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  1. While I like your “even better” solution... unless you can figure out how to do this via a software upgrade, I would prefer a programmable beep...
  2. I assume that there is a url that you could use to access this in a web browser? Although, if so, this would only work on a local network or via a VPN?
  3. Another option is to use single tap, double tap and triple tap to play different sources and all of them to turn off the music if the room is on...
  4. Neither - sorry. If it ever happens, we will find out the day of...
  5. Hi guys, is anyone else experience problems getting snapshots embedded in emails? Mine stopped working sometime in the last week. I have checked and the url works perfectly when entered into a local browser, but is giving a 404 not found error when embedded in an email using the chunk driver. thanks in advance
  6. I’d strongly recommend that you (everyone) put a notification in your startup programming for your Director. You will then always know when the Director Reboot’s for any reason (Wattbox failure, deliberate reset, hot fix reboot from C4 or any other driver, soft reset etc.). I have this and also monitor (and display) system uptime (just for fun).
  7. Interesting to hear that you have C4 in your home. I would assume that this means that (at some stage) you felt that C4 was better / better value than the competition. I wonder what changed your opinion? Genuine question!
  8. @EdE In the above screenshot, my irrigation will turn off tomorrow at 9.30am. It will turn back on 2 days later at 9.30am. The pool heaters will turn off in 5 days time (at 9.30am) and back on in 10 days time. Pressing the first button causes the “Change Variable” to increase by 1. When it reaches 14, another press resets it to 1. Currently “Change Variable” is 6. Thus pushing increase or decrease will result in the number of days until the pool heater turns on increasing or decreasing by 1. When any of the 14 variables or the “Change Variable” change (due to pressin
  9. Hardware possible or a driver that auto updated (and contained a bug)? Worth getting a (remote) dealer to look.
  10. The Navigation agent (at this stage unless I missed an update somewhere) only allows one to programmatically pull up a camera . Any of the various web-view drivers allows one to programmatically pull up a url. I use the Blackwire driver but there are many others all of which will do this,
  11. That sounds like Wap alright... o yes, and that sounds like Wap... Lots of Wapping going on at present...
  12. I don’t think the Navigation agent is what you want. But any of the many webview drivers should do the trick.
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