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  1. I'm about to have ceiling boxes installed in 4 bedrooms so I can finally get fans. It appears to me that with this solution, I would not need to have wall switches wired, the power could go straight to the fans and always be on. Is that correct? My initial thought was to use C4 fan controllers, but this appears to be a cheaper solution. Can anybody compare the 2 solutions? Thanks, Jim
  2. Hi, One of my 8 channel matrix amps has a developed a noise that sounds very much like a fan going bad. The unit is 5 years old, so well out of warranty. Is this a reasonable job to replace a fan in these units? If so, any ideas of a source for the fan? Thanks, Jim Reinardy Milwaukee, WI
  3. Kohler DTV+ now has an optional Konnect module that allows control from a mobile app and has an Alexa skill as well. I am not aware of any Control4 integration there either though. Jim
  4. All, I am intrigued by OS3, so I'm starting to think about moving away from the HC250's in my system. My main controller is an EA-3, but I have HC250's in 2 other rooms with connected AVR's and TV's. One is a pretty straightforward change to an EA-1, but the setup in our bedroom is a little trickier. That controller drives a Denon AVR, via HDMI, which is easy enough, but the analog ports drive a Kohler Bathroom Amp as part of our DTV+ setup in the master bathroom. That output is set up as a separate room in C4 currently. The amp only has wired analog in or Bluetooth. The solution wo
  5. I was running well on FreeNAS for a long time, but the latest builds of that OS don't seem to support SMB 1.0 either. Both Control4 My Music and Sonos can no longer access my shares. Both products really need to update their SMB clients. At the recommendation of my remote dealer, I loaded MiniDLNA on a FreeNAS jail and access my music files through Control4 using the DLNA driver. That has worked well for me for the most part and I don't plan to go back to the file share route. I would assume there is some sort of Windows based DLNA server software you could run as an alternative, though t
  6. I agree with the comment above and would add that Playstation Vue is also available on Roku and works very well in my experience. I dropped Spectrum about a month ago and picked up PS Vue. I bought Roku's for all 3 of my TV's. The C4 integration is actually better than the Roku by itself because you can program mini drivers to take you directly into the streaming services without going through the Roku home screen. Highly recommend both services. Jim
  7. Sonic, Mine is wired to my EA-3, then out to matrix amps for distribution. I had not thought about programming based on signal sensing, that is a great idea. I will play with that, thanks for the thought! Jim
  8. Gary, How is that set up? On my system, I am using the native Sonos/Alexa integration to pick what music I want on Pandora, that works well. However, I still need to set my Control4 system to the Sonos Connect source in the room that I want to listen in. I can use the Epic driver for that, but it is still a 2 step process. Are you using something different or is your living room set up as a default room in the Sonos driver? Thanks, Jim
  9. Thanks for the quick replies, I appreciate the information! Jim
  10. I'm intrigued by the Z2IO, I was not aware of the product until now. If I have 2 garage doors, do I need a Z2IO on each, or is there a way to have a 2nd contact switch talk to a single Z2IO? Thanks, Jim
  11. Cy's comment about the matrix amp brings up a question for me. I currently have 3 speakerpoints in my system in addition to a 4 zone matrix amp. If I wanted to replace the speakerpoints, what would be my best approach? Is there a way to "stack" an additional 4 zone matrix amp other than splitting all the inputs?
  12. Can anyone tell me if the C4 Pandora driver supports Pandora Premium without dealer updates or changes? I am currently using it with Pandora Plus and getting a little bored with the limited library. I am trying Amazon Unlimited through my Sonos Connect and found it just OK, though it is not helped by the limitations of the new Sonos driver. Seems like Spotify Connect has some of the same limitations. I have not seen much conversation about Pandora Premium though. On the surface, it seems to have a library that rivals Spotify and I have always liked the ability of Pandora to create statio
  13. Thanks for the quick response, that relieves my mind. My speakerpoints are all wired and I am currently on 2.9.1 on my controllers with advanced audio turned off. Sounds like I can just stay this way on 2.10 once I go there. Thanks again! Jim
  14. Can anyone else confirm that Speakerpoints no longer work under 2.10? This would be a big deal to me as I have 3 of them in my current system. Thanks, Jim
  15. Another big +1 for Matt. He recently helped me out on some upgrades and an install of the Epic driver for Alexa. Matt is very responsive, reasonably priced and easy to work with. I will definitely be using him again.
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