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  1. Hi. I have a Wattbox that SnapAV support has confirmed is affected by their recall program and support has stated that I need to use a Control4/SnapAV integrator to process the warranty exchange for me. This is actually the second Wattbox (first was also defective). The first one was installed by a local shop in Oklahoma that has since moved to only commercial A/V. The replacement was done by a local integrator who will no longer return calls/emails. I've reached out to several other integrators around OKC and not have returned my call. From what I can tell, the warranty prog
  2. I currently have 2 AppleTVs in my rack. One was already switched to the IR driver by myself and my dealer remotely. At the time I wasn't upgraded to iOS13 on the other and didn't have an extra IR cable to switch the second over. I have an open IR port on the HC-800 controller and an extra cable and can handle the hands on piece, but need somebody to switch the AppleTV over from IP to IR for me. I already have the IR driver in my system. If it goes as smoothly as the first one with my local dealer, this should just take a few minutes. I know most of you have a minimum rate,
  3. Do you know the name/vendor for the IR driver? Any one have input on how responsive it is? Thanks!
  4. All of this is a fair point. And as a customer that may need to spend $2000 plus to buy a controller that supports additional vendor platforms it would be helpful to understand technically why certain features work on one controller and not the other. If not, how and why would the concern about forced obsolescence not be fair? I’ll take the grief for starting the convo early while still on beta, but are certain commenters going to shut down everyone else who has the same pain point when it leaves beta and they can’t control a current gen Apple product that was touted as a win in marketi
  5. Thanks that would at least make me feel less frustrated with the situation.
  6. And they chose to only implement it in the EA driver less than 2 years after IP control for the current hardware was announced? Not sure why that is on Apple? I guess if somebody has a hard technical limitation on why the new iOS architecture would only support the EA based driver i would better understand.
  7. Then why does the newer EA driver work if this is just on Apple? Not to mention the fact that Control4 won’t let me update a driver let alone Hardware without paying a 3rd party. You can’t lock down a system, choose to support some newer drivers and hardware and not others, then blame the 3rd party.
  8. So it seems this driver may be the only IP driver that works with AppleTV 4K after the tvOS13 update. I have confirmation from others that the new driver works and the old IP OSD driver definitely no longer works. I know not everyone is on ios13 yet, but I’m on beta 3 and that is much closer to official release and no functionality in the works. Still hoping Control4 will update the driver to keep it working, but not likely. This type of forced obsolescence, if it happens, pisses me off and will result in me leaving Control4. No hardware changes at all driver on my behalf and an OS update
  9. I have the current AppleTV 4K and am on the beta ios13 with no option to revert. I’m on version 107 of the Control4 IP OSD driver. Apparently there is a version 111 available, but I can’t find a change log or don’t have access to a change log? Currently I get a message that the driver times out and can’t sync in composer. My dealer troubleshot and confirmed he couldn’t get it to work, but also didn’t update the driver. He did try a new driver that’s apparently available and said it is not comparable with the HC800. His thought is that I may have to go with an IR driver, which I gu
  10. On additional comment. The OS3 upgrade sheet suggested it would upgrade to version 111 of the AppleTV driver, but it looks like i'm still on 1.0.7. Should it have automatically updated me? Does anyone have a change log for the updates between 1.0.7 and 1.1.1? Thanks!
  11. Has anyone else tested their Control4 IP Driver with tvOS with any success? I know we are still in beta on tvOS 13, but so far i've not had any luck with the 107 driver version recognizing/initializing the connection with an upgraded AppleTV 4K. I have 2 AppleTV 4Ks and the driver continues to work with the tvOS 12 version. My dealer recently updated me from OS 2 to OS3, but no luck on anything related to that. He also mentioned that there is another AppleTV IP driver available from Control4, but that when he added it to my system it said it's not compatible with the HC-800 controller
  12. Is the usb adapter required if you buy the Shield TV Pro that has IR control?
  13. Are there any sub $1,000 4K 4x4 HDMI/Analog matrix available on the market today? I found a blackbird 4x4 network matrix on Monoprice for $400ish, but I can't figure out if it is compatible with control4. I want to go to 4K TVs, but I can't justify losing a perfectly good matrix and spending another $1500 - $2000 for just that upgrade.
  14. After a recent system and driver update (C4 to 2.9.0 plus other driver updates), something has broken with the MyMovies HTPC driver. Previously I could launch movies from the Movies launcher on my remote, but now every time I attempt to launch a movie I get the following message in Composer for the Driver Information field: "Can only play movies from a My Movies database". Normally the driver field said MyMovies found or something similar. I know i've got good API match in both the HTPC and collection management driver, and the MyMovies launcher on the remote definitely sees all
  15. StroTek LLC hooked me up. Quick response and patient as I worked through some user errors hah.
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