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  1. I purchased and recently installed a 100 foot Bifale HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable from AVR to TV. I am now able to set the AppleTV video setting to Dolby Vision and it looks great. The above is my post from a different topic on this forum. I was previously using a high quality passive HDMI 80ft cable and it would not pass Dolby Vision. After installing the above cable, it works great. Although I do not think you need a Fiber Optic cable for 20ft, they are not that expensive and would be very safe, and will easily handle the highest quality video.
  2. I used a ceiling hole saw to cut in about 50 ceiling speakers. The type with cover to catch the dust. My insulation was blown in type. the builder had already prewired for each speaker back to the av closet. When cutting holes, have a 16”x16” x 1” thick bare insulation (no paper backing) for each hole ready. After cutting hole, hold the cut drywall in place, position insulation up against ceiling, let cut drywall circle drop into insulation so you can carefully pull it out, then push the 16x16x1 square insulation gently thru cut hole. This will prevent the blown insulation from falli
  3. Interesting. Does this mean I must use the Wireless Contact Switch with the ELK? Is there no way to wire directly into the contacts on the EA5?
  4. Annoucing our new ADVANCED LIGHTING GROUP driver, now available on DriverCentral at https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/lighting/advanced-lighting-group. You need this driver from @pbir
  5. I purchased and recently installed a 100 foot Bifale HDMI 2.1 Fiber Optic Cable from AVR to TV. I am now able to set the AppleTV video setting to Dolby Vision and it looks great.
  6. I would not recommend bypassing the switch and direct wiring all of the Hue lights. It’s really not necessary and as Cyknight says above, your local code may not allow it. What I do with the Hue bulbs in my C4 system is have my C4 switches programmed to not control the load and to simply act as buttons. The load itself is only controlled by programming. I do have the load programmed to a triple tap on one of the buttons so that I can turn it on/off should I want to. But you could even add the switch load to an experience button that is placed in a hidden room that only you access during troubl
  7. I have a BlueJean BJC Series 1 cable (which is not rated for 4K). I will look into the active fiber HDMI cable. Thank you.
  8. @PorterTX or others. I just upgraded my rack ATV to the 4K model. My theater has the latest sony OLED which is connected to my rack mounted AVR (audio control M9) via an 80’ HDMI cable. My audio including ATMOS is fantastic. I have a few questions on video format and cables: 1. You suggest 4K SDR. Why this over 4K HDR or Dolby Vision? 2. It appears that my HDMI cable does not support Dolby Vision or even 4:4:4 (while using 4K SDR or 4K HDR) 3. All audio is wired direct from my rack amps to the individual speakers, so no audio goes to the tv. I have a conduit and can easily run a
  9. I realize that revealing secrets is career limiting but someone must know something they can share
  10. This thread has been quiet. We are getting close. Waiting with anticipation.
  11. I have an IO extender in one of my racks (about 3 years old) that I never powered up. I’m now getting close to needing the additional IO’s in my rack and was going to power it up. After reading this, I’m wondering, has the IO Extender been replaced with a different device and if so, what is the newer device? Thank you.
  12. @RyanE @eggzlot @msgreenf can someone please tell me what I would need to do to set up webhooks to interact with C4. I too like this idea for my home office. Hoping I do not need to open up my firewall to make it work. Thanks so much.
  13. It’s only been a few months for me, but my new Qmotions have been very reliable and were very easy to setup. No network drops. I old Qmotions do occasional drop from the network but they always return on their own.
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