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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Today I installed Bluestacks, and all seems to be working great. Upgraded to OS3 - Love it so far!
  2. Is there any hope that a Windows-friendly (or web-based) replacement for the "Control4 for PC-Mac" APP is being considered? It's a key reason why I've not yet moved from 2.10.6 to 3.1.1. I sit in front of a giant PC display that controls everything I need for my work day, and love the old app. I don't love having to grab my phone to drive our EA5-based system... I've not yet considered using Android emulation SW due to my perception (fear) of security risks. Another thought (although unlikely) is making an Amazon Echo Show work as a touch screen would be amazing!
  3. Thanks - It's out of warranty, am I out of luck? Any experience on costs if they do fix?
  4. I have the same problem - C4-TT7 - top row and bottom row don't respond to touch. Tried the shutdown/reboot fix, but it didn't work. Anyone ever find a way to fix this, or does the screen just go in the garbage?
  5. Thanks for the clarification! Amr, have you looked into using this driver? I've asked my dealer to buy it for me, and hope to hear back in a day or two. I have a Wyze Pan camera and am interested to see how it will function.
  6. Chowmain just released a $50.00 driver they claim will work with Cameras from Wyze, etc. The driver is at the link below, if you have not seen it already. https://drivercentral.io/platforms/control4-drivers/security-systems/xiaomi-dafang-xiaomi-xiaofang-wyze-cam-v2-wyze-pan-neos-smartcam/
  7. Just put three of these in our Tahoe home - their price has increased to $300 for the single gang, with $349 for the two gang. Touchscreen quality is impressive. Install is well thought out and easy - simply sets itself up once you give it the Wi-Fi credentials. Automatically updates its firmware, and automagically finds your supported non-Brilliant devices. Adding additional Brilliant Controls into an existing install is crazy easy, since they sniff out (discover) other Brilliant Controls in the home, and simply update the new one and existing ones to all display the changes. Works exceptionally well, bringing together a host of products that normally have their own maze of separate smartphone apps, and displays them in the Brilliant UI as a functional, high WAF system. Fit and finish is on par with C4. I'm sold on this for the small install, and love the remote control capability, and the "it just works" reliability. Integrated it with new and existing Nest, Sonos, Ring, Hue, -- and Alexa integration is like having a wall mounted Echo Show - except the speaker is not designed for music, just Alexa voice responses. If it catches fire in the next few weeks, I'll update this thread, but I'm surprised I like it as much as I do this quickly...
  8. I saw that Control4 announced some time ago that they were offering mechanical (dumb) switches that look like their smart switches. I like the idea of everything looking uniform, so about a month ago, I ordered an Ivory set from my dealer. I got word today (!) that C4 is out of stock, so asking if anyone on this forum has Ivory mech switches to sell?
  9. I just received a used CardAccess WMS10-C-ZP ceiling mount motion detector to use in a closet. The unit came without documentation, so I'm flying blind. Dealer has been unresponsive, so I asked a friend with ComposerPro to help out - thought it would be a simple task! I just want to ID the unit in CP. In ComposerPro Connections, pressing the WMS10 internal button 4 times does not cause the unit to ID as expected. Can't find docs online -- any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Using new battery, Red LED flashes when senses motion. Pressing button 4 times to ID, causes the Red LED to flash once and the Green LED to flash 3 times. But ComposerPro does not ID it, even when I enter the MAC address. Any ideas?
  10. I just tested the BW driver, and it seems pretty slick - msgreenf, could you PM me the price for the driver? I'm looking to buy if it fits my meager budget 🙂
  11. Looks like they have been around for some time, and for 240v loads only (not for USA customers) if this link is correct. https://www.installation-international.com/case-studies/new-smart-switch-dimmer-solution-from-control4
  12. I have the same problem. We have an Xbox One X, and cannot seem to get back to the top menu, to select other apps... seems like obvious functionality, but none of the buttons in the Microsoft XBOX One IR driver will go to the main menu -- any ideas?
  13. Just had the Luxor driver added to my project. Love it! To start, I created 2 advanced lighting scenes in C4, which work well with Luxor, and show up on the navigators as scenes - but display only with white light. That's fine most of the time. I know that I can recall a Luxor Color Theme with custom programming, but not sure how to put a button on the navigator to kick it off. Any suggestions?
  14. thanks Alan - our dealer must not know about this. I'll forward your response to him right away. Is there any additional documentation on how the UPnP driver would connect to Plex Full? Thanks!
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