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  1. Has anyone tested those and will there be a way to control them in Control4? https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/3/20893709/ikeas-smart-blinds-review-fyrtur-kadrilj
  2. Is Amazon Music High Def available with a HC800 or only with an EA5?
  3. On a related note, can you create a Favorite "Home" page in Composer Home Edition or directly on iphone? One that would include shortcuts to activities from various rooms (ex. alarm, key lights, music...). Thanks
  4. I have a firewall that is blocking a connection from my main C4 controller to the IP address I tried to look it up but could not find useful details. Does anyone know if it is legit and why my controller tries to connect to this server. I can whitelist the address and want to check first. Thanks
  5. That time of the year has come again. With this great event comes a flurry of TV deals. I am in a market for a cheaper TV that does not need to have all bells and whistles but needs to be reliably controlled by my C4 system. Any recommendation on brands to focus on vs. stay away would be great. And ideally which models have built in SDDP (I believe for Samsung for ex, it only starts at some point in the price range). I am quite curious about brands like Vizio, TCL, HiSense or even Sharp. This is a "secondary" TV. Ideally 4k and HDR as most sets do have it. But it is replacing an older 42" Samsung that has never worked well with C4, is not even full HD and is on a stand. A solid 55" will be a great upgrade 😉 Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  6. It looks like all those new products are officially released in March.
  7. +1 on Ubiquiti great quality at unbeatable price. They are killing competition and growing at an exponential pace. For all devices in the networking gear range.
  8. Another big plug for Neil who upgraded my install to 2.10 with zero pain while helping retire my HC300 and replace it with a new Z2IO that actually is great! It is always a pleasure to work with Neil - not only he is incredibly talented and professional but he is also such a gentleman! I wish I had met him years ago for my initial install. Now I know him, he is my absolutely go to person and I trust him 100%. Who thought upgrading or troubleshooting an installation could be fun and painless rather than a chore and a fight with you dealer. Thanks Neil for being here and supporting so many of us!
  9. +1 for Unifi solution with Cloud Key. The only thing cheap in it is the price! And they are taking the market by storm. Professional grade AP and networking gear, easy to install and configure but powerful at consumer prices. Schools, companies and obviously consumers are replacing their legacy expensive networking gear. Cloud key works fine. Basically acts as an always on controller. Updates AP seamlessly and offers monitoring/maintenance from anywhere. You will love it and save a lot of money!
  10. Cool. Look forward to it. I will create an account to be kept in the loop. For Screenlogic, I may be incorrect. But this is the same of the app that runs on iPhone and laptops. But it is based on both Easytouch and Intellitouch. In other terms, there is no standalone Screenlogic. I suspect Sally is referring to Easytouch (as opposed to Intellitouch). And I know one of the main differences between Intelli and Easy is the lack of third party access for Easy while Intelli allows it including with Control4. But by all means, try to see if Pentair would relax that and allow a Control4 driver.
  11. It would be interesting to see what Intellicenter brings. I agree that right now, ScreenLogic is really all your need. I have connected my Intellitouch i7 to Control4. It is expensive to do for a sub-par experience. Those pool companies are very much behind in terms of software development. They use Serial/9.6 protocols to communicate and the data is very limited. ScreenLogic is "unexpectedly ok" based on old those techs are. I look forward to this new Intellicenter and even more what the driverslab can create for us Control4 users. In the meantime, don't waste your money on trying to interface the legacy Intellitouch with Control4. And if you can't wait for Intellicenter, go the cheaper Easytouch - it is all you need with ScreenLogic. It will save you a lot of money that can be spent with our great remote dealers on this forum!!!
  12. Thanks ChiAVguy. Do you know roughly the price of the 50ft one? and it is rated for in-wall? Thanks
  13. Any recommendation for a reasonably priced 15m/50ft in wall rated 4K/HDR 18Gbs hdmi cable? looks like optic fiber monoprice may be a good option but not on Dpl labs. My expensive forest audioquest installed 18 months ago does not seem to carry 4K ? Thanks.
  14. Does it have to be a new AMS or is it a "regular" 12v trigger that could come from somewhere else and managed via programming? like the idea of instant on but big cost to replace existing ams and legacy b&k amps that work "ok" but take 45" to "warm/up" :-).
  15. If I am not mistaken, you have 3 options: - if no need for contact/relay, EA1 is an option - if contact/relay/IR are needed but no serial nor audio: new Z2IO seems to be perfect (assuming coverage ok) - if contact/relay/serial/IR needed, as well as audio: buy a used HC250 or a EA3 (probably not worth it) Let me know if I miss anything, especially on the new Z2IO
  16. Thanks Cyknight. Very helpful as always
  17. Do you know what ports have the Z2IO and could it be an option to replace a HC300? I know it has 2 IR but can't remember about relay/contact. I have a HC800 in cabinet but have an old HC300 in Theater room that controls a screen (up/down via relay), projector (via IR) and one/two other devices (PS3,...). The rest is IP based and could be controlled straight from HC800.
  18. Thanks Elvis. Sounds a little high but it is what it is... Any idea of any limitation if behind an older matrix?
  19. Does anybody know the MSRP for the new 8-channel amp? And will it work with the previous/current matrix switch? Don't see reason why not but who knows :-) Thanks
  20. More Kudos for Neil. Once again, he updated my system and did a few changes. It was fast, efficient and great outcome. If only everyone could be as professional and nice as Neil! What a pleasure to be able to always count on Neil...
  21. +1 for Sonarray. Great system! Note it can (should?) be powered by a stereo amp. I have connected mine to one of my 12 channel amps I use for the rest of the house behind a Control4 matrix. Works great. Definitively a great option for efficient outdoor sound coverage. As eddy said, make sure you look at gauge requirements based on distance. You can find them online I believe. If I remember correctly, I ended up using 12 gauge for a roughly 350ft run. Maybe more. Works fine.
  22. I have a fixed yellow triangle exclamation mark on the face on my audio matrix. No sound playing in the house as a result. Did not change anything in my configs, both Control4 and network. Many suggestion? Very frustrated. Thanks.
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