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  1. Check the documentation, I believe you have to have Option 3 selected for how you’re describing your wiring. Also, short C3 to common with a jumper wire. If it changes state, you’ll know your issue is with the sensor itself, if it doesn’t, you’ll know you have a configuration/bindings issue.
  2. Try covering the IR bud with something to block light from interfering with it. Like a piece of black tape, or even your hand while it’s happening, see if that makes a difference.
  3. An HC-500 will take care of that real quick.
  4. Eh, that kind of makes the point for C4 tho, right? If they make the old equipment work on 3.0, you’re not really going to need to buy any new equipment are you? So they spend resources on keeping old products usable.. with what return? Making 12 dudes on a forum a little less pissy for awhile? I mean I guess... So now they EOL it and you say you won’t buy anymore products... Cool, they didn’t waste resources and got the same result. In one thread C4 sucks because they aren’t making any money. So now they make a prudent business decision and they suck for it.... Okay.
  5. I agree the door stations and intercom kind of suck. Just saying even the old back box is a proprietary product/size, I would have tried to mount it into something that is a little more forgiving, like a cedar block or something. I get it, that doesn’t always work with the design, but you or your architect need to consider this is something that may need to be replaced, serviced, etc.
  6. I have fuses and want to upgrade to arc fault breakers, why do I need a whole new panel, feeders, meter socket, conduit, and weather head??? If C4 just shut down your ancient door station out of the blue, I’d totally agree with you.... but it still works. Old equipment just doesn’t magically support new features. You clowns can cry about ‘oh they didn’t even try’ as if they can magically ‘try harder’ and old hardware will suddenly achieve new things.. but it doesn’t work that way. Did you really install a door station into a custom home and not think... gee.. this won’t last forever... what do I do after that?
  7. Oh give me a break. Existing systems don’t stop working when an upgrade comes out. Lets think of HVAC as you suggest. When trane releases a more efficient furnace, do they let you upgrade your existing one to make it the same efficiency? No. When they come out with a WiFi smart thermostat, do they let you download an upgrade to give your thermostat the same features? No. You have to buy a new one.
  8. Isn’t the Ring elite like $500? No cutting required cause they’re all surface mounted beauties. Looks like you screwed a 3 musketeers bar to the side of your house. Are we talking the original C4 door stations? Those things gotta be pretty ancient.
  9. Some of these comments seem short sighted. It’s not like your devices stop working... You just can’t upgrade. We’re all in our lines of work to make money. Control 4 doesn’t charge for upgrades, but they should keep developing advancements so you guys can get new features for free using all of your same old garbage? Come on now. Ooohhh I want the latest and greatest. Cool. Pay for it. You think in 5 years Ring is going to be handing out free feature updates? I mean how many Rings doorbells are out now since the original? Isn’t the first one pretty much obsolete now? Aren’t the latest models different sizes and shapes from the original too?
  10. You need to take a closer look at your AVR. As stated above, I would bet your AVR isn’t capable of sending an analog out signal when you’re only using an hdmi input.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-CG512A1009-Thermostat-Prevent-Tampering/dp/B0002YSV78/ref=pd_aw_sbs_60_1/144-3476504-4241745?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0002YSV78&pd_rd_r=5b444111-798d-11e9-8112-855e7dc666ae&pd_rd_w=L64af&pd_rd_wg=JhASD&pf_rd_p=aae79475-6dc9-4a12-80e8-27b63108fa72&pf_rd_r=819R2TYPCPEQYGBV67YA&psc=1&refRID=819R2TYPCPEQYGBV67YA Raccoon proof.
  12. How is the audio distributed? Check your end points. You may want to look into using the path setter driver.
  13. Everyone’s getting indicted!!!
  14. Seems kind of vulgar. “Get our of here and go C4 yourself!”
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