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  1. We are experiencing lots of long power cuts in South Africa. Pretty much all of my equipment is on a generator with a UPS back up to hold everything up while the generator kicks in. The only exceptions are: 1. An I/O extender in our complex gate house. 2. A DVR that links our complex cameras to my C4 system. 3. A DS2 mini which links in to the I/O extender in the complex gatehouse. All of the above items are on a UPS which lasts about 2 hours and the DS2 mini, complex cameras and complex irrigation (controlled by the I/O extender) all works until the UPS dies. When the power comes back on, everything (complex cameras and complex irrigation) comes back on line except for the DS2 mini which seems to come partially back. In particular, I can see the DS2 mini camera but I cannot do a Group call from the DS2 mini... If I wait an hour or so and then reboot the DS2 mini again and wait another hour or so, everything comes right... Does anyone know of a way to shortcut this process? We are currently having these power outages every couple of days... I guess one solution is to get a better UPS that will hold things up for more than 4 hours...
  2. @DriverCentral - the above sounds like a really good idea... the 2 downtime’s (that I am aware of) have caused chaos in my project (and also in other projects - per my dealer). @DriverCentral - I assume that you are aware that certain drivers (e.g. the Domosapiens DSC Security Driver) were not able to handle the rejoining a project the first time this service went down (January) and that this broke a lot of systems with this driver (including mine) and resultsed in hours of work (and dealer fees). I realize that Domosapiens released an update a month or so later which meant that the second time (that I am aware of) the serviice went down, we did not lose everything again but simply had to restart the Driver Central cloud monitorIng... All in all, not cool and @DriverCentral you really need to do something different.
  3. Still a very useful driver for renaming everything else and a must for all HE users... @msgreenf - Can’t quite recall who wrote this driver, but he did a great job 😂
  4. If I recall correctly there are 3 or 4 voices under each language. The only useful languages for us English speakers are British, American and Australian... That will probably give you 10 or 11 language choices. I found one of the British ladies to be the best (Emma or Amy - again, from memory).
  5. Yeah - this seems to have been a driver central issue (has happened twice this year). There is another thread on it fro, a week or so ago, but no response from Driver Central. It is worrying because when drivers stop working everything dies. In my case, the big issue was that our security system stopped working... what worries me is that if this happens at the wrong time, that could be a catastrophe... all our security panic buttons go through C4, so our security driver not working is not an option...
  6. You are correct. At roughly the same time as they updated the V1-V3 driver (which was just a name change - as far as I know - to distinguish it from the 4K driver), they released a new driver for the AppleTV 4K and an Apple Bridge Driver. Both of these new drivers are needed if you want to use the new driver and get the official Apple Driver working (for the 4K unit). The instructions for how the dealer should set these up are contained in the documentation tab of the Apple Bridge driver. I was the first person my dealer set up on the new driver and it took about 15 minutes (the instructions were fairly clear).
  7. So my DS2 stopped working properly today after a few weeks of great stability... I can no longer initiate group intercom calls from the DS2 via programming. Very annoying! And no apparent reason for it suddenly sopping working. Rebooting anything and everything does not help. Single calls work fine. @Derrick Cain - it would be great if anyone from C4 can comment on this as there are a good few threads on the forum at present about little bugs appearing on the DS2s...
  8. Probably not worth it right now... it gets you a few press and hold commands but that is about it. However, looking forward it is probably worth it for 2 reasons: 1. This is the certified driver so is less likely to break at some stage. 2. I assume (guess) that the Apple Bridge is going to do a lot more in the future and give us a lot more Apple control (my guess being that mini apps and Apple Music are not far away).
  9. If it is on IR, you are definitely not on the new driver.
  10. If you want to do it for a scene natively, use a light for the control and set othrvloghts in the scene to the same level when the level changes on the controlling light... Just speculating, but I’m sure something like this is possible? I use the Epic Driver for controlling some key lighting scenes and the native driver for controlling individual lights so have never really thought about this...
  11. Correct, problem has also disappeared on my side with the new Apple Certified C4 Driver...
  12. There is a topic on this elsewhere... AFAIK something in th TV OS changed.
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