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  1. Nothing particularly exciting. The Neeo acquisition "will" be exciting one day but I don't expect anything to hit us for quite a while.
  2. Funny how you know the exact contents of a entire thread and predict it to a T just after having reading the title.
  3. Quite a few traps to fall into with this including firmware, driver version method of connection and alarm config. Check out KB: 2531
  4. +1 I'd say 80% of my installs are Freeview 20% Freesat If Alan made a driver for YouView /Humax PVR's comparable to his Sky Q driver I would get very excited, although I think the implications / model variants in that field are too much for it to ever be a thing.
  5. Cheers Gary. Womble - I've PM'ed you.
  6. Welcome to the forums! Personally I would disregard the Ubiquiti problems, most of us dealers install it with every job without any issues. The reason its on C4s naughty list is because of a technicality which is not relevant in most installs. The simple answer to your question is yes C4 is your best bet. You will hit limitations and restrictions attempting to achieve all you have listed with products such as the Harmony Hub. If you put enough research into it making sure you have the right products you WILL be able to do it, but each area of the AV will have it's own app or method of control which can then limit you when it comes to things like house off buttons etc. Not that there is anything wrong with app juggling and having several smaller stand alone systems in place, but often it's only once you've gone down that path that you then realise "Oh actually I'd quite like to do XYZ" and you simply cant. Yes you will need your dealer to add additional systems into the project as and when you get them, but after the initial install is complete the labour in doing so will be a lot lower.
  7. I've done a few fairly large lightwave installs which have turned out ok...ish... None of the Gen2 stuff though. TBH - the lack of 2way feedback for C4 and popcorn effect you get from it puts me off using it again, had a few issues with hub restarts and the setup for it was a ball ache because you had to take careful note of which rooms and which lights where added in order... and if you ever messed that order (like swapping out a dead switch) then prepare to play guess the address. It was always specified by the client but I will always strongly suggest the wireless C4 route.
  8. Considering you already have all the equipment which you have already paid for I would first advise in paying and getting it running again. A couple of days labour to do so, i doubt is much compared to the cost of the equipment. There is also an awesome Sky Q Driver out now. If your projector has a motorised mount there is likely another small remote you should have which will lower it from the ceiling. You will then have to use the projector remote you have to turn on the projector. You will then need a third remote to lower the screen. Without knowing more about what setup you have with regards to HDMI distribution / IR Pass through / Local sources its difficult to say much more.
  9. I think the only things you are missing is that a) the ATV should always be on never sleep and b) it's largely irrelevant whether it is or isent actually sleeping as per Cyknight own current measurements.
  10. Are the TV's controlled by IP over wireless by any chance?
  11. Yes the upstairs sensors can disarm the alarm. Not sure about sensors "Becoming part of the alarm" though... You might be able to do it if you trigger an output from C4 into the alarm panel. I generally try to keep the alarm system to itself and C4 just interacts with it on an arm/disarm basis. I find the most popular part of alarm integration with C4 is automatic home / away triggers. eg, all A/V + Lighting off on alarm set with mocupancy enabled when leaving. And lights coming on if night time with a bit of AV coming on when disarmed and back home.
  12. Just had a client phone asking if there was any way to have alpha numeric keys on the interface, as he uses the search functionality a lot and so uses the digits on the interface to input text. Do I just simply say no? Ideally I would sell him a sr260 but I have no zigbee up there so it starts getting pricey for such a simple thing.
  13. He said he can't as its grade C. My integration is fairly basic with fire alarm panels in the UK consist of relays then triggering the texecom / C4 to alert and notify.
  14. I'm starting to wonder if Gary is secretly a Philips rep 😂
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