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  1. It is working at both my residences (I needed to reboot my Director at my holiday home to get it working - thankfully I can do that remotely). It works really well although I have seen 2 bugs so far on my setup: 1. If I open the C4 app and go straight to intercom then it hangs. As long as I wait a second or two before going to the intercom button, it works just fine. 2. Both my T3s at my main residence and 1 of my 5 T3s at my holiday home are showing as unavailable. Even after rebooting absolutely everything at my main residence (guess I will need my dealer to have a look). T4s, DS2s and DS2 mini are all working perfectly. I do think that my projects are becoming too big for the T3s as I have been experiencing problems when refreshing navigators (I often need to reboot some of the T3s after refreshing navigators otherwise they simply hang). Apart from my challenges above, this seems like a really great enhancement! I love the fact that it works for both residences…. Now we just need a more elegant way of switching between 2 residences (I.e. one touch instead of the current 4) and if one could link to both residences from a T3 / T4 that would really be something.
  2. Yes, the same set of photos is used everywhere in the project (this needs an upgrade). Yes you add the screensaver under agents (it is a separate agent). Further setup can be done under the UI Agent and programming against each controller / Touchscreen. Photos can be saved on a NAS or USB (members of this forum used to recommend against doing this on the NAS - due, I think, to the frequency of reads). I saved my photos on a NAS for a few years and moved them to a USB due to this recommendation. Photos can be added via the Media tab (or, I think, via direct copying to the relevant location - its years since I changed anything so I am typing from memory here!).
  3. Yes, if you have a controller which gives an OSD to relative TV then you. An do a screensaver which accesses photos. The photos have to be in the Control4 screensaver location (and sadly there is only one… so same photos for all TVs and Touchscreen screensavers. Yes, you can program this to start / stop, change to a blank screen, media playing or a clock etc.
  4. @Cinegration would need to reply. I use 2 different blind drivers at my house and unless you have contact sensors on the blinds to show the open and closed state you will normally have this problem if you are using 2 methods of controlling the blind (e.g. the Somfy remote and C4). Changing to the Domosapiens driver won’t fix this.
  5. This (I.e. and extra Room Control driver that links to 2 rooms) or a Media Scene could also do the job but would need some Activating and deactivating code if you don’t want every method of volume control to control both rooms…
  6. That is an interesting point… @customer- what Controllers do you have for this 20 room, 7 TV house?
  7. Wow! Sounds like a terrible experience. If your description is accurate… change your dealer and do it today. Sorry, but the recommendation on moving to KNX lighting is crazy. Nothing wrong with KNX but one of Control4’s biggest strengths is their lighting. My houses are similar to yours (but 3 floors not 4) in terms of integration (plus a lot more - which you may well also have and not have mentioned) and my Control4 setup is extremely stable except where I tinker :-). I hope we see you back and this is not simply a trolling exercise. Change your dealer and you will change your experience. You should only have one Control4 contact - not 3!
  8. I was going to make the same comment BUT didn’t as my view that this was the way it would work was based on how Tidal and Deezer integrate with C4 rather than Spotify which I only tried once briefly a long time ago.
  9. BIcons is certainly a good solution for this if there is no native driver. BIcons has various display options including (from memory): 1. Voltages in steps of 5 volts, 2. Power in steps of 25Kw up to 750 (the 25KW increments would be a bit too large for cases where the utilisation measured is fairly low (e.g. under 100kW per day - see point 3); and, 3. A couple of generic dials and frames that can display from 0 to 100 in increments of 1. The driver allows you to link it to any float or number variable of another driver. If your float or number is a Control4 variable then the easiest way to get it into bIcons (in my experience) has been via the Yatun Number driver (which, if my recollection is correct, is a free driver).
  10. We use the standard decor style switches. Thanks for the info! That is useful. Yes my plug point is Legrand (and I think is is the Arteor).
  11. I use a number of bNet Solutions drivers (not this one) and they are all working fine, so I would expect that this one is too. Are you saying that the experience button icon is not populating on your T4? A number of experience button drivers have had that problem (on T4s) but are easy to fix. My understanding is that it has something to do with the format of the image (16 bit images not being accepted on T4s and thus the image needing to be changed to 8 bits) but I may well be wrong as I am not a driver developer! Irrespective of what the issue, I would suggest you contact BNet Solutions via the contact details on their website. I have always found Brian to be very responsive and helpful.
  12. Various options, the ones I would recommend: 1. Use the Yatun thermostat driver (they have 3 and I think they are all free). These allow you to show any float or integer on a thermostat. Two of the, also allow control and programming around this. 2. bNet solutions have an Icons driver (bIcons) which gives various ways of displaying numbers as Experience Buttons.
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