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  1. I know this is off topic, but some of you Snap dealers should push them to add a feature that allows users to change the order of outlet booting. I have everything running on UPS’s, so do not like to power cycle just to change the order of my plugs/outlets as I refine the rebooting sequence of my system. And in reality, only a few devices need to be in the reboot loop. Once modems, routers, switches, WAP’s and controllers are rebooted, everything else can be restarted as needed by C4.
  2. Depending on how you are going to use it, check out the new vertices strip units WattBox just released. I have one, but have not yet installed it in my rack. I expect it to help clean up some of my power cable management and it has like 18 outlets
  3. Forgive me if this has been answered. I searched but couldn’t find. I have an Axis P3707E camera, which has 4 lens in one camera. Is there a driver that gives me access to the 4 separate images? Or does anyone know how to identify the individual images of the camera in the generic C4 camera driver? Thanks in advance.
  4. Please do let us know what functionality is available with Wolf Ovens and Subzero Rerig. So far I have held off integrating, but if the functionality is there to start the oven, it might be worth it. Thank you.
  5. Proceed at your own risk here, but: The 4 black wires that are twisted together are the Black Line In / Hot leads. The 4 white wires that are twisted together are the White Neutral in. The bare copper wires in back that are twisted together are the ground. And whichever black wire runs to your fan is the lead for the RED wire coming off the fan switch.
  6. Can you clarify what wires are in the switch box itself? I assume you have Switched LOAD and NEUTRAL wires running from the switch box to the fan. Do you also have a LOAD, NEUTRAL and GROUND coming from your breaker into the switch box?
  7. Search Matterlink on this forum. There is a C4 driver available.
  8. I recommend you review the AudioControl matrix amps. You will not need the C4 audio matrix with these amps.
  9. Mine too. Has for long time. Can’t recall when it started.
  10. I have wolf ovens, but decided against the C4 integration. If you decide to integrate your wolf products into C4, I would love to hear what your experience is. That said, i do think it would be nice to be able to see and adjust the temperature zones in my sub-zero wine refrig.
  11. How many speakers? If you really want it to act as one zone, you can probably connect both sets of speakers to the same channel on the amp and just make them one zone. Before doing so, confirm your amp can handle the output (ohms). But in doing so, you will either need to put all the speakers into a combined room in C4 or you will need to control them from the room you assign the one zone to. Hope this makes sense. And pretty sure your dealer will need to make the audio path changes necessary if you go this route. And as said above, some amps allow you to group zones together. For example, I have AudioControl matrix amps that alllow me to set up groups.
  12. If you have an On Screen navigator menu in your family room, one of your EA’s must have HDMI out in use.
  13. Separately, I would love to hear your input on how you like these lights and how well they respond to the C4 push button after you get it all functioning.
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