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  1. That's a nice budget. As a I resident audiophiliac and owner of a pair of Spatial M3s in white gloss I'll bite. Here are my fave's in no particular order. I find these all nice looking, statement style pieces and all are award winning / superlative performers. Some can be equipped as monitors on matching stands. Some are US based and others are European. - Klipsch La Scala AL5, $13k - DeVore Orangutan O/96 $12k - Zu Audio Druid 6 $11.5k - Boehnike W8 $9-14k depending on options - Spatial X3 custom gloss $9.5k - Cube Nenuphar $16k - TAD ME1 $12.5k - Sound Kaos Vox 3a - $12k - Camerton Binom 1 $14k Well that was fun. I hope he has a decent budget for the remainder. Spend the next most on the Amp/Int, followed by the frontend and so on down the line. Integrating with C4 should not be difficult.
  2. I’m using Sonoff ZB bridge with Tasmota and I believe ESP32 6.7.8. The device is paired with the bridge but doesn’t show battery life like the others.
  3. Sonoff SNZB-03 motion comes up as UNKNOWN (Device 0x0954), the other devices SNZB-01,02,04 identify correctly using Gateway v1.24. With report devices I get: "X 0x0954 UNKNOWN" whereas other devices identify correctly as "0x377e Sonoff Zigbee Wireless Button -> Berto IoT Device - SNZB01 Button" for example. Anyone able to get SNZB-03 motion to work?
  4. +1 for blue tint to cameras and spinning pinwheel using Control4 app on M1 Mac; I'm using Hikvision, Dahua and UniFi Protect cameras - all exhibit the same display behaviour viewing sub streams from NVR and RTSP direct makes no difference. I'm not sure what the cause is but would be nice to allow for increased camera resolutions which in the past has been the cause for some color banding.
  5. Just wanted to echo what BraydonH told you - there are trade offs with all setups but Unifi Protect really is excellent - the main reason you should select it is for the excellent analytics and app. The router mentioned is stellar and they should be considered inseparable. Yes, it’s a pity snapshots don’t currently work, yes, the firmware can be buggy (but really just because of the rapid development cycle, and there known versions that *just work*), and low light performance is meh. I have a bunch of other IP cameras and I love this the most. You will need G4 for smart analytics which adds to cost a bit. You can augment some views with other cameras - I have a starlight in strategic locations for instance - but Onvif sucks and the built motion algorithm on these is subpar. Also with Unifi you can’t mix and match. With Unifi you will get a similar experience to Nest but with robust development and in my opinion a stronger future than what Google has done so far with Nest. If you do it then definitely only do manual updates. It’s been a while since I ran surveillance station, security spy or Blue iris but I remember more issues with those in the past and don’t know the current state of their analytics or apps.
  6. Thanks @ekohn00! I just got mine (M1 mini) and forgot to add this initially. So great to have working app that feels native again instead of using an Android emulator on the Mac. I agree it feels very snappy! UniFi network and Protect app run similarly beautifully although there seem to be a couple minor errors - on the C4 app I notice there are no background images for example and Protect won't play some of my cameras. Now if only they update VMware Fusion so I can run Win10 VM and Composer HE again. Other apps that also run great are: OvrC, Hikvision iVMS-4500. Apps with errors: TiVo (Unauthorized modifications detected / crashes). I look forward to see more and more apps!
  7. I’m running radio RA2 12.8 with C4 and working well, what was the specific issue?
  8. This helped me with a 4 way Essentials switch Install with two Aux keypads (of course no yellow or blue wires but your instructions are clear); I found it more informative than the provided diagrams with the devices. Thank-you! What is your Venmo handle?
  9. I have two used Unifi 16 port gigabit 150w switches with two SFP ports each in excellent condition (US-16-150W on sale at the Ubiquiti online store for $300 each). I am the original owner and they are in good working condition currently running firmware They come with the rack ears and power cord. They offer 802.3af/at PoE+ or 24v passive POE. I'm looking for $195 each + shipping OBO. IMG_4842.HEIC
  10. Ok, Thanks for confirming. Seems to contradict the marketing materials - “The Control4 DS2 Door Station delivers an amazing audio and HD video intercom experience.”
  11. The DS2 is marketed as providing HD audio and video. I get choppy audio and low res video on my touchscreens and intercom app. I’m on 2.10.3 and latest firmware. I’ve been told the touchscreens don’t support HD video. Anyone with similar problems? Can anyone confirm the expected video resolution feed and rate when viewed natively on the inhome touchscreen? Thanks
  12. Remote dealer needed to integrate old Control4 controller into new home and add additional equipment. I have a local installer.
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