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  1. Sounds great! I think an explanation of what is user definable vs dealer setup would be good for those considering C4
  2. I'm hoping for native tv shows...
  3. Can you do the same with a Oppo Bluray? i.e. use ether MyMovies or My Movies to select the file and have it automatically played by the streamer in the Oppo? Thanks
  4. Great! Thanks How do you rate the C4 Movies interface. It looks good in the videos but the reality can be different in these sort of things
  5. Hi, I am considering C4 for my new build. I watch a lot of movies and use a Popcorn Hour A410. The interface on it is really poor compared to Kodi but I am very fussy on picture quality and the A410 is identical to my Cambridge Audio 751BD bluray player. I know that there is a driver for the Popcorn Hour for C4. I like the look of the MyMovies interface in the 2015 C4 update. Is it possible to link the two? i.e. selecting movies via the C4 Movies screens and have them play directly with the A410? Thereby avoiding the A410 interface completely. I could switch to a Dune streamer if that works better, it has the same video processing chip as the A410 Apologies if I have misunderstood Thanks
  6. Is there a list of additional drivers which have been added? In particular, I am interested if the Fire TV have been added and anything by Naim Audio or Arcam Audio Thanks
  7. Thanks. I'm UK based so pucks are an option. Although found out that the UK keypads still require the bus wiring anyway (unlike the U.S. Ones) so would require major retrofit works for that
  8. Is there a full list of supported IP and serial devices anywhere outside of Composor? Apologies if slightly off topic
  9. I think I confused people with this! I have since figured out that the previous in line dimmers support what I am trying to do in conjunction with keypads. However, do we know why Control4 have dropped the inline dimmers like the LDZ-IL51-B and the puck? They don't seem to appear in any of the current catalogues etc
  10. Hi, I currently have 4 circuits which return to 4 switches on 2 plates in my extension (not on C4 yet). I want to install another 3 wireless circuits and replace my 2 plates with 2 wireless C4 scene controllers (so 7 wireless circuits, 2 scene dimmers, no in wall dimmers). Does C4 have any inline dimmers that would allow me to do this? It would need to just havr the mains connection and have zigbee communications with the HC and also the scene controller? Is this possible? It would be the equivalent of the Loxone Nano io Air - http://shop.loxone.com/enuk/nano-io-air.html Reason for the request is that a) I dont want to chase the new circuits and want scene control but c) dont want 7 different light switches. I am not sure if this is something the puck dimmers do? Are they still available? Apologies if I am totally confused! Thanks, Wayne
  11. Old threat but is there more recent Visio templates available so I can work out my detailed wiring/HW requirements?
  12. What is the general lifecycle for touchscreen? Replacement cycle of 2 years but how long previously before they start not being compatible with newer functionality? Thanks
  13. Did you use it without the Evo touchscreen ether? Sorry for all the questions
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