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  1. I believe the amp has 3-5V and 12v and the Audio matrix has 12v (not sure).. but, if I wanted to trigger via IOX, it should work right? https://adn.harmanpro.com/site_elements/resources/2220_1522183802/ALR-AMP-8.QuickStartGuide_original.pdf I have always used matrix amps with C4 - never integrated dumb amps. Im just trying to think what could go wrong with this setup. lol
  2. Hi guys! What are your thoughts/experience using a 3rd party dumb amp in Control4's eco system? I recently bought a Zektor ProAudio 16 Audio Matrix and so far Im digging it. Not easy to configure/program it, but seems to work great. Still testing the LipSync feature, but seems to work fine. Anyway... In the future, I am planing to pair the Zektor Audio Matrix with 2x AMX Alero ALR-AMP-8 but not 100% sure how to trigger it via Control4. Have you guys ever used this amp and triggered it with a Control4 IOX? The plan would be: Audio Sources (Sonos, Roku, ATV) > Zektor Audio Matrix > 8 zone dumb amp HDMI connections: Video Sources (roku, atv and etc) > hdmi matrix > TVs I know Triad is great, sounds better, integrates better, gluten free and etc, but I would like to focus this discussion on 3rd party amps. I really appreciate any inputs and thoughts. Thanks!
  3. @zzattack Just came across this post and Im very impressed by what you have accomplished. I just bought an used AUD1600 (ProAudio16) Audio Matrix to test at home and I am curious to know if your app would be able pull the info from them as well? Thanks!
  4. @Shivam Paw Just to double check: This driver enables browsing on spotify? Thanks!
  5. I guess you could accomplish similar results with a pico too.. But you won't get double/triple tap function.
  6. Yep. Its actually a keypad dimmer. I was too lazy to replace the single gang with a double gang box to use a Configurable Keypad, like the rest of the house. I use Lutron Caseta for lighting.
  7. I have a "Bathroom" scene which is pretty standard and the most used one... it turns on the shower, ceiling cans, his/hers sink spots, his/hers vanities and tub spot. I have another one that I use when I have to pee in the middle of the night called "night something" (cant remember now) which turns on his/hers spots at 20/30% and the toilet light at 30%. It works like pathway to the toilet. Very useful for me. There is a "All on" for maintenance/clean up of the bathroom. Also, we use 2 extract fans. Both of them are tied to the extract fan experience button. When they are manually switched on, they run for about 30min and then turns off by themselves. Extremely useful for after shower and after using the toilet. And of course, there is an "All off" that when single tapped, it turns off all lights (extract fans and music are kept running). When double tapped it turns off all lights and music.
  8. Installed my first Caseta Fan Speed control yesterday and it works perfectly with the RA Select Fan driver. Paid only $55 on eBay. Not the prettiest device, but works great.
  9. Isn't that supposed to be the snapshot? I don't think there is a way to change that. At least not that I know of.
  10. Generic Cam driver: https://ufile.io/swa1n
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