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  1. This (I.e. and extra Room Control driver that links to 2 rooms) or a Media Scene could also do the job but would need some Activating and deactivating code if you don’t want every method of volume control to control both rooms…
  2. That is an interesting point… @customer- what Controllers do you have for this 20 room, 7 TV house?
  3. Wow! Sounds like a terrible experience. If your description is accurate… change your dealer and do it today. Sorry, but the recommendation on moving to KNX lighting is crazy. Nothing wrong with KNX but one of Control4’s biggest strengths is their lighting. My houses are similar to yours (but 3 floors not 4) in terms of integration (plus a lot more - which you may well also have and not have mentioned) and my Control4 setup is extremely stable except where I tinker :-). I hope we see you back and this is not simply a trolling exercise. Change your dealer and you will change your experience. You should only have one Control4 contact - not 3!
  4. I was going to make the same comment BUT didn’t as my view that this was the way it would work was based on how Tidal and Deezer integrate with C4 rather than Spotify which I only tried once briefly a long time ago.
  5. BIcons is certainly a good solution for this if there is no native driver. BIcons has various display options including (from memory): 1. Voltages in steps of 5 volts, 2. Power in steps of 25Kw up to 750 (the 25KW increments would be a bit too large for cases where the utilisation measured is fairly low (e.g. under 100kW per day - see point 3); and, 3. A couple of generic dials and frames that can display from 0 to 100 in increments of 1. The driver allows you to link it to any float or number variable of another driver. If your float or number is a Control4 variable then the easiest way to get it into bIcons (in my experience) has been via the Yatun Number driver (which, if my recollection is correct, is a free driver).
  6. We use the standard decor style switches. Thanks for the info! That is useful. Yes my plug point is Legrand (and I think is is the Arteor).
  7. I use a number of bNet Solutions drivers (not this one) and they are all working fine, so I would expect that this one is too. Are you saying that the experience button icon is not populating on your T4? A number of experience button drivers have had that problem (on T4s) but are easy to fix. My understanding is that it has something to do with the format of the image (16 bit images not being accepted on T4s and thus the image needing to be changed to 8 bits) but I may well be wrong as I am not a driver developer! Irrespective of what the issue, I would suggest you contact BNet Solutions via the contact details on their website. I have always found Brian to be very responsive and helpful.
  8. Various options, the ones I would recommend: 1. Use the Yatun thermostat driver (they have 3 and I think they are all free). These allow you to show any float or integer on a thermostat. Two of the, also allow control and programming around this. 2. bNet solutions have an Icons driver (bIcons) which gives various ways of displaying numbers as Experience Buttons.
  9. We regularly use 2 or 3 and this last week have had need of 4 (maybe even 5) but have had issues getting that many streams working!
  10. True, loops are not available in HE but that is it (AFAIK) and you can work around this (as you say) if you know what you are doing,
  11. Definitely an option. Thanks. The problem is that I am not yet convinced that this is a hardware issue and my dealer is pretty convinced that it is a software/firmware issue…
  12. Thanks again for all the advice. I tried this (lowering quality to the lowest and setting latency to level 2) but the problem persisted. I have had my dealer take me back to only 3 virtual connections and everything seems stable again (although only time will really tell). But it is frustrating as we have demand for 4 (even 5) separate digital streams when the holiday house is full (like at present 🙈)
  13. Thanks @Cyknight- I must say that I have learned a lot on this thread. Sadly, my actual problem remains and I have spent much of today on the phone to my dealer (700km away) testing things with no resolution. My situation (as I understand it) is that if I leave my 4 digital sources (2 from each of 2 EA5s) in play (connected to the Matrix) then after a few days I start getting bad static (basically you don’t hear the music) on the first digital source to play. The other 3 are fine. After disconnecting the “first source”, everything seems to work fine on the other 3 sources (admittedly, we have not left it like this for a few weeks so as to be absolutely certain!). If we than add in the HDMI source (which was cabled physically a few days ago when my dealer was onsite but not connected virtually until now) while leaving the one digital source disconnected, the static returns but now on the second source to start playing (presumably the first digital source if HDMI takes priority) and this is despite the fact that the original problematic digital source remains disconnected. Note: all references to connected / disconnected refer to virtual connections only as my dealer is 700km away and I am simply testing the stability of things after he makes changes in Pro. I have not touched any wiring. We then disconnected one digital source after another (virtually) and kept having the same problem until we were down to one source (HDMI only). We then added back all 4 of the digital sources - so we now had 5 sources for the first time ever - and all 5 sources played perfectly for a few hours (no controller reboots, simply my dealer removing and adding connections throughout this experiment). A few hours later the static returned. We removed the HDMI source and the “first” digital source and everything has been stable (but, again, it has only been 5 or 6 hours, so we need to wait a few days before drawing any final conclusions). At this stage, it appears that my setup goes wild (plays static over some digital sources) as soon as I have 4 or more digital paths from my 2 EA5s to the matrix. I do have one other path from one of the EA5s to an OSD. The Analouge connections are not in use at all. in my mind, the issue is with one of the EA5s, the Matrix (Leaf 10 x 10) or in the software. I don’t believe the problem is with the Amps as I can duplicate the problem in any zone once it starts (irrespective of whether the zone is fed by my Triad Amp or by my older C4 amp). My dealer believes it is a software (firmware) issue but the reality is that we are stumped.
