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  1. I have two of the M6800’s. Love them!
  2. I’m late to this subject and admittedly have not read all of the above responses but i have 16 zones of distributed audio and use two audio control 16 channel matrix amps. Each input from one amp can be daisy chained to the second amp (and so on). It works great and integrates flawlessly with C4.
  3. There are other posts on this forum that discuss the advantages of integrating security into C4, but summary is that doing so allows you to program off of the alarm state, and individual devices in your alarm system such as motion detectors, door status, window status, leak detectors, etc. As a user, I would recommend integrating the alarm.
  4. What you want is possible and not that hard to implement - especially if you are already controlling the heater within your C4 system. Talk to your dealer or one of the many remote dealers on this forum.
  5. I highly recommend you take a look at Tidal. I found it on this forum and have been using it for about 6 months now.
  6. I sure hope they do not take away the C4 integration. I learned about Tidal on this forum and subscribed only because of the C4 integration. We now have a number of playlist with favorites to our home screens and love it. If this feature gets removed, will likely go back to Amazon.
  7. Update. Because the four batteries are connected in series, the total amp hours remains 9.
  8. I just replaced the 4 batteries in my wattbox ups. They were a like for like replacement of four 9AH-12V batteries. In the UPS setup, one of the settings is total battery amp hours. Does anyone know for sure if this should be set to 9 or 36? I do not have any external batteries connected to the UPS.
  9. You don’t say how many switches, but it’s unlikely you will be able to change out all your switches for anything close to $1,700. But how old is your system? One of the remote dealers on this forum should be able to help you for a lot less.
  10. Look at adding a Bond to your system and put I’ll the fans on switch’s that remain on all the time.
  11. Agreed. It sounds like his use of mesh is not accurate. For sure all your radios should be on the same SSID. Just work with network experts to pick a solution that is robust in handing off devices such as phones as you move around your house.
  12. I had SONOS, now i have distributed audio and would never go back. There is no comparison if your goal is distributed audio. Now if your goal is localized audio, SONOS can be a good solution. I never had distributed video. About 4 years ago I looked into adding a video matrix system. In the end I did not, and I have no regrets since Roku and AppleTV give me all the distributed video I need - personalized by tv location. I do not have HVAC integrated into C4 yet for the reasons above. I have two systems in my house, both with variable fan and heat and 5 stage heat pumps running 8 zone
  13. I don’t know the C4 matrix amp but my matrix amps allow me to output each source input (or jump) to the next matrix amp. So no splitting the source. I would image the C4 matrix amp is the same
  14. Search this forum for Dealers or Remote Dealers and you will find a number of strong recommendations.
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