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  1. There is also a free (I think it is still free) third party driver that allows you to set a number of the more important settings via C4 programming. Why these are not in the DS2 driver beats me!
  2. Shorter and more generic... Sadly, I think that step 3 from the OP requires the Alexa App (not available in all regions) and cannot be done on the web interface.
  3. Some lights? A garage door? A lock on the front door? Send a snapshot? All depends what else you have that you can automate, want to automate.
  4. @alanchow - my dealer is planning to install this driver in my holiday home next month. Keen to see how good it is. I also have a Victron setup with solar integration. Does anyone know of any driver that links in with Victron? I am having a couple of Egauge units set up, but it feels like quite a lot of duplication at present as the Victron app already gives me a lot of what Eguage will. If I could integrate Victron separately then I would be able to use the Eguage monitoring for more detailed circuit breakdowns...
  5. Yes, you can have a gate button. This is set up in Composer. You can have 2 buttons set up for your door station.
  6. Or the ability to turn the automation on a button off and then program against the button...
  7. I think it would be nice for the hard controls to take over for the navigation of the Neeo screen in certain situations. Eg when I press watch, I almost always naturally move to using the hard controls (the ring) to try and navigate the watch menu... This could be an option if some people don’t want it...
  8. Isn't that voice scenes? Sorry, I wasn’t clear in my question, by device, I mean which echo device received the command. If I knew which echo received the command then I could have a voice scene “lights” and turn lights on programming would be, for example (simplistically): If echo device = dot1 then turn on bedroom lights else if echo device = dot 2 then turn on living room lights etc.
  9. Thanks @msgreenf - a very useful summary. I assume there is still no way in C4 to identify which device received the voice command (or which group) as that would be the holy grail and allow anything to be done (albeit with lots of programming).
  10. This a great summary... the only item I don’t think will work quite as outlined is media scenes... if you really want to do this, you probably need to check each zone (room) individually to see if it is on or off in your macro.
  11. Ecstatic to hear that this is only 2 weeks away as I am eagerly awaiting this!
  12. I don’t know how sensitive it is in terms of gpm but I I can say that it is very sensitive. I have this installed at both my home and holiday home and have been very impressed so far. It picks up leaks that are just a few drips within a minute (can be a problem as w shave various auto fillers for pools and jacuzzis etc.). My only frustration is the current lack of a driver...
  13. The update came through overnight for me. Security update is a great start. Will get excited on this when we have access to the security system (even if it is very limited) and cameras. The volume feedback is great and super responsive. Probably the best feature on the remote and all via a software update! I did not notice the other improvements that @Matt Lowe mentioned but, I only played around for a couple of minutes, so am sure that I will pick them up tonight.
  14. I am actually getting quite excited about this! One of my gripes with my setup (not a C4 issue!) at present is that my Denon at home in our bedroom lounge (This is a X2300W) does not do OSD volume overlay for 4K sources (works fine on my HD cable channel and other HD sources). The Denon in our holiday home bedroom lounge overlays volume on both 4K and HD (this is an X3500 - from memory) and works for 4K but, oddly, not HD on the beast (an X8500 - again from memory) in our holiday house theatre, so volume feedback on the remote would be great!!! As an aside, my home theatre at my main home works just fine, but that is a Rotel and HD only. At some stage I will need to fork out to upgrade to 4K but that will be expensive! .
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