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  1. I’ve used various thermostat drivers over the years to display temperatures from different sources and to display other variables in the UI. I now have a use case where I would like to programmatically set the heat state without basing this on temperature and using the heat set points. Is there a driver out there that can do this? The reason I want to do this is that I have a water based underfloor heating system and I measure the temperature going into the system via a card access thermostat and I currently display the temperature in the UI using the Yatun temperature display driver (using programming to get the temperature in to the driver). I have always thought it would be nice to display whether the underfloor heating circulation pump is running via the state of the temperature display driver but have never got round to looking for one that does this and have settled for a separate experience button driver to show whether this pump is running. However, I have recently installed the Janus Technolgies BMS driver which allows one to graph thermostat driver variables over time (including the temperature and the HVAC state). So now I would love to use the state to show whether or not the pump was on as this helps one interpret the temperature readings (a low value when the pump is not running is normal but a low value when the pump is running implies a problem - e.g. weather is too cold, system is under spec’d, heat pumps are not performing as they should etc.).
  2. Ive got 2 drip feeding irrigation zones linked directly into an IO extender for this
  3. can also be done with the voice agent quite easily too. I have set mine up as follows: Turn on xxx in yyy where xxx is one of 10 or so options: - music (this would play a general playlist) - John’s music (No idea who John is but this would be my playlist) - Jane’s music (No idea who Jane is but this be my wife’s playlist) - Whiteheart (A playlist with my favourite Whiteheart songs) etc. and yyy is one of 12 or so options: - the bedroom - downstairs - outside - Jean’s room (no idea who Jean is, but this would play the relevant music in my daughter’s room) In the voice agent code, I then have (by way of example) for “turn on WhiteHeart in the bedroom”: MusicRoom = bedroom MusicToPlay = Whiteheart Execute SmartMusicMacro In the SmartMusicMacro, my code is as follows: If MusicToPlay = Jean, play Jean’s playlist in the garage Else if MusicToPlay = WhiteHeart Play WhiteHeart playlist in the garage Else etc. Execute SmartRoomMacro And in the SmartRoomMacro my code is something like: If MusicRoom = bedroom Set bedroom source to the same as the garage (using the RoomControl driver) else if MusicRoom = outside Set patio and jacuzzi source to the same as the garage else etc. Turn off garage. Note: I have no speakers in the garage, this room has a dummy audio end point so that C4 thinks I can play music there. And for absolute clarity, please note that my name is not John, I am not married to Jane and I do not have a daughter called Jean!
  4. Yes... that is an issue. You can change the ring tone in the app itself and set this to silent. Which is what I did a year or two back for just this reason!
  5. Flo by Moen would do it but is an expensive way of doing this. I have Flo. I also have some cheap valve (probably is a sprinkler valve) that my dealer has wired into a Z2IO for turning on and off water on another line. This valve has been wired to be NC and this particular line goes to an autofiller that has an auto stop on it. Thus, failure of the valve would not be serious. If failure was a concern then I would probably have used another Flo valve.
  6. And I googled mosfet and am no wiser! 🙈 Definitely way above my pay grade!
  7. Not quite sure what that means but unlikely as it has had the same load for 6 years... My dealer ultimately replaced the driver with the same driver (not sure if that makes sense) and it has been stable for 6 hours and counting... hopefully it is fixed!
  8. Hmm... so that fixed it for half an hour and back to where I started. My guess is a dud keypad or a corrupt driver. Probably need to spend the money and get my dealer on-site...
  9. Thanks... it looks like this has probably fixed the problem. I have done the reset and now have green LEDs and the load can be controlled but not the other keypad functions. I will ask my dealer to remote in and re-identify this keypad this morning.
  10. So one of my keypad dimmers has suddenly started playing up. The top button usually controls the load and that has stopped working. The LED still goes on and off as though the light is coming on but the light itself does not respond. This is a 3 bulb unit and the bulbs are definitely OK because if I try a reset (15 pushes of the top button), after the flashing of the LEDs to mark the reset, the light itself comes on for a few seconds and then goes off. All the other buttons on the keypad work fine. If I try and turn the light on from a navigator there is no response except for the little LED on the keypad lighting up. I have tried a 15 tap reset (Top button), turning off and on the hidden switch above the keypad buttons, dropping the power for 30 seconds and nothing works. Any suggestions or do I need to order a new keypad?
  11. I would have answered “yes” without thinking and then went to look. They are IR controlled. My dealer has done an incredible job of hiding the wire and the Bud in the frame of the TV. They have been rock solid despite being on IR.
  12. A good LG and the Annex4 driver Is my favourite as this also gives one the toast message functionality. All my TVs are LG or Samsung and I have had seamless integration with both brands.
  13. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Janus. I had my dealer download their driver and I must say that it is extremely impressive! My general thoughts on their driver: 1. It emphasizes the need for a new Touchscreen with better processing power. 2. I would love to see it include V1 thermostats and not just V2 (although one can program around that). 3. It now includes power monitoring (on one platform) but it would be nice to extend this beyond one monitoring system. In my case, I would like to see eGauge supported or generic support that allows one to tie Control4 variables in for monitoring (graphing purposes). 4. It now includes water usage monitoring (on one platform) but it would be nice to extend this beyond one monitoring system. In my case, I would like to see Flo by Moen supported or generic support that allows one to tie Control4 variables in for monitoring (graphing purposes). This is, arguably, the most extensive use of the web interface that I have seen any driver make use of but this does highlight the challenge in terms of 1 above. I have reached out to the developers and made the above (and a few other) comments (not point 1 as this is a Control4 issue and after 5 years we must be due a new Touchscreen!). It will be interesting to see how responsive the developers are...
  14. 2 setups at 2 homes 😀 I use 2 e-mail addresses and, unfortunately have to pay 4sight licence fees twice... That said, with that setup, I use one app and one can switch homes from the settings menu.
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