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  1. This is also a poor way to describe it. Depending on how the 3 way is wired, power can be in one box, load in the other, or both can be in the same box. Power can also come in at the light leaving you without a neutral at either box. As long as power comes to one of the boxes, you can put the dimmer in either box. You can easily send the load or power to the box you want using the travelers.
  2. Yeah, maybe the more *confusing* part is trying to explain why Control4 provides drivers/integration for some products and relies on paid 3rd party developers for other. Also seems likely to me that, as mentioned above, it’s just people not wanting to pay. In reality it’s not that hard of a concept to grasp. Sorry, seem to be a little off topic now.
  3. I’m curious about how dealers handle installing and charging for 3rd party drivers? Do you even explain the cost of the driver to the customer and where that money goes? Or do you cook it into your cost to install it? It seems to me most homeowners are just confused by the process and therefor reluctant to want to buy from a 3rd party. So I can control 99% of my house, but to connect to one random camera, or sprinkler system, or a different dimmer I have to pay someone else? They barely understand what Control4 does as a company, now you have to explain why you want them to set up a subscription with some random dude. It’s not a bad idea to people who understand the game like here on this forum. I think it’s just a confusing concept to the lay person.
  4. Someone needs to make a ‘Composer Pro for end users’ bingo card. Only took 3 pages to get the usual favorites such as: Just charge people for it! I’m an engineer! Control4 doesn’t need to support it! Composer Pro is easy! Composer Pro is hard! Control4 could easily provide support! Dealers won’t make small changes for me! I program other things, I could figure it out! Car analogy. This would hurt dealers! This would help dealers! Car analogy again. Lurton does it! Make end users pay for a class! Only 20 people in the world want Pro! Control4 needs to change or die! Bingo!
  5. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. A few thousand times I would imagine. Nothing wrong with bringing it up again, just know this thread will become a dumpster fire fairly quickly.
  6. ^^^^^ This. I’m not trying to be petty and argue dates either. I’m simply disagreeing with your assertion that dealers didn’t install the current drivers for a couple of years because they weren’t comfortable with it, or didn’t understand something simple like the pathsetter driver. There was only one IP driver available 18 months ago, and it’s not the latest one out now.
  7. 18 months ago I believe the only IP Apple TV driver was the one that was released in 2015 and marked for gen 1-3, tho it still worked fine for the 4K box. Just don’t think it’s fair to publicly announce dealer incompetence on assumptions that may be incorrect. If I’m wrong, downvote me to the moon.
  8. Yeah, I mean I said I don’t know. I assumed you were referring to the Apple approved driver using the Apple bridge driver... which I swear was released in March of this year.
  9. The latest Apple TV driver came out in like March of this year. So I would “guess and assume” the reason installers haven’t been installing it in “the past couple years” is because it didn’t exist yet? I dunno.
  10. Did your dealer install and configure the network? Did he supply and recommend the equipment? It seems like you always hire someone locally, follow their recommendations, then immediately come here and second guess everything they do. I’m all for educating yourself so you don’t get taken advantage of and you get what you want, however in the next breath you admit you don’t understand it. Either fully go the DIY route and spend some time researching basic networking or hire someone competent. Bombarding a dealer who may be good, or may just be the best priced, with half baked ideas from an Internet forum isn’t a good strategy.
  11. Just for kicks, try making the changes to the web interface using a different browser.
  12. Have you tried masking off the offending shrubbery? https://lilin.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/articles/213207103-How-to-Enable-Motion-Detection-on-an-IP-Camera?mobile_site=true
  13. Check the documentation, I believe you have to have Option 3 selected for how you’re describing your wiring. Also, short C3 to common with a jumper wire. If it changes state, you’ll know your issue is with the sensor itself, if it doesn’t, you’ll know you have a configuration/bindings issue.
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