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  1. How about the Web Events Driver? https://untestedhacks.com/2013/web-events-driver/
  2. I had the same/similar issue with Hunter Douglas shades. Either group the shades within Lutron or add a DELAY command between each macro to avoid overloading integration module.
  3. thanks for the link. It might be too complicated for my meager needs. 🙂
  4. My thanks for the ideas & knowledge sharing!
  5. I’d like to use my Control4 system to send an audio notification. I know I can send it to the room’s A/V system & speakers. As an alternative, is there any way to get my Google Home Mini to deliver the notification, even if other software is required? It would be much cleaner/simpler since it’s always on. thanks
  6. In case someone finds this thread in the future, the relay specs for the HC-800, the IO-extender v2 and the EA-5 all say AC and DC are supported. They all support maximums of AC:36V, 2A DC:24V, 2A. The C4-Z2IO makes a flat statement of “0.5A @ 50V, 1A @ 24V or less” with no mention of AC or DC. Hence my original question. I'm working on some HVAC issues where 24vac is readily available.
  7. The C4-Z2IO spec sheet says the relay terminal ratings are “0.5A @ 50V, 1A @ 24V or less”. Since there is no mention of current type, can I assume both AC and DC are supported?
  8. msgreen, thank you very much! For my education, does the icon's temperature end up coming from the system variable that contains the temperature or is it more complicated?
  9. Most of rooms in my house have either a carrier infinity thermostat or a tekmar 552 thermostat, accessible to Control4 through the appropriate drivers. For each room, is there some way to get the room’s temperature to display in the Navigator’s Comfort icon? Thanks
  10. The current Bryant/Carrier thermostats still support SAMs according to https://www.bryant.com/bryant/en/us/products/controls-thermostats/systxbbecc01-b/ and https://www.carrier.com/residential/en/us/products/thermostats/wifi-thermostats/systxccitc01-b/. I found the SAMs readily available from Carrier. A SAM allows C4 to talk directly to the thermostat. If you use the new non-SAM C4 driver you lose the functions provided by the driver if the internet or the Infinity OpenAPI server is down. You need to decide if that's a big deal or not.
  11. As Luke pointed out, no need for a SAM when using a non-Infinity thermostat such as a C4 thermostat but you lose all of the fancy Carrier Infinity features such as variable speed. Since you purchased 3 C4 thermostats, I assume you have 3 Carrier Infinity systems that are a few year old? If you want to use the Carrier Infinity fancy features, you must use a Carrier Infinity thermostat. Then, if you want this integrated into C4, you need a SAM. Each SAM can control 1 or 2 Carrier systems. For my house, I had 3 Carrier systems integrated into C4 using 2 SAMs installed almost 2 years ago. Variable speed is great because you never hear/feel the system/fan because the system/fan run on very low speed almost all the time. I've read on this forum that the newest Carrier Infinity systems no longer use SAMs to integrate with C4 but I have no direct knowledge/experience with any of those.
  12. @RyanWorks for me! thanks for the help and keep up the great work.
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