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  1. Thanks @ekohn00! I just got mine (M1 mini) and forgot to add this initially. So great to have working app that feels native again instead of using an Android emulator on the Mac. I agree it feels very snappy! UniFi network and Protect app run similarly beautifully although there seem to be a couple minor errors - on the C4 app I notice there are no background images for example and Protect won't play some of my cameras. Now if only they update VMware Fusion so I can run Win10 VM and Composer HE again. Other apps that also run great are: OvrC, Hikvision iVMS-4500. Apps with errors: TiVo (
  2. I’m running radio RA2 12.8 with C4 and working well, what was the specific issue?
  3. This helped me with a 4 way Essentials switch Install with two Aux keypads (of course no yellow or blue wires but your instructions are clear); I found it more informative than the provided diagrams with the devices. Thank-you! What is your Venmo handle?
  4. I have two used Unifi 16 port gigabit 150w switches with two SFP ports each in excellent condition (US-16-150W on sale at the Ubiquiti online store for $300 each). I am the original owner and they are in good working condition currently running firmware They come with the rack ears and power cord. They offer 802.3af/at PoE+ or 24v passive POE. I'm looking for $195 each + shipping OBO. IMG_4842.HEIC
  5. Ok, Thanks for confirming. Seems to contradict the marketing materials - “The Control4 DS2 Door Station delivers an amazing audio and HD video intercom experience.”
  6. The DS2 is marketed as providing HD audio and video. I get choppy audio and low res video on my touchscreens and intercom app. I’m on 2.10.3 and latest firmware. I’ve been told the touchscreens don’t support HD video. Anyone with similar problems? Can anyone confirm the expected video resolution feed and rate when viewed natively on the inhome touchscreen? Thanks
  7. Remote dealer needed to integrate old Control4 controller into new home and add additional equipment. I have a local installer.
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