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  1. Basically the 240 switch is automatic and is actuated by a 120v power input. You would use the standard C4 switch to in turn actuate the 240v switch. This is very common and your electrician should be able to handle.
  2. Do you have the @chowmain ELK driver? Your dealer may have to add some bindings to your zones, but you should be able to do what you are asking.
  3. I’ve had C4 since 2008 and in multiple homes. My family has enjoyed the benefits of home automation since before most knew what home automation was. Although I have not seriously looked at options, I highly doubt there are much better systems that fully integrate the automation of a house on one platform. Looking back 13 years, this is the first time I remember seeing this type of preview of what is to come from the C4 team. If this is any indication, I have to say I am really excited to see what will come from the new C4. Great job C4. Keep it up.
  4. Did anyone notice SR5008 in the device list as they were showing some of the filtering features? Is this a new remote?
  5. Bringing this back up now that Tempurpedic bed bases have WiFi integration. Is anyone aware of C4 integration to their bed bases.
  6. Keep in mind there are many remote dealers on this forum that are able to help the DIYer add drivers to your project and other dealer required tasks.
  7. I think so. The Blind Group driver is not blind specific AFAIK. It simply goes on top of the specific blind drivers in your project. For example, I have Qmotion shades in my house. So I have a Qmotion blind driver for each blind in my system and one instance of the group driver for each group in the system. You can even combine groups into a new group. Works great.
  8. There is a blind group driver. If you search for it on this forum you should find more about it. I assume you need a dealer to set it up but I’m not sure of that.
  9. For what it is worth, I would invest in a new HVAC system if I could hear my fan running during normal temperature or humidity control.
  10. I have some T4’s coming soon (been waiting for almost a year). I hope these experience buttons work on the T4.
  11. Same happened to my system. I rebooted and rebooted. Still not working.
  12. Well, if necessary yes i would pay this for a few locations in my house, but the premium would need to be closer to $100 or about $300 each for normal use.
  13. I was thinking the same. Would love this option!
  14. No issues at all. I really like these fans and will be installing a few more of them. They run silent other than you can hear the breeze on high. Only downfall is the driver is only one way - meaning if I turn the fans on with the Modern Form app C4 does not recognize their on. I have not yet contacted Modern Forms but do think they may be willing to update their driver if they knew about this issue - just hasn’t floated to the top of my priorities.
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