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  1. Hello With Interlogix NX8. We were able to use Alarm.com GSM and C4 Intergration. (But now Interlogix is shutting down) I understand with DSC and Honeywell this can't be done. Looking for some feedback as we need to choose a new Alarm Hardware Company.
  2. No. One or the other Hmm I’m able do that with the NX8 but now Interlogix is shutting down. DSC has same issue like Honeywell
  3. Side question guys thinking to start to use Honeywell Alarm panels any comments ? can I use alarm.com and also C4 intergration ?
  4. Hello, having some issues with the T3 intercom We get poor blurry video connections supports is saying that my issue is because we are using the Unifi gateway Anyone else having these issues please advise
  5. Hello Looking for Thin nice looking wall outdoor speakers anything thin and nice looking not looking for the typical box style speakers.
  6. Hello Guys, I know there were many post on this. But I need recap as I need to pick a new company. We currently use the NX8-V2 We thinking of using DSC Key-points Wall Mountable Keypads (That can have Wireless Receiver in order to add Wireless Devices) Alarm.com Module Control4 Module Good Support?
  7. Hello, Owner of house doesn't want kids to play music from Touch Screens. So we have a code with the Access Control Agent. But when the Code is entered the kids can add other rooms as favorites which lets them access any room without a code.
  8. Hello This seems nice So the IP Control will turn the TV on/Off right?
  9. Hello, Looking for HDMI LCD Size about 22" Wide Looking for IR Control. I know I'm not going to find IP Control.
  10. I need a C4 Driver for MyQ LiftMaster. I assume this one: https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/garage-agent-liftmaster/
  11. Hello, Not related to Control4 Any recommendations for a Golf Simulator? Room in basement which will be prewired/new construction.
  12. Sounds unrelated check when you change the channel from C4 that the RED IR Flashers are flashing red , if not try to power cycle the C4 Controller if they are flashing maybe the sticky fell off ? hope this helps
  13. I’m very familiar with both C4 is so much easier to program C4 support is great Savant app is for sure more sexy but requires a lot more programing
  14. I'm a dealer.. wanted to get some feed back. If i have a large house with over 20 audio zones. the Ea5 can only output two Analog Audio to the Matrix? right? Does C4 plan to come up with a music streamer built into the AMPs or Matrix?
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