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  1. It doesn't work over RS232 either. Drivercentral (.io) has recognized the bug and is selling its driver for $ 220! ;-( Change log100 - Initial version106 - Fix on volume feedback for certain models.108 - Fix license functions110 - Fix Compatibility with OS 3.0 and improvements on Volume and Mute.
  2. I had the same problem after the update to 3.1.2 with a Panasonic projector and the PJLink driver. I also saved a projector off after the room off.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion. I now turn to the developers of the Universal Minidriver from C4. I'm not giving up yet 😉
  4. Thank you so far, I am. So it's hardly worth buying a Neeo if I can't list the apps ...
  5. Thanks a lot! I would like to start Netflix or Amazon Prime directly on the SR260 watch list. For that I should be able to select the apps in the driver?
  6. Hello everybody Since the Control4 OS update to 3.1.1 / 2, I can no longer adjust the volume of the audio zones 2/3 via the receiver. Lua Error! Do I have to switch to the RS232 driver now? Lua-Fehler.docx
  7. Hello everybody I have a Panasonic TX-65GZC954 OLED TV installed in my Control4 setup. The appropriate driver was installed via SDDP. How can I start Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zattoo directly? In the Composer under Panasonoic App, not programing ... How can I assign the apps? Many thanks for your support!
  8. Yes, thank you very much, unfortunately I have not yet written off my Mobotix T25 ...
  9. Hello everybody Can an app be started directly via the Apple TV driver? e.g. Netflix ... Like Amazon Fire. Thank you very much.
  10. Hello everybody Can someone help me how to play an audio file on Amazon Alexa as a door chime via C4 programming?
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