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  1. Hi all I need to replace one of the coolers on my Videostorm encoder VTX100. The housing/ case of the fan is not square.(please see pictures attached). Does someone know where to find a replacement? Thanks!! Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  2. Thanks Dlite for your comments! That isf good news for me. My dealer confirmed today that they were able to buy the HSIM in USA and will be sending it to Argentina next week hopefully. I am not sure when they will be able to install it since here the quarantine due to COVID19 is very strict and only essential workers are allowed to do so. I am not sure if I understand correctly the strange behaviour you mention. I have 50 windows at home, and I am using 50 zones for the contact sensors for the windows itself and 50 zones for the security blinds on each window. The remaining zones are basically motion sensors around the house, and 6 more contact sensors for my outside doors and garage gates. At night all the zones, except the inside motion sensors are activated (not bypassed). In this scenario I do not care whether a zone delays 30 seconds in closing in Control4, I am only concerned here in the opening. In the day, the alarm is not activated but I have bound the garage gates and exterior gates contact sensors to Control4. In this scenario I need that the opening and closing of these zones is reflected immediately for security reasons. Since all the contact sensors on the windows plus some motion sensors around the house will be opened, does this mean that the closing of one of these garage gate zones will delay to show the closing in Control4? Anyway, for the time being it is the only option I have to be able to migrate to 3.X so I must have to survive with this until COntrol4 releases some update to the 4232 Commercial driver or I migrate to a DSC NEO (not a fan of doing this. Good to know COntrol 4 supported on this hardware installation! Thanks!
  3. the question is if it would be remedied at some time or not. As you can see from the other comment some people think this would not be the case. Thanks!
  4. Hi mstafford388, Thanks for your comments! It would be really a pitty that a I need to change my Security panel on a 5 year home when this panel was supported by Control4 when I took the decision on which panel to use. Anyway, I do not want to enter on a discussion on Control's commercial policies, but more on the technical aspects of these two drivers. I take note that you mention that "some features where not working" but this is the strange part, since the Residential version of Driver had all the features working perfectly with the only exception of the partion and zone quantity limits. I can arm, disarm, bind motion sensors so to turn light on, bind contact sensor to report opn/ close status, etc. Are these limits self imposed by Control 4 due to some license/ commercial reasons or is it a technical limitation? If I would have a 128BPT panel with let us say 1 partition and 60 zones, the "Residential" driver would work perefectly. Hoping my dealer can buy the HSIM (it seems SnapAV only sells it in USA) so that I can give it a try. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, Sorry to come back on this topic but I could not resolve it yet and I am stuck with a newly bought CA-10 which I cannot use until I solve this issue. I cannot migrate from version 2.10.6 to 3.0 due to lack of full compatibility of my Honeywell Vista 128BPT with 3.0 My security panel is currently integrated using the 4232CBM model an working perfectly on 2.10.6 with Control 4 driver. I have 2 partitions, the first one with 123 zones and the second one with 3 zones. On this topic https://www.c4forums.com/topic/30494-30-honeywell-vista-128-bpt-houselogix-driver/page/4/#comments there has been some discussions on the best way to connect it to Control 4 3.0 and apparently the only way is using the HSIM module. I have already asked my dealer to buy it so that we can give it a try (not sure why he is taking so long to import it), but I am not completely sure it will work perfectly with the zone status reporting on real time, this is way I am coming back on this issue now that a commercial version of the 4232CBM driver has been released. On 3.0 there are two drivers from Control 4, the 4232 CBM (Residential) and the new (may 2020) 4232 CBM (Commercial). 4232 CBM (Residential): We tried it at home and everything works, including the zone status reporting, the only problem for me (remember I have only 2 partitions of the 8 supported by 128BPT) is that it "reads" up to Zone 89. 4232 CBM (Commercial): As the driver documentations mentions it does NOT support for the Zone status. My doubts are: a) Why the 4232 CBM Residential can work perfectly with the 128BPT (Commercial) except for this issue of the limited Zone quantity. Is it really so difficult to increase this limit? b) Why the 4232 CBM Commercial cannot even read 1 Zone from the Vista Panel? c) On the 4232 CBM Commercial driver's documentation it mentions "Note that Zones page in Composer Pro and Navigators are not supported in this release of the driver". Does this mean that there will be another release of the driver which will support it? Thanks!! Regards
  6. Hi Ejn1!, The truth is that I did not even try to make a claim to DLI. I live in Argentina and things are not so easy in my country with couriers and returning things. They charge you almost 50% of taxes of the invoice amount when the product arrives and there are also some limitations to enter electrical products. To import this first DLI was really a nightmare, so I did not even consideres the option or returning it to USA (in case DLI accepted the return) and then importing a new one. I thing that I will go with the option of buying a Pakedge one to my local dealer. Much more expensive but at least it will have a local warranty and the will handle all the logistics.
