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  1. There's not really much to it when it comes to that, the majority of systems out there come with contacts and as far as the C4 is concerned one contact is no more difficult to integrate then another. I don't know of any system out there thats any better then any other system for c4, although there may be,
  2. Theres multiple ways to do it but the most user friendly is just splitting them into rooms. Especially if you're on 3+ and can just swipe to jump between rooms.
  3. I've done a lot of projects with the gen1 kit and the old EV drivier. Great to see I can finally offer gen2 integration. The gen1 had lack of 2way feedback and reliability issues, from what I've installed so far the new stuff seems to have resolved both those issues. Also - even more of a bonus is the TRVs. Nice one Alan ๐Ÿ‘
  4. Thats a long rocky road you're heading down, gl ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. +1 for what Crustyloafer said. Yep ISP routers suck and should not be used as a main router within an AV system. Modem only the ISP router and use a Draytek or Unifi USG Router. I would not advise it as a DIY job though. If you want it done properly get a dealer involved.
  6. Disable HDMI Control CEC (Anynet+) on the TV
  7. You need Composer Home Edition to have that functionality now that you are running 3.1.1.
  8. Peak technical wide band speed This instantly brings to mind theoretical Zigbee range vs reality ๐Ÿคฃ
  9. Gary can you let me know how he gets on with that? If i HAVE to integrate Samsung's I only do via IR or 232 only due to the many.... many... issues we have with European versions. I did a frame last week using RS232. The driver I had included art on and art off, but I had to program these against the TV power state. The driver also had netflix commands but they did not work and after a little digging I found the TV App commands values are different over here for some reason so I ended up making a macro key press sequence based on the smart hub. IP control for me flatly doesn't work well at all and as you can see I still have issues with even serial. And on the rare occasion it does work, you have lonnnnnnnnnnnnggg delay after power off command before wol works again. I need sony to bring out a Frame equivalent TV like yesterday.
  10. Seems like two separate issues here. Yes if you want to upgrade it will cost. Like when you go from one iPhone to the next. If you have underlying issues with the install you need to take these up directly with your installer and make sure they get addressed... There's always going to be an associated cost with maintaining any system. At the end of the day things like batteries (UPS) need replacing and will stop working unless done so - thats normal. Having said that the figures you've mentioned are very high and so I would take a guess and expect you've asked for new features / functions as opposed to just "fixing" it, which is what needs to be done first.
  11. Tbh - it's not just the digits I'm referring to. The main use for remotes with my clients tends to be PVR (Sky) operation and so it's transport keys ff/rw along with play pause guide record menu etc etc. You learn where these feel on the remote and use it without looking down, thats impossible when it comes to touchscreen.
  12. On a phone your main focus / function is the phone itself which is why this works. As soon as you take that focus and split it between two points (TV + Remote) in my opinion / experience it no longer works as well. Granted the Neeo has some hard buttons at least. Having not got hands on with it yet I've no idea if its enough. I'd love to be able to bundle this remote with every EA1 instead of an SR-260, time will tell!
  13. It's pretty much still the case, and even then IF the tv does have IP Control it's not reliable with long WOL delays and missing buttons such as guide. I'd advise forgetting about wasting your time with IP control (When it comes to Samsung UK TV's) and focus on getting IR at the TV's.
  14. As an installer I'm glad apps haven't been made, although I see the appeal as a end user. I can't see them replacing the 4store, they got rid of it for a reason. Also this just reminds me of a rental property I had never ending issues with. Client wanted iPad mini's instead of T3's. End result = constant call outs from kids installing crap on the iPad, someone uninstalling or breaking or not updating it.... To compound the issue, the property was 700 miles from me in Switzerland. (Holiday home / Rental property when they are not there for existing customer) Never again!
  15. tbh - In terms of time and cost it's little relevance "how many" updates you need to bring you up to 3.1 or how long it takes for the actual update to download & apply. It's entirely dependant on the compatibility and functionality of drivers and testing after the update has been carried out to make sure it's fully functional on the new OS.
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