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  1. That’s the approach I currently use. I was hoping to find a way to operate 3 zones off of just one transformer rather than needing to buy more transformers and wemos and adding another outlet box.
  2. Thanks for the response. I looked into Luminaire a bit and it appears to potentially be overkill for my needs, especially where I already own a couple of transformers. I was hoping there might be something simpler that is relay based.
  3. I am installing some new landscape lighting and was hoping to get some ideas on a straightforward way to setup control of multiple zones from a single transformer. I currently have a couple of “zones” in the front that I independently control via separate transformers that are each plugged into Wemos. A bit clunky but works fine. We now redid our backyard area and we want to install some low voltage lights that can Ideally be independently controlled as probably 3 or 4 different zones. I‘d really prefer to not have to buy 3 or 4 transformers plus the wemos plus wire in all of the additional outlets. There has to be a cleaner approach. The lights are all LEDs so I’m looking at maybe 30W per zone so that much transformer power is also overkill. Are there any options out there were I can trigger the zones on the low voltage side of the transformer (12V) through independently C4 controllable relays? All of the landscape wires go to the same location, where there is also Ethernet and WiFi so I’ve got all of the connectivity I need. Appreciate any thoughts...
  4. How long are the extended warranties on these? I think I had it installed about 3.5 years ago.
  5. Appreciate the quick responses and helpful (albeit disappointing) info. Hearing that the issue is well known is concerning. These things are too expensive for there to be known issues that brick them after just a few years. I’m just a couple of zones short so will likely look at non-C4 options rather than dropping more cash on another unit that may die before it should. I’ve got a couple of old receivers lying around that could prob get me by...
  6. Oh no! With this issue is the amp is truly dead or is there a power supply replacement fix?
  7. Thanks for the response. I’ve had this setup for a while and I don’t recall the zones ever being all red. I do have triggers enabled via the HC800 and use audio sensing as one of the ways to make a zone go on for certain devices. But I can’t get these zones to turn on through sensing or through the app. I have two 8 zone amps (connected to the 16 zone switch). The issue appears to be just with this amp as the other one is functioning fine and none of the zones are red. I tried programming one the zones on this amp to kick on via sensing when others do on the other amp. Getting sound out of the one amp but no this one. The app says the zone is on but there is no sound and the zone is still lit up red on the face.
  8. Having issues with one of my amps. The front panel has all zones lit up in red. Anyone know what this means or how to troubleshoot?
  9. One of things that I want to do for example is to have my echo announce if one of the garage doors is open when we do the bedtime macro. There are other similar announcement that I’d like to do over the echos. Before anyone suggests that I just use C4 announcements I will say that is. It my preferred approach. I have the C4 matrix and amp but a) do not have speakers in every room (because the family prefers to use the echos) and b) the performance of the C4 system for short announcements is not 100% for me due to delays in the auto sensing triggers on the amps. i get the need for a new C4 driver/ skill as one approach (because C4 for some reason doesn’t integrate better with Alexa in this regard). But I believe there is a workaround that is pretty easy to integrate. where there are already some skills that have this functionality, I am guessing that there are devices that integrate with C4 whose Alexa skill can be used as a trigger. I would just need to have that device speaking to both C4 and it’s own Alexa skill) like I already do with several devices. From there the programming on each end is easy...although may need to use IFTTT as a middleman. I’m just left trying to figure out what devices have Alexa skills configured so they can be used as triggers. I sounds like smartthings has the ability but haven’t used any of that stuff before.
  10. Thx for replies. I get how C4 drivers work with Alexa as I have been using the Epic driver for a long time. What I am trying to understand is how the native routine functionality of Alexa can be used to trigger Alexa actions. This is setup from within the Alexa app. It seems that there are some devices whose states can be used as triggers. My ring doorbell for example shows up in the app. I can trigger Alexa actions off of motion or button presses. For some reason, the devices for my other skills (C4, Wemo, Ecobee, etc.) don’t show up in the trigger device list. Does anyone know what other devices do show up in that list? Figuring this out would take everything in my house to the next level since we have Echos in every room. It may involve using a third party device as a middleman but I can envision how this would work if I could just figure out what other devices do integrate with Alexa as triggers.
  11. The only reference to Alexa in the IFTTT description is issuing commands TO C4. I am trying to utilize the routine feature of Alexa to trigger Alexa actions based on system/ device changes. This is native Alexa functionality but none of my Control4 devices show up in the app as triggers for routines. The only device that does is my ring doorbell that has its own skill enabled.
  12. I am trying to trigger routines on Alexa devices from Control4. None of my C4 devices show up in the list on the app. Does anyone know how to get something to show up in the Device list for triggers?
  13. I am considering getting a couple of the NYCE tilt sensors for my garage doors but am curious to understand how they connect to the controller. Specifically, do they require communication directly back to the controller or can they join through/ benefit from the mesh created by the light switches? My garage doors are pretty far from the controller but I've got plenty of switches in every room...
  14. I have 37 keypad dimmers in various button configurations that I would like to get custom engraved. I've got the Engraving Order Report ready to go so am looking for someone willing to put in the order for me. PM me if interested (and with pricing). On a related note, I have a ton of white keypad buttons in various sizes (and will have a ton more after getting mine engraved). Assuming the engraved packs come with the top and bottom bars, I'll have complete color change packs (all in white). PM me if you are interested in any.
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