  7. Hi AMR, I am not sure this is bad luck. The two frist DLI PDUs where sold and installed by my dealer. In addition to the PDU that failed in my house he had many others on other homes which also failed. This is why he decided to stop selling DLIs and only offered Pakedge now. Since the price difference is too big I decided to buy my myself the replacement DLI on amazon hoping that this time it will work. Unfortunately this new one only lasted some months. Maybe there is some issue with the 220v version.
  8. Hi, I have bad experiences with DLI. I have two racks with 1 smart PDU from DLI on each one. These racks started functioning on 2105. At some moment on 2019 one fo the PDUs stopped working. I live on Argentina where it is no so easy to import electrical equipment from other countries. I could finally replace it on december 2019 with the following model https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BG2KFEG/ref=cm_sw_r_wa_apa_i_0araFbYXVS85M It is exactly the same as the one I removed with exception of the buttons that are thicker now. Around 4 month later it stopped working.....it is on cotinuous loop of constantly rebooting. I did a factory reset but this did not solve the problem. 1 of the 2 orifinal PDUs is still working with no problems. So Wattbox and DLI are not reliable....what about pakedge, cyberpower, trip litte? Thanks!! Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  9. As far as I know the driver you are using is compatible with 0S3 so it is correct that the compatibility test does not mention any problem with this driver. But, it is not compatible (or at least not approved) for the 128/256 BPT panels since these are commercial panels and not residential. Having said that, my dealer tried this driver in my house (2.10.6) and the driver could communicate correctly with the 128BPT panel (using the 4232CBM module) but only "imported" 32 zones from the panel. Since I am using 126zones (123 in partition 1 and 3 in partition 2) and there was no way to be able to "import" all of them he deleted the driver and went back to the old driver (old proxy). So I cannot tell you if it would have worked or not. If you are planning to add more panels, and still haven't bought them maybe it would be better to buy one of the residential paneles that are mentioned on the Driver documentation.
  10. Dear Robeng32, I agree with you, the 128BPT with the 4232CBM Driver works perfectly in 2.10.6. Concerning the migration to the HSIM and OS3, I would really appreciate if you could update on how the Driver is working once you are able to set it up correctly with the alarm company. Please see my previous post and try it with the minimum setting of the "Zone Closure Timeout" property to see if the closing status of zones updates immediately. Looking forward to your good news!! Thanks
  11. Thanks Dlite for your comment. The behaviour you mention is rather errĂ¡tical, I need the driver to report immediately or almos immediately (within 1 sec) Do you know what value is set at the "Zone Closure Timeout"? I am attaching a screenshot of the properties of the HSMI Driver where apparently this value can be modified. I cannot se what is the minimum value but maybe it is 0 or 1 sec and that could be "almos immediate". Thanks!!
  12. Ok. But my understanding is that cbm driver is only compatible with residential Vista Panels and not with the 128BPT that is commercial. We tried that driver and it was able to communicate with the 128BPT panel but only for a limited amount of zones ( i think 32zones). I am using 126 zones of the panel. Is is possible that a dealer or a driver developer edits this driver to allow dor more zones? Or is it encrypted by C4? Thanks! Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  13. Sorry, justo to reconfirm, you are talking about the HSIM driver no? Thanks!
  14. Thanks msgreenf!! That is great news. Can you please comment also if it worked on 2.10.6, in this way I could ask my dealer to first install the HSIM module and try it. Once it is working we can then upgrade to os3 Thanks!!
  15. Dear Robeng32, Can you please confirm that the 128BPT panel you have with the 4232CBM module is on OS3? When the compatibility test to migrate to OS3 is runned it says that it is incompatible with 4232CBM. Is it working correctly or with faults? If it works why will you migrate to the HSIM module? Thanks!
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