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  1. I don’t see the potential alliance as a definite strong future for C4. The alliance really only promises to offerer a common platform though doesn’t it? And wouldn’t that mean that it may or may not have the necessary drivers/support to allow C4 to integrate?
  2. Sorry about that! I am in Western CANADA.
  3. Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking on here for quite awhile now trying to stay abreast of what’s possible and what’s new with C4. This is a great forum for guys like me! I am in the middle of a significant renovation (more of a new build actually) and am really trying to nail down a home automation plan. Prior to the reno we had Nest t-stats, nest cameras, Lutron switches, Alexa, Google home (was trying to decide which one) and Sonos equipment (amps, connect, subs, play bars, play 1’s and 3’s). We loved the ability to tell Alexa to turn on and off the lights. Also having music streamed all over the house from Apple Music and Spotify was great. The downside was that everything was an APP. And a busy kitchen had 5 gang, 4 gang and 3 gang boxes to control the lighting. We had to put labels on the switches to figure out what switch did what! Now I have the opportunity to fix all that. However, the more that I read, the more I find compatibility issues. For example: I can not seamlessly use my Apple or Spotify music and I can not really integrate the NEST gear into C4. I like the lighting solution using keypads to consolidate switches. My concern is that once I go down the road of panel mounted controllers, there’s no turning back as technology evolves. Do you see panel control as the trend? Do you guys feel that Google, Amazon or Google are quickly taking over C4’s ability to provide a cutting edge whole home automation solution?
  4. Great forum! I appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks CyKnight. The proposal that I have from my local dealer is for a Snap A/V Binary Matrix. Everything I have read from their online Install Manual says that their switch will revert to the lowest available audio when multiple TV's are available with different audio capabilities for that zone.
  6. Can a single source connected to the C4 matrix be configured to send different quality audio to different TV's? For example the movie room is 5.1, but the other TV's are simply 2 channel, but will share the sources (blu-ray, cable box, Apple TV).
  7. Has anyone here ever experimented with loads greater than the 120w listed for LED's? I'm running 136 watts on a whole bunch of recessed lights that I'd love to put onto a C4 dimmer, but the C4 data sheet states 120 watts as a maximum.
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