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  1. I think you are asking if i shut off the Flo valve via C4 do i see it in the Flo app. I will need to test it and get back to you but i am pretty sure the answer will be yes since C4 communicates to Flo app and not to the valve directly.
  2. I have all of my water leak sensors tied into C4 via my security panel. So the Flo driver allows me to shut off water if leak is detected by a sensor before FLO figures it out. I am also able to put FLO into away mode or sleep mode via C4. So for example, if alarm armed away, put Flo into away mode.
  3. Exactly what I tried to say. @msgreenfis just more eloquent:).
  4. I do not use Rachio so not sure about the driver, but I do use the Moen Flo. There is a way to teach the Moen Flo how to recognize your sprinkler zones and you might do this. Better yet, install the Moen Flo after the sprinkler system in your water loop if possible. And if this is possible, install a flow meter on your sprinkler system which would be good either way so you can detect when the lines break or a sprinkler head pops off.
  5. I have multiple keypads in my system that were purchased at the same time that have very different LED brightness levels. Drives me crazy. I have been working with my dealer to replace these but COVID has backed everything up. And even that story is starting to get old to me.
  6. My rack/AV Closet has all network gear, C4 gear, streaming devices, AV preamps, 2 matrix amps, 2 7ch amps, and 3 large UPS’s (note all my TV and office computer outlets come off of these UPS’s as well). When the amps are cranking, this closet takes about 400 to 500 CFM to maintain temperature of 80 degrees with intake air no higher than 73 degrees. I use two in-line ducted fans, one for inlet and one for outlet to keep the pressure balanced.
  7. I have a 4 x 10 AV closet. All my gear is in this closet. I have two 0-10v continuous duty high efficiency fans, one inlet, one outlet. I wrote quick routine in C4 to manage fan speed based on temperature. Works great and keeps AV gear cool with fresh air. Now my inlet air comes from a room that is kept at a constant 72 degrees. And you will want to return the air to the same space you take air from so that you do not create a negative pressure in your house.
  8. @Cyknight understood. I am not using Alarm.com, i have cellular monitoring. Is there a setting I need to tell the monitoring company to use on their end so I can integrate to C4 on my end?
  9. @Cyknight I have a DSC Neo. If I do not monitor and reset the communicator, I can integrate with C4. As soon as the monitoring service does their thing with the communicator I find I can no longer integrate with C4. I have played with all the communicator parameters and followed all the advice found on this forum, but nothing works. I am considering changing my monitoring provider to a new provider that says they know how to set up the communicator to allow for both C4 integration and monitoring. It’s either that or changing my panel. Before I do either, do you by chance know what settings the monitoring service may be changing that is preventing the C4 integration? If I knew what the tell them, I am sure they would make the setting changes on their end. I do not believe its on my end. But looking for advice. Thank you so much.
  10. I have a DSC Neo but I am seriously looking at the Elk M1 Gold using @Chowmains new driver.
  11. I would start the timer when the fire bowls are turned on for 3 minutes, then look at the temperature of each fire bowl and restart it if necessary, only 1 or 2 times. If it does not light with 2 or 3 attempts, send yourself a text message for manual intervention. Separately, when they are turned off, you might program off of a change in temperature of each fire bowl and alert if the temperature indicates the bowl is on when it should not be on.
  12. Control4 is not DIY, but there is a LOT you can do yourself and there are many remote dealers that can support you with the things you cannot do yourself. I would take a look at it and connect with a remote dealer on this site to learn for yourself what is possible. There are also threads on this site that explain more of what is and is not possible for a DIY.
  13. This may be a dumb questions, but @videostorm can I use splashtiles for onscreen display of my sony tv even if I do not have the video storm video distribution system in my house?
  14. Some routers allow usb hotspots for fail over which allows you to use any 3rd party hotspot. I have a Sonicwall router with a Verizon hotspot. The sonicwall notifies me if failover occurs.
  15. I have two of the M6800’s. Love them!
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