost, they wanted $10k deposit down to perform design work. The guys really knew their stuff, but that initial price plus their deposit process scared me off. I sat down with the builder's recommended integrator today and he seemed solid. That said, I'm concerned that neither Elan or URC are at the same level as Control4. Quick research seemed to show that both products lacked with integration/drivers and the interfaces don't seem as good as C4. I know this group will be biased, but are URC or Elan that far behind C4? A third option, which I'm liking more and more, is to have the integrator wire everything and then I'll have someone on the forum like Neil sell me the hardware and do the programming. Any other thoughts? I really want to do C4 if I can make it work.
  11. Hey all... building a new 2 story home that will be 4500 finished sq ft including the basement. It will have 6 TV locations with 2 RG6 and 2 Cat6 to each. It will also have cat6 run throughout the home for surveillance, wireless access point, etc. Additionally there will be hard wired sensors to windows, doors and leak detectors. We're running up on the top end of our budget, and I'm trying to get a ballpark on what structured wiring will cost us. We are looking at a total of 71 runs (28 just to the six TV's). I think I saw an estimate somewhere of $80/run. Is that in the right ballpark? Thanks in advance! Can't wait to get this stuff humming with C4.
  12. It is new construction. I thought panelized was out of favor these days. What's the upside?
  13. And THAT is enough to scare me off... delays and potential quality issues are a problem.
  14. I've been pretty blown away by the cost of Control4 dimmer switches ($150-180 each). I don't have our electrical plan yet but it could easily include 60 switches. Is there any downside to purchasing $40 zwave dimmer switches and integrating with control4 via Vera?
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