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  1. If you hold the button in and then choose “arrange and remove favourites”, you should be able to delete it from the main page?
  2. This... and at the moment, it is gone... for the brief period it has worked, it has been great,
  3. I guess you can program both buttons to do this. I never thought of that... I have “Main House” printed on the white lit area...
  4. As far as I recall there is. When setting up the media scene in the Agents screen, you choose whether the scene controls volume or not (I think!)
  5. I don’t think 2 homes in one project is a good idea. Loss of internet is one issue... speed of connection would be another issue and one Director would not be a good idea (I think)... I am quite happy having a CA10 as a director at both residences.
  6. That is a neat idea... I need to give this some thought... I don’t have a permanent VPN tunnel between the houses but would imagine my dealer can make this happen. Maybe I’ll then have a T3 (at each house linked to the other house). I will have spare T3s if / when the T4s I asked my dealer for ever become reality...
  7. I am using IFTTT for this... one of my free applets.
  8. My dealer tells me that he has just updated both my houses for a minor OS update. He says it contains updates for the T4 and various bug fixes. Does anyone have any details?
  9. Your dealer can get this for you... I know mine does and it is reams of paper long... Worth doing from time to time!
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