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  1. Used hc250 upgrading to hc800. Has site license. ( to use iPhone iPad and Android devices) working perfect about 6 months old It's running 2.8 and can update to 2.81 if interested I can even send it programed if needed I have a dealer that can help with that I'm thinking 250 plus shipping
  2. That's what I was planning on doing with them I got 2 be supplies and just got a brand new hc250,. Got a rack only 2 rooms each only with TV and Blu-ray. I'm poor so I got a reciever for every zone with sonos lol
  3. They are some led lights that tale IR in from a remote should be easy to build a driver for them. Just ordered a set 5 meters for like 15 bux
  4. had this issue before and the only way i fixed this issue was with a coax balun instead of the atlona baluns. sorry didnt help much
  5. I got 2 Dead hc300, wonder if i can just make them with an external power supply instead of just buying the factory one? i can get the external ones for 5v 15w or 3amp for 7 bux and the originals are 31 dollars right now on amazon. do any of you see a problem with this?
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