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  1. Hopefully its Intellicenter as that is the system that is being actively developed by Pentair. IntelliTouch is pretty good too, but I wouldn’t expect to see future enhancements. Personally, I’d stay clear of the other systems they have (e.g. EasyTouch, SunTouch, QuickTouch etc.).
  2. I have the IntelliTouch driver (works for anything that works with ScreenLogic - ie IntelliTouch and EasyTouch) driver installed at my home and it is solid as long as you understand its limitations and bugs. This driver appears in the local database (AFAIK). Most important bugs are: 1. The HasSpa variable resets to False after a reboot and needs to be fixed in Composer (the single most annoying bug). 2. Certain variables cannot be updated from C4 although one can code them... the code does nothing. 3. You need to put in decent delays between commands in Control4 or some will be missed... I’d recommend 2 or 3 second delays... I have the Intellicenter driver installed at my holiday home. It also has bugs and omissions, the most important being: 1. No access to view or change the vacation setting (which is the best thing about the new Intellicenter - IMHO). 2. It does not link all circuits, feature circuits and circuit groups (from memory, the documentation claims it links in circuits and in reality, it only links in circuit groups). This is annoying but can be worked around. Neither driver gives colour light control which is disappointing. That said, both are useful but I tend to resort to the ScreenLogic and IntelliCenter native apps for most things except genuine automation (e.g. turning off the pool heat pumps if the sauna and steam room are both turned on - so as to avoid power overloads).
  3. O yes, and we are also using Alan’s Eguage driver and it is very useful.
  4. Lovely house! Overkill on the switches. I have about 60 keypad buttons across 12 keypads in our master bedroom suite, and this is also overkill. In our holiday house (which we built much later than our original home C4 installation) we got this down to 45 buttons across 9 keypads (2 on each side of the bed, 2 at the bathroom door, one at the main entrance, one at a coffee station and one at the entrance to our walk in BIC) and that is perfect for our usecase...
  5. I use Tidal so when we come out of COVID-19 lockdown, I will ask my dealer to have a look...
  6. I have a similar situation. Is it worth doing the change? Will the EA5 give noticeably better audio?
  7. Sorry, I assumed (dangerous!) that you were using Gen3 lighting. See above comments for how to do this in your scenario.
  8. Yes, the best way to do this is in Monitoring / System Design where you can change the brightness level based on the ambient light in the room. I must admit I did this years ago when we first set up my system, so can’t recall exactly where / how... but I do know it was pretty simple and has worked flawlessly for years. My dealer did the exact same thing at my holiday home more recently, and again, it has worked perfectly.
  9. @phantomgordon - I would highly recommend Tidal. Great integration. Yes, you use different Tidal accounts in different zones perfectly. As @Cyknight says, we are talking about the Room Control Driver. Tidal / Deezer does not integrate as well with this as some other streaming services although you can program around this and get the identical result (in the case of Tidal, and, I would assume, Deezer).
  10. Initiating a group call from the DS2 via programming does not work (again). Very few people use this feature. The snapshots sent become out of sync time wise a day or two after the director has been rebooted in some setups. Our country rep is aware of (and has, I understand) replicated both issues, so hopefully they will be fixed before long.
  11. Tidal would be pretty much the same comment as Deezer.
  12. Yes... the only bugs I have noticed are: 1. Some default volume issues if you are using the old default volume (it sometimes mutes by default). This is easily solved by moving to the newer Room Control driver and using this for default volume. 2. The DS2 has 2 bugs that I am aware of in the newest driver / firmware (not really an OS issue). These bugs are both a recurrence of previous (fixed) bugs which is a bit irritating.
  13. I've got the same although the main version of this that I use is linked to an “Exit and Arm” button at my garage door which when doubleclicked starts the timer (defaulted to 5 minutes). Single clicking the same button does not do the “close garage doors” but waits 1 minute and then the next time all security zones are inactive the security system arms, lights go out (except for night lights), TVs go off!
  14. Would be great... I tested lots of them a year or two ago and came to the conclusion that Tidal was best (for me).
  15. I am 99% sure it was a driver. I have removed the driver from my project and 30 hours later, no problems... prior to that I was rebooting at least once every 24 hours and seeing issues within 12 hours (often within an hour) of the reboot.
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