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  1. If I remember correctly, you can change the IP address for some equipment (and thus see what is currently set) under monitorIng / properties in HE. Pretty sure that I have changed IP addresses myself for my Apple TVs and the like.. but I may be wrong.
  2. I’ve got exactly this issue... Would love a fix!
  3. I use zone groups to monitor this sort of thing and LEDs to give feedback (green - ready to arm, blue - zone open that may stop arming, red - armed, orange - failed to arm in last 15 minutes). I also check various zone groups before arming and give feedback. Useful zone groups that I have created include: 1. All windows. 2. All external points (doors and windows). 3. All zones that get armed (stay and away separately). 4. All zones from point 2 except the door that I am exiting through. I tend to use changes to group 2 and 4 to change LEDs on arming buttons in our bedroom and next to various exit doors.
  4. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me. Since updating to 2.10.6, I have had some problems with my audio only zones (no issues with my video zones). Two problems: 1. Sound sometimes stops even though the navigators still show the music playing. 2. When I do a software restart of my director, irrespective of whether I had an issue like item 1 before triggering the restart or not, none of the audio zones work at all when the director comes back. A hard reboot fixes this. All of my music is on a NAS, so all I have actually tested is MyMusic. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  5. Then, the assumption of IP addresses is probably right and worth testing before calling in a dealer
  6. Yes and yes... but again, this is making the assumption that the devices are IP controlled and that the issue is that the IP addresses have changed. You know what they say about assuming...
  7. Note: Composer HE gives you about 70% of the control your dealer has with Composer Pro. You cannot add devices or change connections but can do most other things with HE.
  8. No, you can purchase Composer HE at a once off cost. Whether or not it will really help you in this instance, I am not sure but it is well worth it in the long run
  9. I have heard of people losing C4 control totally when they change their router and thus needing a dealer to “register” the controller on the new network. From the sound of things, you don’t have this issue so resetting all IP addresses to what they were prior to the change may make things. IF (and that is a big IF - as I am assuming things here, which can be dangerous) the Receiver is IP controlled, you would be able to find the IP address that has been set up in the driver properties in the C4 Composer software.
  10. And other devices that are IP controlled by Control4 now have new IP addresses so C4 can’t locate them anymore. Best to use fixed IP addresses for items C4 controls. Yes, you are going to need a dealer to resolve. Sorry
  11. 4K available in OS3.0 according to the rumors... @Gary Leeds UK may have more juicy clues
  12. And this will be what makes it a success (or not). My money would be on success. I have no doubt that the bright guys at C4 know what success looks like...
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