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  1. I will ask him but my decision is made thanks to this forum again- always helpful Thx ya all
  2. Well that may answer the question right there. I was told from a unreliable source (my dealer) that it could integrate. Integration is very important to me. So now I wonder what my dealer meant. For the control 4 DS2 is anything needed besides a POE cat-5 or 6 line? thx
  3. Looking to upgrade my door bell. Considering either Control4 DS2 or a Nest Door bell. For those smarter than me what are the pros and cons of both? ready go- and thanks in advance.
  4. So those of you who have it- what is the best interface for it. My research tells me Roku is the best but open to other ideas. Apple TV and chromcast are just through mirror imaging it i understand so that is not a win, other thoughts THX
  5. Yup your right, I overlooked that but no control 4 control needed directly to the tablo just to the device accessing the tablo. THX
  6. russellben

    Tablo TV

    Has anyone integrated a tablo TV box into a control 4 system. www.tablotv.com Is there a driver for it? Looking to add one to my system but need more info if anyone has some before making the jump. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I have C4 with both of these items. Both work just fine. The driver for the Roku does seem to be a bit more stable but the Netflix interface on Roku is significantly better than the Sony interface. But that has nothing to do with C4. IMHO Sent from my ????????
  8. Hey thx for the info. Blue iris works grest Sent from my ????????
  9. Hello all, I have 7 IP Panasonic ptz cameras around the house and am looking for the best equipment/ DVR to be able to record some data. They are integrated well into control 4 and work well for viewing there but I want to record from time to time while I'm gone from home for example. I'm not looking for a DVR solution that is integrated into control 4 specifically more just to record, so thanks for you suggestions ahead of time.
  10. Got it working again. Thx all for you help and suggestions. My main reason for using the sonos connect is to have eveything implemented into one place for power and all control. Thx again
  11. Spotify on Control 4 is not working after a update my sonos conect was forced to do and now on all control 4 interfaces I am getting this message. Spotify itself works fine on my phone on its own app and works fine in the sonos app. What am I missing? I have A HC800 all running 2.7 Thx ahead of time for your help
  12. Any suggestions on which model of Motorola surfboard modem I should get as I will be doing that for sure. Sent from my ????????
  13. Excellent thoughts Thanks I do feel my dealer has a excellent knowledge and did set up my system very well. The modem is NOT the router and hence like you said a simple swap out may be doable, but I'm moving to comcast and would not be surprised if they tried to push a modem/ router combo on me as I have heard they like to do that so it (the new modem) will need to be set up correctly. Thx again
  14. Newbie question here I will soon be changing my ISP and hence my modem. My dealer has told me that doing so will require him to come in and reconfigure some settings in my control 4 system. IF so what exactly will need to be changed and is this something I can do with my composer HE and avoid the dreaded dealer call and charges. I do have and use a 4sight license but do not currently have a static IP and it seems to work fine. I could see this needing configuration but anything else directly in the system that will need to be changed . You thoughts Ready GO and thx
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