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  1. Correct! Lutron hasnt created a driver for the Caseta Fan switches yet, BUT the RA Select Fan driver works flawlessly with Caseta. I personally have about 2 or 3 at home.
  2. Register your controller again. If you have 4sight, it should connect correctly.
  3. Mine are Caseta Switches (not dimmers)
  4. Mine are set to run for 15 min (or 20min - cant remember) when they are manually switched on. Works perfectly fine for my needs.
  5. Look for Extraction Fan experience button. It also works as a timer.
  6. And to enable virtual host: Network > Advanced Settings > Other
  7. What do you want to integrate exactly? 1) are you trying to control the NVR via control4 (NVR HDMI out going to the TV and control the menus of the NVR) 2) Or view the camera feeds on mobile phones/C4 GUI? For number 1 you need: a) C4 customer firmware (seems you already have it) b) add the NVR driver to the project c) Add the correct IP and credentials (I think it can be done via sddp as well) For number 2 you need a camera driver. I use the Generic Camera Driver. There is a post somewhere on this forum where you can get it from. (thats how I do it. Im sure there are better ways to accomplish this, but this works fine for me. The C4 Hikvision camera driver doesnt give me the correct URL stream for some reason) a) Download the Generic Camera Driver b) Assign the correct IP and Port for each camera. I have the same NVR and for me, this is how I get the streaming URL for each camera: NVR's IP: 111.222.333.444 If using POE: Camera1 would be: 111.222.333.444:65001 Camera2 would be: 111.222.333.444:65002 Camera3 would be: 111.222.333.444:65003 and etc.. Now you just have to assign the streaming URL. If you have Hikvision cameras, it should look something like this: RSTP: Streaming/Channels/X0Y - "X" corresponds the NVR channel - "Y" corresponds to the main or sub stream. So, if you want to grab the sub stream of channel number 1, the URL would look something like this: - Streaming/Channels/102 So, if you want to grab the main stream of channel number 5, the URL would look something like this: - Streaming/Channels/501 MJPEG: Streaming/channels/2/httppreview Snapshot: Streaming/channels/2/picture Good luck!
  8. Define "not working properly". What exactly is not working?
  9. 8x8 HDMI 4k https://www.amazon.com/Switcher-HDCP2-2-Selector-Control4-Automation/dp/B01GKFQNG8/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2950XNQE38I0V&keywords=8x8+hdmi+matrix+4k&qid=1563305935&s=gateway&sprefix=8x8+HDMI+%2Caps%2C347&sr=8-3
  10. Excuse my ghetto RA2 stickers. I need to get those buttons engraved asap. Lol
  11. I have 3 installed. You will have to use the RA Select driver. Works great.
  12. There is actually an official statement about why it doesnt work on HC controllers but I cant find it. If I do, I will update the thread.
  13. This! Something something about security something that cant be implemented on HC controllers.
  14. Im not sure if you mean to quote my last post, but its the complete opposite of what I said. You can create all your scenes within C4 if you want to. Thats how I do it. I think some people prefer to create on Lutron’s side to minimize the popcorn effect and maybe reduce the CPU load on C4 controller, since all the processing would be done on Lutron’s side. I have approx 70 dimmers/switches/fan total, 2 bridges and only use C4 Advanced lighting for scenes and ramp control. You cant configure ramping on Lutron’s side (AFAIK).
  15. Oh man... Just noticed that this is an old thread and everything has already been explained before. Hahah. Sorry!
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