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  1. (1) CA-1 New and updated to current os 2.10.6 $200 + Shipping
  2. it was sddp, and wasn't showing up in the device tree. I powered cycled it another time and is working now.. Fingers crossed
  3. How can I make stereo audio connections with this new driver as it only has HDMI?
  4. I have a 16-Amp3 that fell offline today and will not identify. I have power cycled it. Has link light and IP address
  5. How can i make RCA audio connections with new driver as there is only hdmi?
  6. Has anyone experienced slow NVR response with logging in via internet explorer? Used to work fine but recently has become unresponsive.
  7. With the experience button it shows up under comfort, no need for custom buttons
  8. there is a new driver, will need EA controller and App to update on IOS device
  9. Are you using the experience button for Fireplace?
  10. Since you are programming off of taps ensure you have programmed the single tap to toggle the load instead of the button press
  11. Call the tile person, shouldn't be that hard for them to grind it out.
  12. Have you IT person create a hidden wifi network just for C4 gear that is on the C4 VLAN
  13. The app is ok, you may have to put the direct static ip address on the controller in it instead of discovering it. Why would the touchscreens be on a different vlan then the controller?
  14. I would put all contol4 equipment on 1 vlan, and doorbirds on another. You may have issues with the doorbirds on another I am not 100% they will communicate but worth a shot. Do you have touchscreens that communicate with doorbird? How many doorbirds do you have?
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