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  1. Electric is cheaper where I live. I believe some places in California have already banned gas
  2. http://gpsinformation.info/joe/carrier/inst2_SAM01-1SI.pdf
  3. No, to hook up c4 tstat you completely bypass the proprietary 4 wire carrier connection. It’s 1 or the other. And other makes the carrier system a single speed
  4. If you have a Sam installed it will work (kinda) they use the carrier driver. It allows only control of temp Setpoint. No scheduling. best bet is to try eBay and save the search for the part number.
  5. You in Austin (noticed 512 In your name)? I went thru this whole deal a couple years ago and finally found a reputable alarm guy. PM me if you want his contact info.
  6. End user... I strongly disagree. How would my nanny change the temp in my house? She doesn’t have a smart phone, my t-stat is deep in an AV closet, and I abandoned dedicated crappy touch screens long ago. She doesn’t speak English and all I had to do was show her the red button on the sr260 and she could use everything immediately. Sure I can select my audio/video sources on my remotes but the “coolness” of control4 would be completely gone for me if I didn’t see it come up on my TV when I hit the red 4 button. Im not your ideal client. I’ve got self installed Lutron lighting, security, sonos everywhere and a ton used of gear off eBay. Control4 ties it all together and the TV GUI is my favorite part. My system isn’t designed or relies on any single brand.
  7. Will Concord4 with Superbus2000 serial connected alarm work in 3.0? What’s the deal with Alarm drivers? I missed that part...
  8. I’ve got an hc250 with just 1 relay (garage door) and 1 serial (alarm) connected, it’s stashed in a garage closet with decent climate control. As I understand it I have to remove the controller to do the upgrade. What would y’all recommend I do to get those two things into my project? Ive got an EA3 but running wires over to it would suck real, real bad. I guess I could buy an EA1 for my rack and stick the ea3 in the garage closet, but this seems like a huge waste. Any other ideas? Thanks for the help!
  9. Can I get the camera stream into c4? Anyone done this?
  10. The previous owner screwed you by taking all the gear. How was this not addressed as part of the sale? The previous owner will get pennies for his used gear that will cost you thousands to replace. I’d attempt to contact them and see if you can buy that gear. Then it will just be install/programming costs. Only catch is if the gear is really old (>10ish years). In that case better to start over anyways. Doesn’t sound like that’s the case since it’s involving video distribution/hdbaset.
  11. I got Rangers on Fox Sports SW on Sling TV. I’ve been streaming only for 3 years (with Google Fiber) and wouldn’t go back. No go with Rockies?
  12. http://www.creativeaccesssolutions.com/index.php?id_product=3&controller=product This is the product I used, along with a cheap hc250. It basically makes the myq work with a regular relay. I had to buy this when my Genie motor was swapped for a myq. Does the job of soldering a remote except you don’t have to diy or ever change the batteries in the remote. No idea if it would work with your security setup.
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