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  1. I have 4 of these for sure mayby 5 i had bought to go with a matrix that was DOA
  2. Yeah ,it doesn’t seem like it will be easy ,hoping someone may have a dead matrix that isn’t needing power supply anymore ,I’ve found a few 4 pins but without ordering it’s a crap shoot if it’s gonna fit or be pinned properly....
  3. Looking for the cord and power supply for my C4-8x8HDMIVSW-B,oem or any alternative ,apparently on ebay when it says guaranteed to work its not safe to assume all the parts will be there,lol Thanks ! Scott
  4. I Also switched from a shotty dealer/Programmer to working with Andrzej From coolabode,he has brought me from wanting to rip the entire system out of my new home to a place that we are really happy with it ! Andrzej has proven time and time again that a few quick text messages and he can make any of my stuff work and flow like it should (i like to buy old used junk and challenge him)haha. Him and i Text/Talk often and have developed a great friendship out of this ,and that i cant even put a value on!(We are going on 4 yrs i think) As far as service ...there is no one even comparable Always fair pricing and very quick delivery! Scott Martin
  5. If you havent found one yet ,i think i have 2 at home will check tonight if you are still looking. Scott
  6. I will take the remote for your asking price and ill pay shipping ,im in canada also. Thanks SM
  7. I'm using the Logitech ir To bt on 2 ps3's in my system and they work great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. im in canada and have hc-300 i bought in a package deal that you can have for 13.95 cents plus shipping,lol
  9. Please delete ,all items sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I can vouch for Ak1 as well ,i had my system at the point of wanting to rip it all out due to closest local dealer being horrible ,After starting to Deal him ,i have been continually upgrading and adding to my system ,to the point where everyone in the house is enjoying it . He has been very patient with me as i am an indecisive person and am always looking for a bargain (im a poor alberta oilfield kid).He helps me with my used junk i buy and also helps me out in sourcing new gear,and he only deals with the best of the best. His schedule,responsiveness and advice is unmatched and very appreciated ,Im currently getting him added to my fav 5 on my mobility plan ,hahaha. My 7 yr old thinks he's on top of the world ,when showing his buddies the things he can do with our "magic" house from his ipad ,and if he gets stumped he says "dad can you text our guy",lol AK1 ,your rock buddy!
  11. updated sold items...negotiable on the rest ,i would rather see someone make use of it than sit and collect dust!
  12. Oh haha you meant the user forum ,not buying the "the forum" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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