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  1. Hello This seems nice So the IP Control will turn the TV on/Off right?
  2. Hello, Looking for HDMI LCD Size about 22" Wide Looking for IR Control. I know I'm not going to find IP Control.
  3. I need a C4 Driver for MyQ LiftMaster. I assume this one: https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/utility/garage-agent-liftmaster/
  4. Hello, Not related to Control4 Any recommendations for a Golf Simulator? Room in basement which will be prewired/new construction.
  5. Sounds unrelated check when you change the channel from C4 that the RED IR Flashers are flashing red , if not try to power cycle the C4 Controller if they are flashing maybe the sticky fell off ? hope this helps
  6. I’m very familiar with both C4 is so much easier to program C4 support is great Savant app is for sure more sexy but requires a lot more programing
  7. I'm a dealer.. wanted to get some feed back. If i have a large house with over 20 audio zones. the Ea5 can only output two Analog Audio to the Matrix? right? Does C4 plan to come up with a music streamer built into the AMPs or Matrix?
  8. Hello, Is there a way from Composer 3x to get counts on Keypads, Switches etc?
  9. Hi Guys Is there a good Forum out there that talks about Alarm Systems, trouble shooting etc
  10. Is there a recommenced max feet for the Wiring? We will use an 18/4 Solid
  11. Yeah, but i Only see 720P for the LG 32"
  12. Looking for IP control as we don't want the IR Flasher on the TV
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