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  1. As far as I know the driver you are using is compatible with 0S3 so it is correct that the compatibility test does not mention any problem with this driver. But, it is not compatible (or at least not approved) for the 128/256 BPT panels since these are commercial panels and not residential. Having said that, my dealer tried this driver in my house (2.10.6) and the driver could communicate correctly with the 128BPT panel (using the 4232CBM module) but only "imported" 32 zones from the panel. Since I am using 126zones (123 in partition 1 and 3 in partition 2) and there was no way to be able to "import" all of them he deleted the driver and went back to the old driver (old proxy). So I cannot tell you if it would have worked or not. If you are planning to add more panels, and still haven't bought them maybe it would be better to buy one of the residential paneles that are mentioned on the Driver documentation.
  2. Dear Robeng32, I agree with you, the 128BPT with the 4232CBM Driver works perfectly in 2.10.6. Concerning the migration to the HSIM and OS3, I would really appreciate if you could update on how the Driver is working once you are able to set it up correctly with the alarm company. Please see my previous post and try it with the minimum setting of the "Zone Closure Timeout" property to see if the closing status of zones updates immediately. Looking forward to your good news!! Thanks
  3. Thanks Dlite for your comment. The behaviour you mention is rather errĂ¡tical, I need the driver to report immediately or almos immediately (within 1 sec) Do you know what value is set at the "Zone Closure Timeout"? I am attaching a screenshot of the properties of the HSMI Driver where apparently this value can be modified. I cannot se what is the minimum value but maybe it is 0 or 1 sec and that could be "almos immediate". Thanks!!
  4. Ok. But my understanding is that cbm driver is only compatible with residential Vista Panels and not with the 128BPT that is commercial. We tried that driver and it was able to communicate with the 128BPT panel but only for a limited amount of zones ( i think 32zones). I am using 126 zones of the panel. Is is possible that a dealer or a driver developer edits this driver to allow dor more zones? Or is it encrypted by C4? Thanks! Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  5. Sorry, justo to reconfirm, you are talking about the HSIM driver no? Thanks!
  6. Thanks msgreenf!! That is great news. Can you please comment also if it worked on 2.10.6, in this way I could ask my dealer to first install the HSIM module and try it. Once it is working we can then upgrade to os3 Thanks!!
  7. Dear Robeng32, Can you please confirm that the 128BPT panel you have with the 4232CBM module is on OS3? When the compatibility test to migrate to OS3 is runned it says that it is incompatible with 4232CBM. Is it working correctly or with faults? If it works why will you migrate to the HSIM module? Thanks!
  8. Thans Dlite for your post!! I have a 128BPT panel connected using the 4232CBM module and has been working great. Unfortunately I am stuck at version 2.10.6 since my understanding (and dealer) was that there was no driver for the 4232CBM on Control 4 3.X version. We were aware of the HSMI module but I recall that some people here told there were problems to obtain the status of closed zones immediately, that it was on a polling/ timer, which is not useful for me since I need immediate notification of the opening and closing of zones (I am using Notification Suite with Pushover which woks great by the way). I cannot find now the exact post where I read about this, but going into Houselogix's web in the following link http://www.houselogix.com/shop/hsim-dsc-honeywell-and-ademco-security-integration-module you can read on the second item of the Dealer notes the following: Dealer Notes Control4 driver is NOT compatible with the end-of-life HHIM. Due to the limited information we receive from the zones of the Honeywell panel, we are not able to track zone closed events in real-time. If there are multiple open zones and you close one, you will not see that close event until the integrated timer we have in Control4 expires. This does not apply to opening and closing a single zone or DSC since they report zone closures real-time. We fully support the HSIM module and Control4 driver, however we cannot provide technical support for the security panel and associated alarm programming; please contact your security processional or distributor if you have alarm related questions. Not intended for life safety applications. This is why (underlined part) we always preferred the 4232CBM module over the HSIM. But going now onto the Snapav web page (https://www.snapav.com/shop/en/snapav/security-integration-module-hsim-a) I cannot find any mention to this Dealer's note. I would appreciate if somebody can clarify: a) If the Dealer's note on Houselogix webpage was correct or it has never had that problem. b) If this problem has been solved on version 2.10.6 of Control 4. I am asking this to see if I can try the driver before migrating to the latest 3.X version. c) It the problem has not been solved on version 2.10.6, that it has been solved now in version 3.X. Looking forward to your comments since I have a brand CA-10 with a Neeo Remote waiting until we can solve this incompatibility with the 128BPT to be able to migrate to version 3.X Thanks! Regards
