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  1. Eventually Control4 just decided it could read the USB stick after all. Later I rebooted and it couldn't read it again. But then again I left it alone for a few days and eventually it kicked in again. It's frustrating to have such a flaky system that can't survive a reboot, but that's what I've come to expect from C4. 😕
  2. Hm. I did that, but I plugged the USB back in after rebooting. Lemme try again and make sure I match that sequence…
  3. Yep, I’ve rebooted the controller multiple times. There’s no secondary controller. Just the one primary. I’ve ticked the SMB and SNMP boxes in Windows too.
  4. Anybody have any ideas about this beyond deleting and re-adding the agent? I've got the same problem, but I've deleted, rebooted, and re-added the agent about ten times to no avail. I've tried three different USB sticks (all SanDisk, but different sizes, different USB versions, etc.) Nothing seems to make any difference. I can copy MP3's to these same USB sticks using Composer, so it doesn't seem like it's really a problem with reading or writing the USB sticks. It's only Screensaver that's having trouble.
  5. My light switches all have different default on levels depending on the time of day. Tapping a second time turns the light to full, regardless of the preset level. If any window or door is left open for more than a few minutes, the heat is turned off. It returns to the previous level when the window or door is closed. Using HomeKit and Homebridge, I blended my Domoticz Zwave system with C4, passing state back and forth between the systems. This lets me control all kinds of Zwave devices using C4 and lets me talk to both systems using Siri. Say “Hey Siri, good night” and she shuts down the
  6. Hey Josh. The new version seems to have trouble communicating with my alarm again. It seemed to create a feedback loop of some kind, where I tried to arm my alarm, and then it kept repeatedly trying to arm it again and again. I couldn't even disarm the alarm manually, because it would just rearm itself instantly. It only stopped when I took Homebridge offline and then removed the alarm from my configuration. Any idea why that might happen? I did have HomeKit trigger on the arm/disarm event, but nothing that ever tells C4 to arm/disarm from HomeKit, so I'm not sure where the loop came from.
  7. Woo, nice update Josh! It's very responsive now. No more waiting for the next refresh interval before the controls will respond. I love it.
  8. I don't know if I'd call it normal, but it does seem to be common practice. My dealer charged me a much bigger up-charge than that for the same "service" to get a license for your driver.
  9. I had a conversation like that with C4 corporate after making a lot of noise. I came away with the impression they had updates in the works that would directly address these concerns. In fact, I was even given an approximate date by which progress was to be made visible. Unfortunately, that date was last year's CES. Several updates later and not a peep from C4 on the subject. And the person I spoke to won't respond to further inquiry. I totally get that software schedules and priorities change, so I'm not mad about that. I just don't like the practice of whispering promises to people to pl
  10. +1 demand for this plugin. I was going to use the web events driver to connect C4 to HomeKit this weekend, but now I think I'll just wait for your driver!
  11. It's definitely not a network issue for me. My network is all Ubiquiti (and mostly wired connections). The network is super fast and able to stream audio (and 4K video) from all kinds of other sources. It's only having trouble with Shairbridge inputs, which worked fine before 2.9. As Cyknight and others said, C4 knows it's a problem. (I just wish they'd hurry up with a fix, because the bug basically renders shairbridge unusable. In the mean time, I've been experimenting with replacing my C4-based audio set up with a bunch of Raspberry Pi / Pi-DAC combos. So far it's looking like a promising
  12. Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. My first name is Brendan. I've got a short list of articles I've been planning to write since I wrote that first one. Just need to find the time! One small note I need to add to that article: when the schedule runs to change the light levels between day/night mode, I check to see if the light is already on. If it is, I don't change the level. That leaves it set so the next tap will go to 100%, but turning the light off will still reset it to the lower level. It's a little thing, but it makes the behavior work the same 100% of the time.
  13. I wrote a blog post about doing exactly that kind of thing a while back: http://www.c4cookbook.com/recipes/2015/9/20/setting-lower-light-levels-at-night The gist of it, for your purposes, is you set the preset level to what you want, then any time the light itself turns on, you change the preset level to 100%. When it turns off, you reset it to 25% (or whatever). Those changes are tied to the light on/off events, so that it doesn't matter how the light is turned on. I then combine that with variables for different levels at different times of day and get lights that always turn on at an appr
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