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  1. The iTunes driver was OK and had its place in OS2. I used it to get Apple Music working (in a jippo fashion) for years. However, it does not work in OS3 (more accurately, it does not work at all in OS3.1 and lost all of its useful functionality in OS3.0). Tidal or Deezer have the nicest GUIs when it comes to streaming. In order to get music that you have ripped to work via the C4 interface, the best is to use a DLNA server but with or without this, your dealer can get this working pretty easily as this is standard C4 utilization.
  2. Sends me an email and a snapshot picture
  3. That’s what I use it for... but I am pretty sure you can set up motion sensing using HE also... I have just never had the need.
  4. You can certainly add an email under Monitoring in HE. I am not sure about motion sensing as I have never used it.
  5. I also tried fiddling with this... with the same result. My reason is that my DS2 sits right next to the estate’s intercom system and I have programmed that when I receive a message from the estate’s intercom, initiate a call between the TS2 and my touchscreens. I would love to first play a message that states that the house has been called (or some such) because people see the intestate intercom hanging up and saying no reply and it can confuse them...
  6. The speed issue is strange! I have a 100Mbps internet connection and it is infinitely faster than MyMovies. Maybe 5 second per title... The trick to getting the scan to work right the first time is getting the file / folder names (pretty much) right. Alternatively, manually linking is easy. For instance, typing in Goldf will give you no more than 2 or 3 options (1 being GoldFinger) and choosing GodlFinger gives you the correct English metadata for this particular James Bond classic. Infuse will then include the movie under James Bond collection if you have more than one Bond movie. I think that I found it was easier to manually choose what metadata to do on my iPad and this then syncs with the AppleTV. Certainly now that my collection is linked, it takes me no more than 15 seconds after ripping a new movie to have it working in Infuse (even if I don’t bother getting the file name right and it is simply file.iso. Two or three clicks, type “GoldF” and one more click... wait a few seconds and hey presto, it is done! I be also never come across a movie not on the library or with incomplete data...
  7. As would any dealer worth their salt... You should definitely take it up with your dealer and probably change dealers!
  8. I must say, when I read this, 3 things cross my mind: 1. There must be some way (a proxy or otherwise) of using the metadata in C4 otherwise other great third party drivers (like the various Plex and Kodi drivers) would not be able to do this. Note: I am just an end user, so I may be talking nonsense... 2. Given that you get the Metadata, I am amazed that the native C4 driver has not developed to use the metadata as yet. 3. The day you find a way to use the Metadata within C4, I will be a buyer (and I suspect so will many others) - assuming you get there before the native C4 driver does! If the Metadata you can use and display in C4 extends to third party apps like Infuse then you would have a platinum winning driver! The holy grail for me (as a C4 and Apple fan) would be to have Infuse MetaData and movies on my Apple TV as well as my Apple library link into my C4 movies library...
  9. As a matter of interest, why would someone use this driver as opposed to the free Control4 Apple Bridge? If it is going to allow MetaData to be transferred to Control4 movies at some stage then I’d see great value.
  10. Yes it is, but requires quite a bit of programming and you need to create the logic (e.g. if multiple zones are playing, which session do you have the living room join in to?
  11. That’s what I eventually did... so we have a complex intercom and a DS2 right next to it 😀
  12. It is possible... my dealer eventually set something like this up for me but it was not very stable / reliable and I gave up on the experiment...
  13. My goodness... I have sat with my dealer while he has installed drivers... and “they” have a “free” library of over 10,000 drivers... that sounds fairly robust to me. The bigger challenge for an end user is knowing what drivers are in this massive library and when new supercool drivers are added. At the end of the day, that is one of the big pluses of this forum.
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