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  1. A bit weird. Not dissimilar to my alarm issues (but not fully the same). I have a DSC, so if the issues are related, they are not a driver issue. My problems started when my whole system started to struggle. I am hoping the CA10 will fix everything but am a bit worried that I will install it and all other issues will be fixed but the alarm problems will remain. Certainly hope not! Lots of red herrings - me thinks!
  2. @Gary Leeds UK - as a matter of interest, what make of alarm and what driver?
  3. Reading the specs posted above for the CA10, I see that it can handle 1000’s of devices. On the C4 website, I think that I read that the EA5 can do hundreds of drivers and devices. We did a quick count of drivers on my system today and it was somewhere between 650 and 700. My dealer deleted 20 or 30 driver instances that I don’t use today in the hope that I can limp along for 2 weeks until my CA10 arrives...
  4. There is a new driver (I am 99% sure) in my project... It is called “Remote Hub” and has appeared (I think) in the first room of my project as part of the OS3.1 update. Anyone know what this is?
  5. Thanks... I’ve heard a lot about Kodi and Plex but don’t really know what they do. I need to look into this.
  6. Is there a better way to link Movies into C4 from a NAS?
  7. Yip... Collection Management driver for MyMovies is also no longer working for me (with a Dune).
  8. Interesting! I unplugged the RS232 connection for my alarm and still had the same issues so am (99%) sure that the alarm system, is not the issue.
  9. I have had various issues: 1. Latency issues (as you describe) but only in the last few weeks. 2. Unable to log in using the iOS app. 3. The navigator on the T3s gets all messed up (wall paper disappears, wake and sleep Agent loses the number in the middle, some thermostats lose the number, cursor becomes a circle of death for minutes - not seconds etc.). 4. My security driver started firing off code that happens when a panic is triggered despite the panic not being triggered (at first we thought this driver was the root cause, but it does not seem to be). Etc. .
  10. Yeah... I’ve learned... I have too many controllers in my project and somehow we missed checking this one and, for whatever reason, it must be first in the queue... I don’t really get that part. My poor dealer was convinced ha had checked this remotely... but clearly not!
  11. I am very interested to. I would probably have bought the CA10 anyway just to see what it did but given the problems I’ve had for the last 2 or 3 weeks, I now “have to”. I have convinced myself (and, I think, my dealer) that this I have some sort of resource issue. We played around a lot today. If I take any 4 non-essential items out of my project, I can reboot and get things up and running and stable. If I take any 2 items out, I can coax the system up and it seems to work... if I leave my project as is (i.e. remove nothing), it is a disaster and things fall apart within half an hour. I have settled on unplugging one T3 and one DS2 and am going to try and nurse things along like that for 2 weeks until the CA10 arrives!
  12. Apparently it will take 2 weeks to get a CA10 to me... I must say, I am keen to play... but wow what a price tag 😓 It had better last me 10 years plus!
  13. Was a stupid error... volume had muted on one of my controllers 🙈 when the update happened. Dealer is feeling silly as he remoted in and missed this... probably because I am having so many other issues this week, we both over-complicated this one
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