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  1. Hello! Does anyone have any experience integrating a large-ish number of LIFX devices to Control4, say 64? Any trouble with that? Has anyone tested and compared both Chowmain's driver based on the cloud API vs. berto's driver based on the LAN API?
  2. Cool, didn't know that. Although the nice thing about multiplatform tools is that you can learn them once and then use them on any system. (Then again, learning to use native tools has its upsides too.)
  3. By the way, I think that the satellite or cable proxies might be more suitable than the dvd proxy for your IPTV STB driver.
  4. No need to resize icons by hand. Use imagemagick. Run these commands by hand, or create a bat file (if on Windows) or a shell script (if on a *ix OS such a Linux or macOS). (Assuming imagemagick's executables are in your PATH.) magick convert deviceicon.png -resize 70x70 70x70.png magick convert deviceicon.png -resize 90x90 90x90.png magick convert deviceicon.png -resize 300x300 300x300.png magick convert deviceicon.png -resize 512x512 512x512.png magick convert deviceicon.png -resize 1024x1024 1024x1024.png Example bat file (my first, so not a stellar example, but it gets the job done): @echo off SET filename=%1 FOR /F "tokens=2 delims=." %%A IN ("%filename%") DO (set extension=%%A) FOR %%F IN (70x70,90x90,300x300,512x512,1024x1024) DO (magick convert %filename% -resize %%F %%F.%extension%) Save, and run as imageresizer deviceicon.png
  5. Wrt the 2.9 project: SSL cert patch needs to be applied? I'd suggest using Bluestacks and installing the Control4 OS 2 Android app instead anyway. The Flash/Air app was already pretty broken/outdated by the time 2.9 was released. For example, the Shade UI was not updated. EDIT: Oops, sorry, at first I didn't notice the OP was from 2017.
  6. I have actually used this in a private cinema to control adjustable (motorized) seats easily from their iPad. Two custom buttons - Up/Down. Up pressed → close Up relay → start moving; Up released → open Up relay → stop moving and so on. In their second cinema years later I used the 2 Relay Blind (OS2.9+) driver with Use Levels enabled so they can now set the seat position with 0-100% sliders without having to press & hold buttons. (The downside is that the controls are hidden under Shades.)
  7. Hello David, thank you for addressing the issue so quickly. I was (and still am) unfortunately overloaded with our dealer training so I was not able to reply with updates in timely manner. You got it right - only the navigator on the primary/director EA controller was affected. Slave controllers and T3 touch screens were unaffected. I've documented the whole troubleshooting process on the official Control4 dealer forums I've linked in the original post. Not sure if you have access. As for the 'backdoor-ish shenanigans' - I was almost certain the intent was not malicious (you wouldn't have made a backdoor so obvious), but it sure did raise my suspicions as such modifications of the controller/OS by drivers are highly… unusual. Looking forward to using your drivers again. Any plans to document the binding/'API' for the MQTT driver so we can develop 3rd-party device drivers?
  8. Same as Xiaomi, can be flashed with a firmware that disables the Chinese spyware/cloud, adds RTSP, ONVIF, MQTT control/events etc. Last time I tried the motorized 1080p version, the stream was really stable only up to 720p. It's fun toy to play with though. I'm planning to use it to monitor/record my bengal cats' shenanigans. https://hackernoon.com/hacking-a-25-iot-camera-to-do-more-than-its-worth-41a8d4dc805c Also be aware there are multiple generations of these cameras, each using different SoC and different firmware. So there are multiple CFW projects. https://github.com/EliasKotlyar/Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks https://github.com/TheCrypt0/yi-hack-v4 https://github.com/anmaped/openfang/
  9. If you've started having issues with the navigator on your (main) EA controller (unable to display IP cameras, weather station data or music service covert art 10-15 minutes since reboot) and you have the Berto Cloud driver in your project, that's most probably what's causing the issue. The driver's backdoori-ish behavior (to open its own OpenVPN tunnel in addition to Control4's) includes tampering with controller's Linux OS configuration including the firewall (iptables). In doing so, it breaks networking for the LXC container running the Android navigator. I've reported the issue to Control4 and now to the author of the driver. https://github.com/davidmassot/Berto/issues/9 For Control4 dealers interested in more detail: https://forums.control4.com/fb.aspx?m=468363
  10. I'd set up two rooms in Control4 for this. E.g. Living Room (AVR) & Living Room (TV). IMO there is no sane way around this. Set the AVR room's video's audio end-point 1 & video volume 1 to the AVR output. Set the TV room's video's audio end-point 1 & video volume 1 to the TV output. Use the respective rooms' POWER_STATE variables so that when the AVR room is turned on, turn off the TV room, and vice versa. Also when the TV room is on, enable your receiver's HDMI Audio passthrough and disable it when the AVR room is on. And so on.
  11. Even Composer Express works in it. And Intercom Anywhere - somewhat (I think I could not get the camera in my laptop working with it, but I could see the other side, e.g. DS2 door station; can't remember if there was any issue with audio.) I use that to show all the apps during our trainings.
  12. No it's not. https://jisho.org/search/panja (The name listed there is not even a proper Japanese name, might be some Korean-Japanese or Sino-Japanese, dunno.)
  13. Actually Control4 has been using SIP for their intercom since the beginning. There's even a generic SIP client driver provided by Control4 and a generic SIP door station driver provided by an external developer. SIP is not Crestron's protocol at all. It's an open IETF standard/spec. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3261
  14. We use PlanetWaves custom-length cables.
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