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  1. Yip. That fixed it for me also... feeling a bit silly right now! Love the Simple mode!
  2. Will be cool if they ever update this. That said, it works beautifully from the web interface. My 4 year old has already been recording and sending messages. I have a strange problem on version 8 where the actual text to speech works from the web interface but when I try to open the driver on any navigator (iPad or T3), I get a spinning wheel and never get to the area where one types in the announcement. It may be something to do with the BDM setup which my dealer has not used before (as far as I know).
  3. Reading the documentation, I see that the voice message is recorded using the web interface and works with most browsers. Will it work on a web page pulled up on a T3?
  4. Make sure you are on the latest app and not a Beta version or some other older version... Then, as long as it appears on your T3, it should appear on the app. It may only appear in the side bar menu at first (press the 4 in the top left to get access to the side bar menu).
  5. I had this problem previously but it seems to have vanished on the new official Apple TV driver (using the Apple Bridge). I assume that’s you are using one of the older drivers?
  6. Thanks. And playlists for music stored locally and accessed through MyMusic. I can’t access these either and the system must save this content? I feel like I am missing something obvious. I can get TuneIn and my TV channels to work but nothing else. What I want is MyMusic or Tidal, so no perfect for me (yet).
  7. Is there any way to get Tidal working as a Source such that a playlist can be chosen via the agent? I currently program this to happen.
  8. I got 3 of the 65 inch ones and yes, costs are crazy!
  9. I got the LG C7 and am hugely impressed. The later version C8 is even better but I got the C7 at half price so think I got a steal!
  10. It’s incredibly useful and very easy to program with the @annex⁴ driver and has been the main reason for me moving from Samsung TVs to LGs
  11. Toast messages on the Annex4 driver makes them worth the money!
  12. I like the Toast messages on LG via the @annex⁴ driver. I’m not sure there is anything equivalent for Samsung? LG and Samsung are the best TV options in my view.
  13. I’ve got 4 in my one house and 5 in the other and I find them very useful (even more so after the release of OS3)
  14. Given that CEDIA is just round the corner... maybe don’t rush... could be that the T4 will come up with Alexa built in. You never know!
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