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  1. I saw that Control4 announced some time ago that they were offering mechanical (dumb) switches that look like their smart switches. I like the idea of everything looking uniform, so about a month ago, I ordered an Ivory set from my dealer. I got word today (!) that C4 is out of stock, so asking if anyone on this forum has Ivory mech switches to sell?
  2. I just received a used CardAccess WMS10-C-ZP ceiling mount motion detector to use in a closet. The unit came without documentation, so I'm flying blind. Dealer has been unresponsive, so I asked a friend with ComposerPro to help out - thought it would be a simple task! I just want to ID the unit in CP. In ComposerPro Connections, pressing the WMS10 internal button 4 times does not cause the unit to ID as expected. Can't find docs online -- any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Using new battery, Red LED flashes when senses motion. Pressing button 4 times to ID, causes the Red LED to flash once and the Green LED to flash 3 times. But ComposerPro does not ID it, even when I enter the MAC address. Any ideas?
  3. I just tested the BW driver, and it seems pretty slick - msgreenf, could you PM me the price for the driver? I'm looking to buy if it fits my meager budget 🙂
  4. Looks like they have been around for some time, and for 240v loads only (not for USA customers) if this link is correct. https://www.installation-international.com/case-studies/new-smart-switch-dimmer-solution-from-control4
  5. I have the same problem. We have an Xbox One X, and cannot seem to get back to the top menu, to select other apps... seems like obvious functionality, but none of the buttons in the Microsoft XBOX One IR driver will go to the main menu -- any ideas?
  6. Just had the Luxor driver added to my project. Love it! To start, I created 2 advanced lighting scenes in C4, which work well with Luxor, and show up on the navigators as scenes - but display only with white light. That's fine most of the time. I know that I can recall a Luxor Color Theme with custom programming, but not sure how to put a button on the navigator to kick it off. Any suggestions?
  7. thanks Alan - our dealer must not know about this. I'll forward your response to him right away. Is there any additional documentation on how the UPnP driver would connect to Plex Full? Thanks!
  8. As a huge Plex fan, and a happy user of the Chowmain "Plex Home Theater" driver, we installed the "Plex Full" driver last week, hoping to use our Plex Music library with C4 whole house audio - so far, it works poorly, and we're trying to troubleshoot - a few notes: - The Documentation addresses installation, but oddly, for music, the user interface is different from typical C4 use, and this is not addressed. Hope the documentation is being updated, since it feels incomplete. - The WOL capability that was in the Plex Home Theater driver seems to have been deprecated (yuk), so we've had to keep the Plex Home Theater Driver installed as well (not sure if this causes conflicts in the system, as we ARE having playback issues with Music, below) - While the movie side seems to work as before, my choice of this driver was to add use of our Plex Music library with our C4 whole house audio. This meant adding another Windows 10 PC-based Plex player to the rack and hook it into our audio matrix. Sadly, the setup has issues: 1. Normally, to play music, we'd go to a touch pad, select a song from My Music, or a channel on Pandora, etc. and the audio for that room would turn on, and the selected item or channel would play. With Plex Full, that does not happen. If I select Listen/Plex Music Library, and select a song, the room audio (amp) does not turn on, but the player begins playing the song nonetheless, but it cannot be heard. Seems one has to go to Listen/Plex Music Control, and turn on the room audio first, which is not consistent, nor family friendly. The documentation does not address this. 2. The driver claims to support either Plex Media Player, or Plex Home Theater as a player. For movies, this works well, but for audio, it's bad. The driver will "get lost" and lose the state of the Plex audio player, losing, or hanging on the song name, player state (this is really bad with PMP, and better but not reliable with PHT) and will eventually claim the player is offline, even when it's working fine with other Plex apps, and worse yet, Plex Full won't heal (reestablish connection to the player) on its own - I have to go in to ComposerHE and re identify the player, then it will work a few times and fail again). I've asked our very competent dealer (who installed it all, but after a full day of trying to make it work, gave up) to file a service request on this, and hope to hear back soon. Fingers crossed we're doing something wrong here, as this is the first driver we've found that just does not work as expected.
  9. OK, I must have goofed. Using Composer HE 2.8.2: When I create an announcement in Agents, select Play Audio File(.wav), select Add, and select a valid file from the HDD, . I get an error message "A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated." And the wav file is not loaded. Any idea what I'm doing in correctly? Or is ComposerPro required for this?
  10. Thanks, followed your instructions, but nerf, got: Fetching... [string "cz = {{34},{118,137,57,13,174,174,240,99,13..."]:358: invalid character at value start: < (ReceivedAsync) [string "cz = {{34},{118,137,57,13,174,174,240,99,13..."]:358: invalid character at value start: < (ReceivedAsync) In the output... Might need to contact Houselogix...
  11. Thanks for your reply... According to HE, the "Version Status" field in the properties panel, which occurs for each of the five garage doors, says" Running 2.4-rev20141024, loaded at 2016/05/31 18:05:47", which is the time that I performed a manual check for updates (each additional garage door has a slightly later time, abut 20 seconds after the prior one). Prior to doing that check, the field just showed "Checking..." endlessly. License shows activated, and the MyQ works perfectly from smartphone and tablet apps. I have the Poll Frequency field set to 60 seconds, which has worked well for about 2 years. The Lua Output section shows something that seems wrong, "[string "cz = {{34},{118,137,57,13,174,174,240,99,13..."]:358: invalid character at value start: < (ReceivedAsync)" I'm hoping someone who has been through this can share how they fixed it, if it's a driver needing an update.
  12. I'm having a similar problem, MyQ has not been working for over a week. I checked in HE, but auto update is selected, and I don't seem to be able to kick-off a manual update. Do I need to engage my dealer, or am I missing something?
  13. Great news, as I just installed a pool with the Pentair I9+3 box and a 5X slave. I see that your driver mentions i10 (didn't know about that). Will it also work with i9? How will the driver interface with the Pentair unit? Will it speak directly over the network, or will it require the Pentair serial interface to the Controller? The serial interface appears to be a $700 spend and runs at 9600bps, so it feels like very old technology...
  14. The Chowmain driver looks like a great solution. If there is no easier/cheaper way to do this, then I'll buy it. Thanks!
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