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  1. Two schedulers is better as nothing will be missed in the event you reboot the controller during the 200 minutes. As a rule of thumb, long delays are a bad idea. Furthermore, schedules are preferable to timers (same reason) and timers are preferable to delays (more control of timers than delays).
  2. I’ve got the same challenge at my holiday house and never figured out why as I also have set the Apple TV’s not to sleep... Another strange phenomena that I have is that if I press the up button (on say Netflix) then I see the progress bar perfectly on my Apple TV at my holiday home. If I do the same on my home AppleTV, I see the progress bar for half a second and then it disappears. I’ve never been able to figure out what the difference is between the 2 setups as the driver properties appear identical... Apple! Love / hate relationship...
  3. On this basis, Pro is even more “complex” than HE.
  4. This. HE is streets more useful than When / Then
  5. Thanks. I am very worried about routines as I have around 100 of these and don’t want to lose them!
  6. My Alexa account seems to have become corrupted. Some devices are not responding (even though they are just fine) and some devices have appeared in my main home Alexa account which don’t exist here... they exist on my holiday home account (something clearly got messed up when logging in and out of different accounts on the Alexa App). I suspect that the easiest way to fix this is to disable the Control4 Skill and then Re-enable it... However, my question is: if I do this, will my routines survive (given they refer to C4 devices and scenes) or will these all disappear? Thanks i
  7. For the DS2, you can use the Navigation Agent (via programming) to do this as long as you have a controller feeding an OSD to the TV. I assume the same holds true for the Chime.
  8. Can one not simply collapse all? I know I click something, but I am sure that it is a simple single click?
  9. As long as you have the Neeo (I suspect) although I have not tried this on an SR260
  10. Hopefully they will bake it in for all cameras and not just the DS2... The push notifications agent, like the email agent need a bit of a rework... until this is done drivers like @Shivam Paw’s are must haves!
  11. I pretty much agree. The only way I use remotes for lights is on SR260s, I use custom button 1 for all off in the room, button 2 for one very dim light on (often use this for TV viewing) and button 3 is all lights I’m the room are turned on. Similarly on the Neeo.
  12. Yes, this is in reference to Serial Control. I must admit that as far as I know, all of the Pentair IntelliTouch systems are serial controlled (my home system is an i10 if I am not mistaken and is serial controlled). The newer Intellicenter (which I have at my Beach House) is IP controlled and is much better although the Intellicenter driver also has bugs (which I understand C4 is working on).
  13. A few things to note (from my experience): 1. Most variables don’t populate (e.g. you cannot program against whether or not the lights are on although you can see them in the pool extras section on a T3 / the app). Variables that populate properly include temperatures, pool on/off, spa on/off and (I think) heaters on/off. 2. Sending a single command has been rock solid for me. However, sending multiple commands (even with 5 or 10 second pauses inbetween is problematic). I worked around this using a 2 second repeating timer which repeats 5 times after the last command is set and it s
  14. Most of the cloud drivers which control the licensing for drivers from these sites (e.g. Driver Central, Blackwire, Annex4 Link driver etc) have a reboot command. I have linked this to a custom button so I can reboot at any time from a Touchscreen or iPad.
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