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  1. Indeed I meant on HC...it does work on my EA. Thanks for correction.
  2. That should not be the case. What do you mean by bricked your Apple TV? Yep ...if you were using the C4 (2.x OS) IP driver then the tvOS 13 update stops that working on the ATV 4K. I reverted back to using an infrared bug and the old IR C4 driver...no way to get around it. I'm assuming you are on C4 2.x OS and upgraded to os13 on the ATV but you probably need to ask your C4 person what they did. They really should have tested that everything worked before leaving!
  3. OK but surely is we had an IP driver (albeit not certified) on a 32 bit OS then not a huge stretch to expect it could be rewritten for a 64 bit one. Just wondering what restrictions would exist on a 64 bit platform that didnt exist on a 32 bit one. Probably diminishing returns on this thread but am genuinely interested. There must have been many other drivers that would need to be ported to the new 64 bit architecture as well.
  4. OK so its a commercial decision, likely not a technical one. Of course no platform lasts forever so an update to EA or whatever comes after is a certainty. The IR solution works so all good.
  5. Actually I did know about the move from flash to Android and have a hardware engineering and software background so please don't make assumptions : - ) My point was that the HC800 could run a driver for this as ip drivers used to work on the HC series for the apple TV 4K - this is a choice by the driver author, not a technical constraint of the HC800.
  6. I suspect they have the processing power...I cant think of a technical reason why they cannot support the driver other than the fact that either apple or C4 cant be bothered writing a driver for the HC series!
  7. My dealer informed me that the new 'official' apple TV 4K ip driver wont work on my HC800 so have reverted to the IR driver. At least the sleep works now.
  8. The apple TV ip driver for apple TV 4K no longer works on a HC800 (for TVOS 13) ....now only works with EA series C4 units. Im sure increasingly HC800 owners will be pushed to new hardware. I reverted to using an IR bug and the old IR driver to maintain integration. The only good news is that the appleTV 4K now stays in sleep (the old IP driver kept waking it up) :- )
  9. I guess my point is that the C4 controller should leave it up to the user to decide if they want to take the very small risk that the ATV won't wake up 1/100 times (reboot if that happens). Right now it wakes the ATV up whether you like it or not.
  10. Apple_TV_4K_PER_sept2017 (1).pdf Apple's own environmental report shows .35 w in sleep but doesn't show idle/ menu screen consumption. Ihttps://www.flatpanelshd.com/review.php?subaction=showfull&id=1507035457....shows menu screen at 2.6w. Not mind blowing but a 7 fold increase in power consumption...
  11. There are 2 scenarios here... 1. You intended to stop watching the ATV source so hit room off or watch 'another source' so the auto sleep kicks in after preset time. 2. You just leave the Apple TV idle on the menu screen and it goes into sleep on its own (You had to do something else and just left everything on). You come back and hit watch ATV on the C4 remote and it wakes the ATV back up with a menu press via iPhone control via the C4 controller. In either scrnario knowing the state of the ATV is not that important. So I still see no compelling argument for not letting the ATV sleep. OK it's only 4w Vs .35 watts but wasteful to leave it up for no reason. Apparently there is no IP command for putting atv into sleep so just letting it auto sleep is the other option. But for some reason the C4 controller keeps waking the ATV up 20 seconds after it enters sleep...I can't understand why it does this. I know it's the C4 controller doing this as I isolated all other devices off the network with only the ATV and the C4 controller connected and that's what's causing the wake up. Am I missing something?
  12. Yes it should be? Allowed to sleep, not allowed to sleep?
  13. Unless it has to be on all the time for ip control why would I not put the ATV into sleep mode? What is the right end of the problem?
  14. I have the same problem. I isolated the C4 controller and the ATV came out of sleep after about 20 seconds. Wonder if it's to do with the ip control?
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