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  1. Does anybody on here recommend a specific Chicago dealer? I've done business / interviewed a handful of the more popular dealers but none of the ones I've spoke to seem nearly up to speed as the average poster on this forum and the customer service I've received has been awful (and expensive). I plan on using a remote dealer here for the cleanup work but I do need a physical presence in the area. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the reply. Yes, the balun has outputs for both...this makes sense to me but my dealer thought I could only use one control at a time either IR or serial not both. Didn't seem right to me, but I'm just a newbie. If this works it will save me a ton of time and effort not having to run a dedicated cable to power the lift.
  3. I'm still fairly new to control 4 and recently installed a Leaf 6x6 matrix (LU642NAP). The powered receiver at the back of the TV (LU1) has outputs for HDMI, IR and RS232. Can I use both the IR and the RS232 at the same time? Specifically, I have an outdoor TV on a lift system which currently has 1 Cat6 wire heading to it. Is it possible to use the HDMI for video/sound, the IR to control the TV and the RS232 to control the lift? Dealer thinks I can only use IR or RS232 and not both but wasn't sure. I ask because if this works it will save me a lot of time and effort not having to run a 2nd cable back into the rack. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  4. Appreciate the help. Getting an additional balun was my backup plan since I just spent $6k on the matrix, but it seems that's the best option. For my own edification, if I was just running the avr into the matrix (without the matrix also being an input into the avr) it should work right?
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I don't want/need to distribute the blueray or PS3 anywhere but the basement media room where the rack is located. Currently the receiver is in the rack; the TV is on a wall 15 feet away so it the video needs to come from the matrix over the HDBaseT output. Currently, all of the inputs go into the matrix with video distributed to 4 TV's via HDBaseT and the receiver in the rack via HDMI. I'd like to free up an input by having 2 of the local devices feed into the receiver. I also can't view any of the receiver settings without manually plugging in a separate monitor since the HDMI output from the receiver is not hooked up. Basically, I want to have the HDMI output on my receiver feed into the matrix and distribute to my basement TV over HDBaseT.
  6. I just had a Leaf LU642NAP video matrix installed. It has 6 inputs: 2 receivers; a Roku; PS3; Blueray player and the HC800. Instead of inputting the PS3 and blue ray player directly into the matrix, my preference was to put them as inputs into my Integra DRX-2 receiver and have the output from the receiver be an input into the matrix. My installer felt like it should work but when he hooked it up, no video would pass through. Is there any reason why this shouldn't work? Perhaps the HDMI output from the Integra receiver isn't recognized or compatible as an input into the Leaf? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  7. Sorry if this is a noobie question, but this should allow me to easily integrate a ring doorbell into control 4 (eg: if ring doorbell is pushed them play .wav audio file throughout speakers), right?
  8. SMH, thank you for the quick reply. I have several old iPads and iPhones that I'd be using to sync with via airplay and would esstentialy be only used for streaming music / conrolling the system...so I'm not that worried about battery life or the music being interrupted by calls...dealer is saying its about $650 bucks to go add the Sonos component and other than the points you referenced above (which don't seem to be an issue if I'm using a dedicated phone) I'm having a hard time seeing the value. I don't mind paying the extra money if it's truely a better system, but I'm not really seeing it. I also like the ability to let guests log connect to the system and play thier music via Airplay, which as I understand it, works with Music Bridge but not with Sonos. If I decide to skip sonos and just go with music bridge (with dedicated devices to play the music) am I really losing anything?
  9. I just purchased a house with 3 HC-300 conrollers installed. After speaking with the dealer, it's my undersanding that I need to upgrade to an HC-800 to unlock some new functionality. The sales rep at the dealer strongly recommended that I purchase a Sonos Zone player and the corresponding driver for the HC-800 system to stream the audio files from my computer. I've also added a Music Bridge so we can log in and play music from our iphones. To me it seems like these systems perform the same functions I asked my sales rep to explain this to me, but I'm still unclear what benefits I get from adding the Sonos comonent...can anybody shed some addtional light on this for me? I store my music on a NAS drive and use itunes to manage the music. It's my understanding that the HC-800 can sync up and play these files but that the Sonos system will enable my iTunes playlists to integrate with the system. This is nice but it seems like the Wireless Music Bridge also offers this feature so I'm really not sure what I'm gaining for the additoinal money to add Sonos? Can somebody who's a more experienced user explain this to me? Many thanks in advance.
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