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  1. Are your cameras using the admin user/password on the synology? If so, you might be able to create a new admin user account and then change the privileges of the old admin user account so nothing gets lost.
  2. A few other potential sources of your problem are (1) the light tracking in your advanced lighting scenes may not be set correctly. This assume you are using Advanced Lighting Scenes and not simply programming a bunch of lights to trigger sequentially and (2) you have a weak zigbee mesh meaning you do not have enough zigbee devices, spaced correctly, to ensure a reliable zigbee mesh. A good dealer will be able to remotely assess both of these potential issues.
  3. I assume you realize you can program off of a single tap, double tap and triple tap of any button? But the trick is, when using the single, double and/or triple taps, you do not want to have any bindings on that button and you should not program against the “press” command.
  4. Can anyone post a copy of the installation guide for this outlet. I am trying to determine if I can have separate power infeeds for the top and bottom outlets on this device. A picture of the back of the outlet would also answer the question if someone has that. Thank you.
  5. Given the investment is seams @TundraSonic has in C4, and the fact that his high security environment may restrict good support to his C4 setup for many years to come, I will say it again that it might be best for him to invest in a second firewall and simply separate the work network for his wife. Doing so will enable him to easily get the combined network/C4 support he might need. That said, I have never given my C4 dealer access to my network, including firewall or switches. I do simple management of my network myself and I have professional services monitoring all aspect of my network. In
  6. We have a china cabinet and a number of built-in cabinets with puck lights. I would like to change these out with color lights. Does anyone have good recommendations on options to do so?
  7. Take a look at the 2N IP Access units and also the Mobotix keypad options. I’m pretty sure either of these can be integrated into C4 but you will have to discuss with a dealer.
  8. I have a question about the auto-off timer that can be programmed at the switch or dimmer level. Does the intelligence for the auto-off timer reside at the switch or at the director level? I assume the director programmed timers are at the director level but hoping the auto-off timers are at the switch level. Thank you in advance.
  9. Your issue is not C4. It’s something related to your setup. I say that because I’ve had C4 for over 12 years now in multiple setups and the system has been very stable (other than the occasional new firmware bug) for many years now. My entire network and all C4 controllers are on UPS’s and I can go a year without a reboot if no updates or changes are made to the system. So most likely a network setup issue. Maybe a C4 controller setup issue given all the EA5’s you have. Or if some of your devices are in fact zigbee and you do not have a strong enough mesh that could be a problem. If your wife’
  10. You sure the WAPs did not lose power during the firmware upgrade?
  11. Thank you @Cyknight and Merry Christmas to all.
  12. For DIY’ers like many of the more active users on this forum, the key to success is knowing what activities a dealer can do that the DIY’er cannot do with Composer HE, and then establishing a good relationship with either your dealer or one of the remote dealers on this forum. If you are efficient with your dealers time, it is very affordable to work with a dealer for the few activities you need them for (ie. Firmware updates, adding devices, adding drivers, bindings, etc). You also need someone to train you on using Composer HE so you can learn what is possible with the system. Then spend tim
  13. My guess is the vast majority of In wall touch panels are PoE hence get this version released first and not hold it up for the line voltage version. For now, we are all waiting.
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