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  1. Agreed, don't waste your time. Just get Alan's driver, its great.
  2. Personally I'd resolve this with a UPS and "when project loads" states set to whatever the most common state of the equipment is.
  3. I always use turret over dome now. Too many influencing factors on the picture due to the dome getting dirty, wet, scratched etc etc etc
  4. I think all the "Cool" stuff I end up programming tends to be just a load of fairly basic things just with a tonne of vars involved. Generally alarm sets + unsets based on time, day, user, weather etc. All triggering a/v, blinds, lights, doors (locks), HVAC.
  5. There was no difference in the driver, the difference was in the firmware of the TV. EU firmware did not give you an option within the TV menus to enable IP control unlike NA despite picking up in SSDP. Unfortunately I've not installed one recently to know if this is has since changed, but if what C4lona is saying is correct then it would appear it has. My previous setups required 232 control (for normal TV control) with IR for the art mode, along with custom programming.
  6. Yeah bit of a black hole automated lock situation in the UK and it's been driving me potty tbh. (however the Yale locks we've automated and installed before hand have been working great.)
  7. Are you sure the inputs not just labled as something else? eg: AV / EXT etc Out of all brands i find it very difficult to believe theres no HDMI 4 command for a Samsung
  8. Because when clients want to switch over from one account to another within the C4 app, it's to control something in another one of their properties for a specific reason at a specific time. Unless they are telepathic and know some one is going to shortly press the call button on their DS2 to which they are not currently logged into on their Intercom anywhere app then it will not call through to their phone.
  9. The majority of my clients have multiple properties and the amount of revenue lost due to the fact you cant be simultaneously logged into two systems is saddening and frustrating. I posted on the dealer fourms about this recently and it's the same with many other dealers. There are complicated ways of doing it, we have one client who asks me weekly if C4 has changed anything on this front. I'm speaking to one company who claim they can but I'm very pessimistic about it tbh. I know for sure I'm not getting involved in it until (IF) it's ever an official feature. I believe the DS2 should of shipped with this functionality considering its target market.
  10. Ok thanks for confirming for me. Will pop out and take a look at whats up with it.
  11. Just had reports of the client being unable to FF/RW or pause ONLY while in the netflix app within sky. @Gary Leeds UK is this one of the reasons you were asking for mini drivers? I've not yet been to site to investigate myself.
  12. Surprised it didn't happen sooner really. He hijacked threads and often went way off topic for no viable reason other than for the sake of debate. On more then one occasion he's lost himself in the thread and couldn't even explain what he was even arguing about when questioned. IMO it was not a case of just having an opposing viewpoint, it was a case of arguing and ranting for the sake of debate. It took away from the original post and often killed it altogether. Great decision.
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