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  1. You can't find the driver? Have an issue with the driver? Have you tried a similar model? VSX-933 or VSX-932
  2. So he didn't even try to contact Control4 just to check if it can be fixed or replaced?
  3. Call your dealer. He *may* be able to get it fixed or replaced.
  4. Yes. It should work for V1 and V2 models. The original part is called: "DongAh PSU-750-48" I believe.
  5. That kinda look like a SQL application. Are you sure this is from composer?
  6. Call tech support (or ask your dealer to call) so they can change the resolution via putty. If that doesn’t solve, it will be RMA.
  7. Dont do it. Save more money and get an EA3.
  8. PS for the 8 zone (I think it also works on Audio matrices as well): https://www.ebay.com/itm/AUDIO-PSU-ALP0800-Audio-Line-Switch-Mode-Power-Supply-960W-Continuous-/111004308644?hash=item19d85f54a4:g:DCUAAOSwcBhWXNVc I have no clue what is the part number for the 4 zone. Can't find any info about it...
  9. Correct! Lutron hasnt created a driver for the Caseta Fan switches yet, BUT the RA Select Fan driver works flawlessly with Caseta. I personally have about 2 or 3 at home.
  10. Register your controller again. If you have 4sight, it should connect correctly.
  11. Mine are Caseta Switches (not dimmers)
  12. Mine are set to run for 15 min (or 20min - cant remember) when they are manually switched on. Works perfectly fine for my needs.
  13. Look for Extraction Fan experience button. It also works as a timer.
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