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  1. I have two UPS’s in my rack. One 15amp and one 20amp. Plus two wattbox 700’s, one on top and one towards the bottom. The outlets are about full on both.
  2. Bad advice? The sub comes with a correction kit that allows the installer or the owner to tune the sub to the room. Perfect placement will improve the audio quality, but room correction does an amazing job to overcome shortfalls in perfect placement due to limits from furnishings, etc.
  3. The 212 is a beautiful sub and you can put as many of them as your customer wants in the room. $4,500 ea list price. This is my second 212. The bass is pure and exact.
  4. Subs are not left/right. Although my Audiocontrol preamp has dual sub outputs, my Martin Logan sub also has a pass-thru for the second sub. That said, how big is the room? One really good sub may be better than 2 average subs. Obviously, 2 really good subs is better than 1 if the space can handle it.
  5. Create FanSpeed variable and Macro Programming for Macro: FanSpeed = FanSpeed + 1 If FanSpeed =1, then low If FanSpeed =2, then med If FanSpeed =3, then high If FanSpeed > 3, then FanSpeed = 0 You can execute the Macro a number of ways, but I would suggest when button is pressed.
  6. For 2, I would recommend Martin Logan for your surround speaker and your atmos if you go that far. For house audio, I have AudioControl matrix amps and Origin Acoustic ceiling speakers and love them.
  7. My system has a preamp located in an AV closet that is controlled via IP by Control4. However the preamp setup can only be done by using the preamp’s own remote. Rather than setting up an IR extender, I would like to know if it is possible to program a custom button on the C4 remote (SR260 in my case) to send a learned IR command from one of the open EA5 IR outputs, and if so, how? Thank you in advance.
  8. I had a Denon AVR in my first C4 home and loved it. Will admit that most would be very satisfied with Denon.
  9. I too would be very interested in a working driver for carrier infinity. In addition to temperature control, I would like to be able to switch between home and away.
  10. Although I can’t imagine having to do this again in 3.1, years ago I had to rebuild my entire project from scratch with my dealer. Apparently the project got corrupted through years of upgrades and updates. Keep in mind this project first started out in 2007 and composer 1.6 or something like that. I do not remember the version where rebuild was necessary and i do not live in that house any longer. Prior to rebuilding the project, my dealer sent it off to C4 so they could attempt to do their magic on it - which did not work. Although I doubt you need to rebuild your project, you may want to ask your dealer to send a copy of the project to C4 and have them look for some corrupt lines of code that might be causing this to happen. Good luck.
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