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  1. Has anything changed with C4 ? last I recall with a room that has both audio and TV when listening to music the TV will turn off we are using a Audio Matrix each TV we will extract the audio from the HDMI of the cable box
  2. Since we upgraded to 3x , We don't see option for Comfort on the OSD Is this now removed?
  3. HI, I'm a bit confused. We live in a building with no access to a DISH Install. I heard with can get Direct TV Internet HDMI Boxes, is this true? or is it just an App on Roku etc?
  4. Room Is about 17 Feet From Back wall to Front Wall screen size would be 100” diagonal projector will be about 12 feet from screen ceiling Mount room will have a door , so completely dark application is movies back row of chairs middle row or chairs budget ? Was thinking around 3K would like to hear why more expensive ones are better
  5. Hi Guys, Looking for a Projector that will have Drivers with C4. Needs to be Black Color, Prefer IP Control
  6. Looking for a bright TV for outdoor ? Ive used Seura before but now I see Samsung any experience with them ? are they bright like Seura ?
  7. Hi Guys Wanted to see which brand TV mounts you guys like I’m speaking about Motion / Arm Types I have found many on the market that seem very heavy. Looking for good quantity, light weight , nice looking Price not an issue
  8. I remember it was HouseLogix ??
  9. Where can i find this? I remember House Logix had it.
  10. Is there an IP Driver for this? https://www.arcam.co.uk/product,hda,av-receivers,avr10.htm
  11. Hi Im the original poster I’m an A/V Tech and need a PC with Teamviewer so I can remote into the customers location for trooble shooting and any remote changes that require onsite. in the past I used a macMini but really just need Windows
  12. Hi Guys Looking for a small Computer for A\V Rack that I can use to remote into. Question is , will be turn back on after power outage.
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