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  1. how do you transfer your CD collection to a hard drive?
  2. I tried, but it does not work. The problem is that the OLED does not get the commands for SAT (Channels)
  3. It works fine as a Monitor or It works with built in Cable and Antenna but not with Satellite. The Problem is there no Option to bound to Satellite. It is in the Driver Notes :"Satel´╗┐lite TV (SDTV) >> ´╗┐EMEA´╗┐" but can not find it:-)
  4. I tried the RF Cloud (see screenshot) but when I push the Favorite "MTV" nothing happens.....
  5. I connected the LG OLED TV 77C9 to the Control4 IP Driver. Everything works fine, Mini Apps...etc BUT, I can not connect Channels.(Favorites). I watch Satellite TV on my OLED and there is no Option to connect the Channels to "Satellite" (SDTV). Here are the Driver Notes: The Antenna input source is also used when building a tuning command so it is important to bind the RF cloud to the desired antenna input based upon the type of stations being broadcast (i.e. analog, digital, satellite, cable, etc.). Here are the Antenna inputs available by tuning region: --Antenna TV (ATV) >> EMEA, AMERICAS --Cable TV (CATV) >> EMEA, AMERICAS --Antenna TV (DTV) >> EMEA, AMERICAS, JAPAN --Cable TV (CADTV) >> EMEA, AMERICAS --Satellite TV (SDTV) >> EMEA Any Idea ? Thank you..
  6. Is there a Mini Driver for the new LG OLED IP Driver, so I can open DAZN direct like Netflix, YouTUbe, AmazonPrime... etc... thanks Roland
  7. Sorry for the late answer Yes Music side is working. I can see it on Composer and search for Artis, Album...etc BUT can not see the Source "CD" on LISTEN...?!
  8. Yes you are right. And I just want the CD Browsing again....:-) This Screenshot is from OS2.9 Kaleidescape can not help...any other idea?
  9. Hi I connected the M500 Player via HDMI to a Control4 Video Matrix and additionally via stereo audio to an Audio Matrix. As a Blu-ray player everything works fine. I can select and control the device. BUT: As Audio Source "CD" I do not see it in the Composer with the Visible or Hidden Devices. Roland
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