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  1. No, it would not change the outcome. But when something is really hard to believe/ understand I believe people here can double or triple or .....check if they understood correctly. I don't know if yo read my post but I have around 5 HC250s only for zigbee access by the remote controls and ir blast. My io extenders are already sucked at 2.9.1 while my project is at the last 2.10 version. They are working both fine simultaneously. Why cannot HC250 work with at least some of their capabilities keeping it stuck at 2.10.....? I don't see why this could be an invalid question....so please let it pass if you are only going to question my question... Thanks Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  2. I wish too. Of the two points you mention IO and Zigbee extender some other members replied you that you could replace the HC-250 by an IO extender. Yo already clarified that you would like not only some IO but also a controller that is able to run a project. In my case I am mainly using the HC-250 for two reasons, mainly the Zigbee part of it since, unfortunately the remote controls are all Zigbee. My house has all panelized lighting so I do not have dimmers or switchs with zigbee in every room. I also use them as IR blaster on some 2015 Samsung led TVs. So, for me, if 3.0 could support just the zigbee and IO of the HC-250 would be great. Unfortunately it does not. So, for me upgrading to 3.0 I would need either to C4 to start selling a wifi remote control, or find some other way of having zigbee and Ir blasts in some rooms. Any ideas? I also have a Honeywell Vista 128bpt (with 4232CMB) which I am using with the "old" security interface since I believe there is no driver for the new security proxy. If there is any way to work out this I really accept suggestions. Regards!
  3. Thanks Alan, Lets us hope TP-Link expands the range at some moment. In Argentina TP Link is a quite popular brand but mainly on everything related to connectivity. Best regards! Fernando
  4. Dear Alan, I am interested in using your driver with the HS-300 Power strips. I live in Argentina were we use the same outlets as Australia. The HS-300 that are sold in Australia have the American outlet or the Australian one? If it is the Australian one, do you know some online store that could ship to Argentina? Thanks in advance! Best Regards Fernando
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Does this driver, or really te pushover app on my android phone, keep a log of all the notifications. Is it possible to assig priority levels to each type of notification so that I only get notifies of emergency notifications at night for example? Do I need to use the notification agent to create there the notification or can I do it directly on the programming section as I used to do with the pushnotify driver? Thanks once again for you help!!
  6. Hi Seth I been using the push notify driver since almost 3 years and really love it. Now that NMA is not working anymore, hence not receiving all my notifications in my phone is really a nightmare for me. I used to receive all alarm alerts, gate openings, bell ringing, etc, etc. Now I fell like a gave a connected dumb house. I am now trying the push notification driver from control4 and really think it is a pain in the ass to program You need to first create the notification at the notification agent and then go to programming in order to send it when some event occurs. Before I could do all that at the directly in programming. I could also assign different alert levels like emergency, normal, etc.....and change the message directly on the programming window I really think push notify is much more versatile than push notification driver. From what you say this driver is not selling much so you are not planning to support it. I fully understand if this is the situation but really cannot understand how other people are handling notifications. I would be happy to pay extra money for some update to the driver that could use other android notification service. I would really appreciate if somebody could give me some ideas. Maybe Chowmains notifications suite. Is the IFTTT driver useful to replace the push notify? Thanks and best regards!! Fernando
  7. I had exactly the same problem wtih the DS2 as Ceejay after upgrading to v2.10. My dealer tried many solutions with no success until today where they did exactly the same thing as to Ceejay, they swithed back to SIPPROXY and now everything is working fine. Replying jfh comment that the latest 2.10 version fixes all this problem, maybe it fixes the announcement problem but does not solve the communication problems between DS2 and touchscreens. my dealer installed this Sunday the latest 2.10 version and the communication problems where still there, and only dissapeared today when he switched back to the SIPPROXY, by indication of Control4 cusotmer's support. They suggested me not to put the announcement again for some days until we are certain that everything is fine this way. Ceejay, If you install the latest v2.10 you must check with Control4 that the SiPPROXY is not changed again to the FREESWITCH.... May i know how many touchscreens you have in your project? I have 15 and it seems that this problem only happens when there are more than 9 touchscreens on the project. Best regads!
