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  1. I know there were a whole lot of new wirepath drivers released last week. No idea if they will resolve this issue or not though.
  2. Hopefully someone from C4 reads this and picks up on it...
  3. I have picked up an interesting bug with my T3s on OS3. The screen sometimes turns off (pushing the button on top brings it back to life) - it appeared initially to be random, but I think that it actually happens in a specific circumstance. I need to test a bit more to be sure... It appears that if we leave a T3 with a custom button menu on the screen then the Touchscreen turns off. I have not checked when this happens (I.e. does it happen after 2 minutes when my screensaver should have kicked in or does it happen after 15 minutes when the “return to home screen” runs or is it as some other random time). Keen to know whether anyone else is experiencing this?
  4. Big thanks to @Shivam Paw who picked up on my problem, accessed my system remotely and solved the problem in 20 minutes. I certainly cannot complain about the service on a free driver!
  5. Absolutely loving it... there are a few limitations and glitches (I posted on these elsewhere) but definitely worth taking the plunge. My beach house was still on OS 2.10.6 and I logged in to it after a week of so of being on 3.0 in my home and I must say that it felt “old fashioned”. My dealer is down at my beach house this week doing various things and my number one priority for him is to upgrade to OS3!
  6. I’m using the URL you provide in the driver documentation for the DS2 (inserting the correct IP address) for retrieving a snapshot once authentication is turned off. I copied the URL into a web browser and it works perfectly there. If I have not turned off the authentication requirement, it asks for a user name and password as expected. Once I use your driver to turn off the authentication requirement, the URL posted into a web browser gives the screen shot perfectly. However, when I send a push notification, I don’t see any attachment... I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong 🙈
  7. Must say, I am loving this and have got all of the commands working and am using all of them as I now have a slightly different brightness and colour saturation setting for day time (cf night time). All in all, a big improvement! I have also got the camera (disable) authentication working although for some reason I can’t get the generic url driver to work and include a picture in the push notification. I am probably doing something really stupid and will try again one evening this week. Thanks again! Great driver,
  8. Discovered that yesterday and really like it. Especially on the T3s where I find the slider to be a bit sticky...
  9. Thanks. I have just been playing with the “first” version of your driver and it is great. I have been tweaking my settings (brightness, colour saturation and infrared) to get the best possible picture. What had crossed my mind was that the best settings in day time could be different, so it would be nice to be able to change these programmatically (infrared is probably not necessary!). The other item that was an issue a while back (and May have been fixed with a driver / firmware or OS update) is that my camera said it was defaulting to “Outdoor” but was actually defaulting to Outdoor highlight compensation so I needed to change it every time I rebooted. I am still doing this (May be unnecessary now). Thus, a programmatic command to change the camera mode would also be nice... may also be useful in certain lighting situations to change this between day and night... Nothing vital here... so more importantly - thanks again! Great driver
  10. One thing that I would have expected by now (given the lengthy OS3 beta) would have been a whole host of (great) OS3 only drivers from some of the main driver developers like @alanchow @msgreenf @annex⁴ @Cinegration @seth_j @pbir So I have been surprised to see none of this as yet. Although hats off to @Shivam Paw for the first such driver. Hopefully there are many of these in the pipe line!
  11. Any chance you are going to update the driver to allow for authenticated URLs (I.e. passwords). Your work around is great for the DS2 but not easy / practical for some other cameras...
  12. Wow! That sounds really neat. Thanks. I will definitely give it a try tonight!.
  13. Composer Pro (ie your dealer) has something that allows you to see and search code. I know my dealer has printed this for me before (and it proved very useful). I think it is called a Detective Agent or something like that. Your dealer would know.
  14. I’m not convinced that it is very useful for custom buttons (never tested to see how reliable pressing and holding is on a touchscreen) but I use this quite a bit on physical buttons (and one could theoretically do the same on custom buttons). My use case is to start a 3 second timer on press, stop it on hold and only activate the code when the timer expires. This can be used to give the button extra functionality or to stop inadvertent presses doing something you don’t want (e.g, setting off a panic signal).
  15. Most decent SA dealers will have an XML file that they can upload for you to give you all the relevant channel icons. Alternatively you can add them yourself in Media as @msgreenf has already stated.
  16. And ideally, on the goodnight Agent, there should also be a ramp down time for media turning off so that it is not just an abrupt off but can, rather, be a gentle fade.
  17. Would be nice if they would fix the bugs and enhance the Wakeup / Goodnight Agent. The look and feel and potential functionality is much better than the old Wakeup agent but the following really needs to be looked at by C4: 1. When changing things in the Agent in Composer, some settings don’t save / revert to old (or random) numbers. 2. Need this to work on all devices. Reality is that one wants to set these off when one is in bed (via a phone or tablet). 3. Deal with playing music better so that you can choose sources from the navigator. At the moment (other than possibly TVs which I have not tried), it seems like you need to do this via programming rather than via the Wake Up portion of the Agent. 4. Allow one to programmatically kick of the sleep timer (I.e. start sleep timer). Currently one can only execute the end of the timer, not start the timer from programming... so my Alexa programming is now pretty stupid... When i say “Turn on Sleep”, I start a regular timer for 15 minutes and then when it expires, I run the goodnight event... This means that I don’t have control of the timer 5. Ideally it should allow more options for lights (e.g. select multiple lights not just individual lights or all lights) and allow one to select lighting scenes. 6. Allow changes to the wake up time and the length of the sleep timer via programming. Admittedly, items 3 to 5 can be worked around via clever programming. The reality is this is actually a cool Agent but needs a little work to take it to the level that OS3 deserves!
  18. I have been using it since it came out with no serious issues. Back in OS2.9.0 (I think) it didn’t swap icons properly live and you had to move out of the screen and back in to get it to work. This was fixed at some stage (2.9.x) and re-appeared once in the 2.10 suite of operating systems. It works fine in 3.0. I have loads of these icons and find it very useful (e.g. I have a pause/resume I icon on my irrigation screen - currently a fake room that I swipe right for in OS3. When irrigation is running, it shows a pause symbol. If the icon is pressed, the irrigation is paused (programmatically) and the icon changes to a play button.) The only problem that I have seen with this driver is that there is not a driver manager from Blackwire yet (like the Annex4 Link Driver or the Driver Central cloud driver). However, I believe this is coming. Sometimes (impacts some systems - not all, I understand) you need to re-enter the license key for every instance of the driver after a re-boot. That can be a little irritating but still a very worthwhile driver (my view).
  19. They should just work inside C4. However, what they do inside DSC depends a bit on whether they have ever been set up as zones and if so, whether they were set as alarm zones (stay or away) or information only zones...
  20. The Blackwire Emoji Driver is also worth looking as it gives you 100’s of icons and the ability to change the icon programmatically.
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