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  1. For LED strips we have been using AspectLED. They can take a couple of days to make your order but the quality has been great. They have a great 4 chip LED that reduces dotting and the ability to use color without dotting. The also have a tunable white LED. We always use the water resistant LED even indoors in dry areas. We do this to protect the chips and get rid of sharp edges in case a child or drunk adult wants to touch the lighting. No matter what mfg we use for LED we also run two beads of clear silicone on either side of the tape to keep it adhered to the surface. The double sided tape on any of them always seems to come off. AspectLED power supplies are good as well although we usually use MeanWell from a local distributor. Main difference we see between 12v and 24v is that 12v you can cut at smaller increments which is nice for smaller areas you want a edge to edge look with LED. 24v typically can be ran in longer lengths up to 32’ vs 16’. Both are just as bright. This DMX driver has been great. We often install a generic LED driver due to cost but then get requests to program a Red, White and Blue, Halloween or Christmas scene which can only be done correctly with the DMX driver. We have synced it to an audio matrix for dance music as well with great results. Just need to tune in bass and treble to get the right “hits” when the sick beat drops. We have also done a DMX landscape lighting RGBW with AspectLED inground wells and RGBW tape under eves. Client never has to put up Christmas lights but also has the benefit of running a standard white scene for a normal landscape lighting look. Or custom scenes for Halloween, Valentines Day, Birthday party, etc. We just schedule events in C4 to run DMX lighting scenes during specific times of the year for holidays. All this would not be economically possible without this DMX driver. Great job. I’ll see if I can dig up some video or pics to send. *I am not paid or financially tied to the DMX driver or AspectLED. https://www.aspectled.com/collections/flexible-led-strip-lights/products/w-series-rgbw-4-in-1-color-changing-flexible-led-strip-light-18-leds-foot#tab-1
  2. Thanks for your input on the RS232 codes. I think I've figured out the coding. I'll let you know how bench testing goes.
  3. I’ll pay you a per hour charge to teach me the code on a screen share so I can test locally. Call me to discuss. 480-415-6352.
  4. I built a IR driver for it but I need discrete input codes that only RS232 offers. I’m not familiar with RS232 code and have tried but have not been sucssesful building one in the driver wizard. Maybe some examples of how to write the codes or screen shots would help?
  5. Need assistance developing an Optoma EH336 projector serial driver. Attached are RS232 codes I received from Optoma. Willing to pay someone for this driver but need it done fast. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks. RS232.pdf
  6. IR code works fine when I create a Driver. Works fine via IR outs on HC-250 and the Z2IO. For reference I am using the IR codes in the Excel sheet I uploaded in this thread on 12/8/2016. Your driver has worked GREAT and I have never had an issue until now. Ticket already submitted a few days ago via DriverCentral.
  7. @alanchow I am attempting to use your driver with a Z2IO. Its not emitting LED IR codes. I've bench tested that the Z2IO will send IR (TV codes) and it works fine. I have tested that the IR codes are correct with a HC-250. Any suggestions or fixes??? I need a wireless control RGBW LED lighting.
  8. The link you sent for Multi-X isn't working. https://www.matterlink.sg/multi-x.html where can I purchase one of these?
  9. Has anyone been able to figure out how to get the video from the DoorBird on a TV screen?
  10. I have a HC-800 and HC-250s (total of 3 available) for sale. I also have a recharging station for a C4 remote and a Door Station. EVERYTHING IS USED BUT IN GREAT WORKING CONDITION. Only shipping to the 48 US states. HC-250 Controller (total of 3 available), C4-HC250-BL-1A, PRICE: $200 obo HC-800 Controller (1 available), C4-HC800-BL-1, PRICE: $450 obo Control4 System Remote Recharging Station, C4-SRRS, PRICE: $35 obo Door Station (Satin Nickel), C4-DSC-EN-SN, ONLY includes door station hardware, screws. Mounting bracket NOT included, PRICE:300
  11. I didn't see this question anywhere in the chain... For a RGBW setup (or RGB for that matter), would you be able to fade and/or flash between selected colors? For example, on Halloween have it fade between orange and white over a programmed time period or for 4th of July have it flash between red, white and blue? Any screen shots of Composer programming would be helpful.
  12. Attached is an Excel sheet with all the IR codes for the banggood device. Hope this says everyone some time. LED IR Controller, Banggood.xlsx
  13. Great driver but is there any way to dim RGB color codes? Seems like a simple driver update to include a color code in the dimming driver?
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