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  1. I also have a K1 - so does the K1 not qualify for this driver?
  2. 230V Variable speed pumps I’ll try to remember to check the IntelliCenter panel part number for you next weekend and send it it you.
  3. Charging station is the way to go and a battery alert (email or push) when the battery hits 25% and every day thereafter until it is recharged.
  4. I don’t think so. I am slightly hesitant to be definitive in my answer. I have genuine IntelliBrite lights in my main residence (but that is linked to IntelliTouch and no Colourwheel). Pentair South Africa has developed their own light which is cheaper than the Pentair US IntelliBrite and they sell this and it links into the Pentair system as Intellibrites. I have this at my Beach house and they appear as IntelliBrites and have no Colourwheel. I regret my pool builder installing these as the quality is poor and they need replacing too often. Unfortunately, they have been made to fit a standard South African mould (light socket) so I cannot replace these with the US IntelliBrites as a different mould would have been needed at the time of building the pool.
  5. And light control is not via a colourwheel but rather via choosing the relevant colour (both natively in the IntelliCenter App and via Control4). Inside Control4, I have linked this to a UI button which scrolls through 6 or 7 colour options and once I settle on a choir for 10 seconds, it changes the lights to that colour…
  6. I don’t know… ignoring the Control4 integration, the IntelliCenter or the IntelliTouch gives one great pool control and automation and are worth the money. I simply struggle to pay to upgrade from the IntelliTouch (which works really well ignoring C4 integration) to the IntelliCenter (which works even better and now has great C4 integration). The upgrade is almost as much as installing from scratch.
  7. I have no idea… but good luck! And let us know how your test works…
  8. That is what I was offered around 6 months ago. My swimming pool guy offered it to me at that time and said it was a great deal he had done for me. I never shopped around so had no idea it was this good…
  9. Love it! You may find 7,000 emails gets a bit much… I have a number of variable like this which I track. Some I send messages on every 10th time the event happens (eg after my borehole pump turns on 10 times, 20 times etc. on the same day, I notify myself). Others I simply report on (in bulk) once a week at midnight on a Friday.
  10. Why does the TV need to be on? Surely you can turn it on as part of the script? I see that VideoStorm also has an Alexa driver. I wonder if it would be faster than IFTTT?
  11. I have IntelliCenter at my Beach House and IntelliTouch i10 at my main Residence. IntelliCenter is now much much better than IntelliTouch but I cannot bring myself to spend the money on the upgrade (US$5.000 last time I looked here in South Africa). That said, my IntelliTouch integration is fairly stable although I had to do a fair amount of programming to get the stability (for instance, multiple commands in quick succession don’t work - even with delays between the commands so I have created Boolean variable for all of the commands to IntelliTouch and each of these starts the same repeating timer (3 seconds) which repeats 6 times and on each expiry checks the state of all of the Boolean variables (I have 10, that I have linked up this way - more than 10 would require more seconds on the repeating timer) and sends the relevant command to the IntelliTouch with 250 ms delays between the commands). Once I made this change, I had a rock solid link in terms of sending commands from Control4 to the IntelliTouch.
  12. Nice! I am not a Jandy Aqualink user but my dealer tells me that the updated driver is now available in the driver database. And he tells me it is much improved.
  13. The IntelliCenter is Pentair’s latest control panel (launched around 3 or 4 years ago). With the IntelliCenter, it is simply plug and play. The driver I am referring to is the driver for the IntelliCenter. Pentair has older hardware (EasyTouch, IntelliTouch etc.). An extra module is required to link Control4 in to IntelliTouch. There is no way (that I am aware of) to link EasyTouch to Control4. The driver for IntelliTouch is a different driver than the IntelliCenter driver and does not have many of the bells and whistles included in the new IntelliCenter driver. For anyone with Control4 building a new pool, I would strongly recommend the Pentair IntelliCenter now (especially with the recent driver update). I am also hopeful that they will continue to develop this driver as there is quite a bit more that could be integrated.
  14. I understand that Control4 recently released a new version of the IntelliCenter driver (version 18) into the online database. There are some massive improvements in the driver. I have been fortunate enough to have interim versions 13 through 15 running on my systems for the last few weeks and I can only assume that (if anything) version 18 is even better). My dealer installed version 18 today but I have not tested it yet. Lots of bug fixes and some great new features, including: 1. Pentair Vacation Mode can be controlled from the driver (my number one wish list requirement on this driver) 2. Circuits which failed to show up as auxiliary circuits previously (particularly on large systems) now show up properly as Extras. 3. Colour lights can be controlled from the UI or programming - a really big plus this. 4. Colour shows (including colour swimming!) can be controlled from the UI and programming. 5. Extras can now be re-ordered for display purposes. I am biased (as I have always used Pentair) but I am pretty sure this is now the best Pool driver / integration out there… and it is free! Well done Control4. Disclaimer: I am assuming that no new bugs have appeared between version 15 and version 18…
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