  8. Thanks for summarizing how to upgrade. Just some more questions to understand completely. 1. Do I need the dealer to upgrade the VRX020 with the Matrix to Netplay Manager or can I do it myself? Will the configuration be lost on upgrading? 2. I will gradually change all my VRXs to Netplay TV Licenses, but meanwhile do the VRXx still work? Thanks for the tip on the new Fire TV! Thanks and best regards Fernando
  9. Dear Jason, ok, I would email you related to the cable boxes. Concerning the 4K and your information that Netplay TV already supports 4K, please help me to understand how I can integrate this with my actual system, since until now I am using Netplay Pro. My actual configuration is: 8 inputs on encoders VTX100. Only using 4 for the moment 4 VRX020 one with the Matrix and the other 3 connected two to Samsung 4K tVs and one to a Sony 4K projector. 1 VRX010 connected to a Full HD Samsung TV. Y also have 2 more VRX010 for future TVs. All this is connected to Control4. How would I implement Netplay Home/ TV? - Should I replace the VRX020 with the Netplay manager? I see they are phisically very similar...is it possible to upgrade de VR020 to Netplay Manager or In need to buy one.? - Can I keep the VRX020/010 working on a system with Netplay manager or I need yer or yes to buy all Netplay TV licenses? This would be for the TV that is not 4K. I would really appreciate if you could clarify which would be the correct approach for migrating (or adding) from Netplay Pro to Netplay Home. My goal is to have 4K distribution and also do not loose nothing of my integration with Control4. Thanks and best regards Fernando
  10. Hi I could solved the issue with the Roku forcing it to using only Dolby/DTS. Thanks for this tip!!! Do you have any data on why I don't receive audio from the cable boxes until I switch to another one and return to the first one. Last but not least, when are you expecting to release the 4K? On some old post it was mentioned this was expected for Q4 2016. Thanks Best regards Fernando Enviado desde mi SM-G955F mediante Tapatalk
  11. Thanks for your prompt reply. I always like more posting on forums since on many ocassions another member suffered the same problem as I did and replied faster than the original manufacturer. Anyway, I take note and next time i will go through email, considering that your support is very good. I will try your suggestions once at home and let you know. Thanks! Regards Fernando
  12. Dear Videostorm, Yo have already assist me on a previous issue I had on this thread, so posting this new "problem" here so that you can go back to my previous post which explain little bit about the configuration of my system. Since then I have replaced almost all VRX010 for VRX020 I have a Roku 4k connected to one of the encoders (set to 1080p) and had worked fine for some time. Some months ago I started having problems with it. I cannot match it to any firmware update on the Roku or con Control4, but something should be related. With some of the applications I can see perfectly all the videos, for example YouTube. But when I use Fandango or Netflix or Amazon Video, the image starts like in slow motion, with no audio and some artifacts. If I do not stop it, the Roku reboots. The strange things is that this happens with almost 99.9% of the content, but for example some of the trailer or "behind the scenes" episodes on tv shows run smoothly. Because of YouTube working fine I thought that the problem was not related to Videostorm, so I did not try from the very beginning connecting the Roku directly to my Marantz receiver. But I finally did it and everything worked perfectly. So there is some problem running the Roku on Videostorm, pf course I am talking in my home not a generalized problem. After I recently upgraded Control4 to 2.10 the DS2 doorstation is not working well, and since nobody else seems to be having problems with it, I started doubting about some network configuration. So looking in your website I found this http://www.video-storm.com/downloads/network_setup.htm. All my switches are Cisco SG-300 some poe and some not. Can this be the problem? The flow control is not activated ont eh switches and it seems they should be. Another minor problem I have is when I start playing cable box 1 (for example) on one tv, it comes with no audio, so I change to cable box 2 and it does come with audio, then I return to cable box 1 and the audio is working.... Looking forward to your comments, which always have been very helpfull! Thanks and bet regards Fernando
  13. Hi mstaffor388!, i did contact my dealer but in principle he has no clue of what is happening, specially with the relays. They were finishing a new house this week, using all their manpower, so promised to come to my home next . I agree with you that the updated must be done on site, and it was made that way. After the update everything seemed to be working well. It is not the same going through the house trying all things than a normal day situation. For example, the doorstation works fine if you ring the bell once or twice when a space between rings. That is how they tried. But when suddenly I was receiveing people at my home all arriving between minutes of difference, the doorstation started collapsing. Concerning the relays. The tried opening and closing several relays and they all work fine, they really still do it. The problem us that at some moment (one or twice a day) the realy open!!! Nobody can predict that behaviour, and the dealer cannot stay 24/7 at home. The purpose of posting here, besides contacting my dealer to try to solve it with Control4 customers supports (they have already contacted me and my dealer) is to see if someone of the community is suffering the same problems I am suffering and in this way try to understand if this could be a bug or maybe something badly installed or programed at home. Although I must stresses again that everything was working fine with 2.9.1. Thanks for reading! Regards Fernando
  14. Hi Cyknight, I have all T3. My system is quite new (2015) with all equipment that year with exception othe controller witch I upgrades from the originally 800 to an EA5. Thanks
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