  14. Programming is identical between Pro and HE. I think that driver settings are mostly the same but some things that show up in Pro may not show up in HE. I am not 100% sure. What I can say is that HE is well worth the investment and let’s one do a lot.
  15. You cannot view bindings in HE. Other differences include the inability to rename devices in HE (although there are drivers that allow this) and some tools (eg more advanced search - called Detective Suite) are not available in HE.
  16. Thanks @Cyknight- very useful! One last question. If one has an HDMI connection. Am I correct in assuming that C4 will automatically prioritise all of the digital and analogue paths before using the HDMI connection?
  17. I have 2 EA5s at my holiday residence and we have been using the 2 digital outputs from each for digital audio purposes (primarily tidal on a family account). These (and other sources) run from the EA5s to a 10 by 10 matrix and from there to a Triad Amp and a C4 Amp (I think I have the order right). Some questions that I hope someone can help with. 1. We occasionally have static coming through instead of music and we have been able to narrow the problem down (by a process of elimination) to one of the digital outputs form one of the EA5s (we have confirmed that it is not the cable or the matrix input port - both of which we have changed as part of our testing) The current proposed solution is to use an HDMI cable from the same EA5 and link that into the matrix. Will this be as good? I seem to recall reading somewhere that you should not use the EA5HDMI output for audio except in single room systems due to syncing issues. However, I cannot see how syncing could be a problem if the HDMI goes to a matrix and from there to the various zones? We like having the 4 digital audio streams and have never run out with 4 but definitely will struggle with 3. Our Director is a CA10 but I don’t think that is relevant to the question. 2. A related question… the above is the setup at my beach house. Interestingly at my main residence, we have a similar setup (albeit, one HC800 and one EA5) but here we run from the other 2 outputs (presumably analogue) on the EA5 to a (older) C4 matrix. Will the sound quality be worse because we are not using the digital outputs? Clearly it has not worried me in the last 7 or 8 years, so this is more for interest! 3. if we have 4 digital audio streams from controllers (as indicated above) and have them all playing and then play an announcement to the whole house (which I assume is also digital audio), this (somewhat surprisingly and impressively) works and all 4 audio streams come back after the announcement is complete (tried and tested). Equally, if we have two zones playing music (a digital audio stream) and play an announcement on one zone, this works and the other zone keeps playing the stream. The zone that played the announcement returns to the digital stream after the announcement. Again, tried and tested. My question is what happens if I have 8 zones playing 4 different streams (2 zones per stream) and I then play an announcement to 4 of the zones (only 1 in each of the sets of 2)? My assumption is that I will then be trying to play 5 distinct digital streams at the same time and something will fall over? I have not tried this, but it is quite possible to occur. The real reason for questions 1 and 3 is to determine whether I need to try and fix the EA5 which has probably been broken for the 3 years since purchase or whether I can get away with swapping the digital connection for an HDMI connection. Thanks in advance!
  18. I am looking to order a colour change kit for one of my keypads in order to see how I like the new contemporary lighting (which I must say really looks cool in all the pictures ). I am wanting to match it as best as possible to the plug points which we have (see picture below). Any views on what the best colour match would be? My guess (based on online pictures) would be an aluminium backplate with the new grey buttons?
  19. I often get an error like this (the one referred to in your original post). To fix it, I used to reboot my entire rack. I have since narrowed my problem down to the do,lowing: If I reboot my Director then the above happens unless I also reboot the slave controller which my USB stick is plugged into. A very irritating error for me. Interestingly, this error fixes itself on some OS releases (about 1 in 5) but not OS3.2.2 😞
  20. Even putting them in alphabetical order (instead of creation order) would help…
  21. Interesting question… my dealer will be trying to replace 2 T3s with T4s at my holiday home next week. They are both installed in wall with wall smaRt mounts so I should know the answer next week…
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