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  1. If you call DSC ask for Cell communications they can config it give them the sIm numbers
  2. Central station has an account with Connect24 tell them they have to go to the interactive tab see the specs Remote activating and programming through C24 Communications
  3. So if you have the LTE Version Then this is with Connect 24? you need to have your central station configure the ETHERNET for Control4 you need to give the central station the IP of C4 Director
  4. Did you call DSC support The peer key should have data and it’s not Editable there is a setting on the DSC to make the TL280 communicate over IP and not serial
  5. The peer key should have data the own key can be like 12345678 there is as setting , make sure set to IP I don’t have the address handy now
  6. Which TL280 ? The version that is also LTE ? it’s a pain to set up but does work Can you find the IP on your network of the TL280 ?
  7. We can turn TV off, but Can't TV on. Any ideas for a setting?
  8. Not related to C4 maybe you guys know the answer fios cable box TV and AVR i got the FIOS remote to control the TV on/off and volume of the AVR but the FIOS remote input button still controls TV Anyone come access this ?
  9. Wonder what the fix is Maybe some type of converter for the Cable Box.
  10. Hmm Doesn’t work on Direct TV but will show up on Camera NVR
  11. Hello, Not Related to C4 (even with the Yamaha Remote) Only some Inputs will show the Volume Display Bar. Any info on where the setting is. I called Yamaha but they said this AVR doesn't have that option?
  12. Thanks where does a dealer purchase Axxess ?
  13. Look for something to put in attic crawl space. that will work with C4 ?
  14. Hmm I will have DS2 thinking to put smaller speakers in the hallways on each floor with a separate amp
  15. I feel with the ring of the speakers there is a delay , is there ?
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