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  1. No it's not. https://jisho.org/search/panja (The name listed there is not even a proper Japanese name, might be some Korean-Japanese or Sino-Japanese, dunno.)
  2. Actually Control4 has been using SIP for their intercom since the beginning. There's even a generic SIP client driver provided by Control4 and a generic SIP door station driver provided by an external developer. SIP is not Crestron's protocol at all. It's an open IETF standard/spec. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3261
  3. We use PlanetWaves custom-length cables.
  4. Hello Harper! Finally got around to playing with this (so far only Prometheus). I'm not familiar with how this work at all so I may have some dumb/basic questions. Prometheus itself seems to be working. For example when I query scrape_samples_scraped I get: Element Value scrape_samples_scraped{instance="",job="control4"} 8 scrape_samples_scraped{instance="localhost:9191",job="prometheus"} 692 Do the monitored devices first need to change their state to even show up in Prometheus? (I.e., your driver does not provide some kind of 'initial' state to the logger?) Is every change logged, however short? Or is the data scraped in some periods? (The latter seems to be the case. E.g. I toggled a light a couple of times but it appears that Prometheus only logged the final On state, not each change). Do I need to do anything when I rename rooms or devices? (E.g. re-register device events?) Any reason why my simple ‘Temperature Display’ driver values wouldn’t show up even though the TEMPERATURE_C and TEMPERATURE_F variables do get updated? And another thermostatV2-based driver in the project (Weather Station by Control4) works? Have you thought about creating some driver to allow arbitrary variable logging? temperature_display.c4i
  5. BTW from the DriverWorks SDK 2.10.5:
  6. Device Image Updater to upgrade the factory/running image to 2.5.3 and then the SSL patch
  7. Yes, it requires HomeKit (Homebridge). Perhaps you’d be better off using the ready-made solution?
  8. Looks like David Massot is working on something! (Not FOSS though.)
  9. Hi David, that’s neat. I will give it a try. I have flashed a Neo Coolcam Wi-Fi wall plug (currently controlling it simply via HTTP) and I’m planning to flash my Mi LED Desk Lamp, both with Espurna. Would be nice to have lightV2 dimmer sliders for the LED lamp (one for brightness, one for color temperature). By the way, I think that the c4z files could be considered ‘releases’ (GitHub has a feature for that), they probably don’t belong to the git repo itself. EDIT: Nevermind, I’ve just noticed you publish only the encrypted Lua portion of the drivers anyway, not the actual source code (not sure if that’s what’s GitHub intended for).
  10. Aha! I replied to the e-mail from which I got the original licence key for our showroom, that's why. Thanks, I'll send it to the proper address.
  11. Hi Josh, I sent you a couple of e-mails recently to <sup.varietassoftware.com@gmail.com>, we moved our showroom to a new controller. Did they get through?
  12. Not that I know of, no. I don't know about any attempts, either. Integrating through the WebHooks driver + NodeRED seems a bit awkward. I mostly wanted to integrate MQTT-enabled devices *to* Control4. For that, it would be nice to have some drivers hooked up to the UIs (proxies): 'light', 'relay', 'contact sensor', 'temperature sensor' and similar. I got interested in it through HASS (which I was thinking of using as a universal gateway for everything Control4 does not support natively), Espurna and other projects. Seems like support for the protocol is pretty ubiquitous. Even some PLCs for which we now use Modbus, a terrible 70s-era industrial protocol, support it.
  13. Good to know you are alive and kicking, Joshua. Let's grab a beer if you come to Prague sometime.
  14. I suggested the idea to Control4, for them to provide (at least) some MQTT client & server library in DriverWorks SDK directly. I think it would open up a lot of new possibilities (without every driver developer having to reinvent the MQTT wheel).
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