  9. Thanks Dunamivora for your comments. Let us see if someone from Control4 can clarify this issue. Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  10. As somebody mentioned here, I never understood why it was not possible to have a backup controller to take over automatically if the main controller failed. I have, as main controller, an EA5, but there is also the "old" HC 800 that I kept in the project, mainly for i/o and the zigbee for the remote control (I do not have a zigbeee mesh since all lighting in my home is panelized). Yesterday night my Intercom was not working well so I rebooted the EA5 by unplugging it (I hate to do this but, as far as I know it is the only way for end users to do it). The EA5 never came back to life and the "Caution Led" (triangle) was blinking red, which according to my dealer means that the "Factory Reset" failed. Strange, since nobody attempted to do a factory reset. Today morning my dealer came and now yes he tried to make a Factory reset but the same error appeared. So he changed the EA5 and everything worked again. Having a big project with many lights, security blinds, cameras, Videostorm, 3 alarm panels etc etc. not having the system working is a real headache. So, if Control 4 decided not to implement a backup controller I would surely purchase a CA-10 (In spite of the high price) since I really do not want my system to fail. Many years ago the PCs sometimes had some problems with the Bios and will not boot up. This problem was solved with the motherboards with Dual Bios and I have never see another PC failed because of this. Being the controller basically a PC with some other features, does someone know if the EA5 has something similar to the Dual Bios (I guess he answer is "no", due to what just happened to my EA5). And what about the CA-10; I see that it has redundant power supply, two NICs, two fans, and two SSD where project is stored with mirrored RAID configuration. But what about the firmware of the controller, is it also redundant? Thanks in advance for your comments!! Regards
  11. No, it would not change the outcome. But when something is really hard to believe/ understand I believe people here can double or triple or .....check if they understood correctly. I don't know if yo read my post but I have around 5 HC250s only for zigbee access by the remote controls and ir blast. My io extenders are already sucked at 2.9.1 while my project is at the last 2.10 version. They are working both fine simultaneously. Why cannot HC250 work with at least some of their capabilities keeping it stuck at 2.10.....? I don't see why this could be an invalid question....so please let it pass if you are only going to question my question... Thanks Enviado desde mi SM-G975F mediante Tapatalk
  12. I wish too. Of the two points you mention IO and Zigbee extender some other members replied you that you could replace the HC-250 by an IO extender. Yo already clarified that you would like not only some IO but also a controller that is able to run a project. In my case I am mainly using the HC-250 for two reasons, mainly the Zigbee part of it since, unfortunately the remote controls are all Zigbee. My house has all panelized lighting so I do not have dimmers or switchs with zigbee in every room. I also use them as IR blaster on some 2015 Samsung led TVs. So, for me, if 3.0 could support just the zigbee and IO of the HC-250 would be great. Unfortunately it does not. So, for me upgrading to 3.0 I would need either to C4 to start selling a wifi remote control, or find some other way of having zigbee and Ir blasts in some rooms. Any ideas? I also have a Honeywell Vista 128bpt (with 4232CMB) which I am using with the "old" security interface since I believe there is no driver for the new security proxy. If there is any way to work out this I really accept suggestions. Regards!
  13. Thanks Alan, Lets us hope TP-Link expands the range at some moment. In Argentina TP Link is a quite popular brand but mainly on everything related to connectivity. Best regards! Fernando
  14. Dear Alan, I am interested in using your driver with the HS-300 Power strips. I live in Argentina were we use the same outlets as Australia. The HS-300 that are sold in Australia have the American outlet or the Australian one? If it is the Australian one, do you know some online store that could ship to Argentina? Thanks in advance! Best Regards Fernando
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