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  1. I have this latest update in and working and it is absolutely brilliant. Well done Alan, you are a certified Genius Jason
  2. That part of the integration is currently broken between C4 and 2N. You will also find that the C4 cannot see button pushes or changes in relay states either on the 2N units, but the intercom functionality works as normal. This is a recognised driver issue and should be fixed in a future update but who knows how long that will take. Jason
  3. Hi Cyk, Where is this driver from, I cannot find it anywhere? Thanks in advance Jason
  4. What is wrong with Rako? Probably the best retro-fit solution out there and will work with C4 without any issues. Not found anything that works better with a house already wired Jason
  5. In this part of the house, we don't have a video matrix and essentially the client wants to be able to view the cameras on the Security tab of the Control4 app on his phone and touchscreen. They are IP based cameras but we cannot find any information for them whatsoever and no one that has a working driver for them either. I had never heard of them till I arrived on site. I think we might be trying to achieve the impossible with these and that it will require new cameras
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone heard of Videoteknika CCTV products, or more importantly, does anyone know of a C4 driver for them? We gave a client who has just had these units installed and we need to get them on the C4 system and I cannot find anything relevant. Specifically, it's the VF7584 or VF7874 which we need to integrate. Here's hoping someone can help Thanks in advance Jason
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