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  1. I must have another look. I seem to recall that was quite an expensive solution... I am also wondering if I can’t use Alexa routines to kick off an Alexa command to Control4 every 5 minutes and thus keep the connection live... does seem like a very resource intensive way of doiing something that should be simple...
  2. Agree on the response time... unfortunately native C4 is just as slow on voice commands (in South Africa). Although second and third commands are instant... I Assume the first command opens a pipe... Would be good if the connection to Alexa would stay permanent then the response would be instantaneous even for those of us in the less fortunate countries...
  3. Thanks @Amr - I took the plunge this morning and it was relatively easy! Took me 15 minutes to get the Amazon App and another 2 hours to create voice scenes and routines to replace 28 IFTTT triggers. Now I need to find out how to stop my subscription to IFTTT pro and train my wife to say “Alexa, close blinds” and not “Alexa, trigger close blinds”... I must say @jfh was right. He has been saying (for a couple of years) that Alexa routines add great value and I can see that now that I have them 🙈 - suspect I will be doing lots of playing over the next week or two. Interestingly, IFTTT stopped working with the Chowmain driver when I upgraded to Pro. I will need to figure this issue out as I have 2 IFTTT triggers that have nothing to do with Alexa which I want to keeps. As this is less than the 3 allowed for IFTTT standard, I should be saving money...
  4. Agreed... I must try that at some stage... In theory, I should be able to change my country of residence to the USA on my normal account... but can’t do that without cancelling Apple Music... definitely need to try your way some time!
  5. We have Alexa, but not the App (not available in South Africa) so we have to use the web interface which does not have Alexa Routines. I don’t think IFTTT pro is any faster. This is simply monetizing IFTTT.
  6. Fair point... but 2 houses... 1 wife... makes it $4 per month... Still, a grudge purpose worth making!
  7. Certainly hope so... we don’t seem to have seen anything new this year (other than Essential Lighting which is great for some installs but not interesting to me). OS3.1.3 came out this year (I guess) with a nice improvement to the Access Agent and Lots of instability but that’s about it. I think.
  8. I don’t think I am but my payment proves that incorrect... Problem is that it will take forever to teach my wife to say “turn on/off blinds” instead of “trigger open/close blinds” and it is not intuitive. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to Alexa routines or I could probably manage around this! Summary: a grudge purpose with the aim of “happy wife...”
  9. Locally, when I moved from an EA5 to a CA10, I noticed an absolutely massive difference.
  10. Interesting... probably a beta version but if they have 3.2.1 in Beta, I would have thought 3.2.0 should be available in public release by now. Was probably planned for CEDIA and delayed for some reason...
  11. So I have paid my 1.99 times 2 for 2 residences and the e-mail said they would honor my rate “forever”.
  12. Also found quite a few bugs with the driver. Including the above (sometimes) and if you have multiple panels (daughter panels) and a complex setup, it does not bring all of the lights and circuits through to C4. My dealer has an open ticket with C4 and a promise that they will get to working on the bugs he reported. By far the biggest miss is that you can not view and (more importantly) change the vacation setting from C4. I also use the Intellicenter App most of the time. Other, more significant shortfalls include limited pump control, no way of controlling colour of colour changing lights, no feedback of pump information (rpm, kWh, gpm etc.)
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