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  1. @South Africa C4 user Can you explain more about how to display variable value using unbound test dimmer? Thank you.
  2. Are the blinds closed thru a C4 command? If so, you can program an if statement so whenever the blind close command is executed, first check the window sensor status and if window is open, do nothing or if window is closed then close the blind.
  3. I don’t know enough about the date math, but one way you could approach this would be to set up a variable for each contact you want to monitor. Then set a daily schedule to run a macro that adds 1 to the variable counts, checks the counts, and does whatever you want to do if count is over 7. Then set each variable to zero whenever the contact closes.
  4. Since its a clean buildout, I also recommend: - AV Closet with active ventilation. My closet is in remote part of my house and heavily insulated. So no noice. I have two high efficient 8” duct fans - one that pulls air from a low vent in my living area and one that returns air back to the living area (but in an area that is not heavily trafficked as it will be noticeably warmer). You do not want to supply direct heat into the AV closet. - I suggest installing 2” conduit from the AV Closet to each TV so you are future proofed. - Blind power: I ran 16/4 to each window from my AV closet for power. I went with Qmotion shades which only require Cat 5e or better for power. I suggest you choose your shades, determine what is required for power, and run the smallest (diameter) and most flexible wire possible to each window. I have doors with shades and so had builder install power hinges. Works great. - Garage Doors and Master Water Control Valve: run control wire from your overhead motors to your AV closet. - Cameras: Run Cat6 to each potential camera location.
  5. Just reading into your question. How about adding the DS2 to this list. Of all my cameras, the DS2 is the worst. Current technology enables so much better backlight control, low light images, night images with IR lighting, much better object motion detection so I do not receive pictures due to wind, clouds passing through the sun, car headlights at night, etc.
  6. There are multiple threads on this forum covering this topic that describe all of the better options. But, I recommend the InFuse Pro app that you can download on the AppleTV. Pay for the Pro version of the app.
  7. Quick question for those that have integrated DSC NEO into C4 using the TL280. Is the functionality between Serial and Ethernet Integration the same? Or is one preferred over the other? I am in the process of removing the TL880 originally used for Alarm.com integration. Unfortunately there is not a C4 driver for the TL880 yet so I am going to make the switch and install the TL280 so I can integrate with C4.
  8. I’m curious, I assume you have an av closet. Do you not actively cool it?
  9. Thank you. Is the CA-10 a 1U rack mount?
  10. You guys are wetting my appetite on the CA-10. If I do add a CA-10 to my rack, do I need to keep the EA5 in the rack for audio? I do my current EA-5 to feed Amazon Music, XMRadio, Doorbell announcements, and other generic announcements into multiple AudioControl matrix amps. Yes I have some EA-3’s in my system, but they are not near my AV closet and i do not want to run audio from these locations back to my AV closet.
  11. This would be a great driver. Janus has a driver that does this for Thermostats and related inputs. Would be nice to have a similar driver for generic variable inputs.
  12. I currently have AppleTV and recently switched from cable to YouTube TV for live programming. My question is if I add a Roku to my system, is there a way to launch YouTube TV channels direct from the C4 menu via mini apps or some other method?
  13. Given all that you want to do, you will appreciate C4. But you do not need C4. Regarding SONOS. I had Sonos and I enjoyed it. I now have full distributed audio throughout my house with wired speakers all back to my AV closet with matrix amps all controlled by C4. I love it and I would never go back. Sound is evenly distributed through my house so no loud or soft spots as I move around (This takes a lot of speakers properly placed). The result is a very pleasant listening atmosphere and something a few speakers placed around the house just cant do well.
  14. Reviewed the forums last night and think I answered my own question here. Based on what I read, and Experience Button will do this. I will work with my dealer on getting an experience button. My only question is do those of you using experience buttons recommend a standard C4 button for this purpose or the @alanchow button package? Thank you.
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