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  1. Is anyone else having issues with the paint coming off of their keypad dimmer switches?
  2. Thanks guys! Always different ways to solve a problem. I'll try them both and figure out which works best for us.
  3. Thanks for the response Cyknight...is there a way to trick it with programming maybe? If I loaded some of my favorites and used variables? *my only other streaming experience has been with pandora so I never even thought of channel up/down on it.
  4. why can I not use my channel up/down keys to surf through my siriusxm channels? I'm using the ea5 as the source not another player or anything.
  5. I definitely believe you're onto something, LOL
  6. I doubt the dude is even still on here or reading these...
  7. Thank you for those pointers. That's my concern is ill break something. Lol
  8. So I'm looking more for help with my networking configuration, but I'm asking in here because I want someone who knows what the do's and don'ts of unifi gear in a c4 environment. 1) first priority is my son has a website required by his school that for whatever reason is getting blocked - not sure if it is his laptop blocking it or my UDM-pro 2) I have a google voice setup to run through a obitalk 212 that is having issues getting calls in and out. 3) I have (renewed) concerns about my network security with unifi and my IOT devices. I would like to have my network analyzed for security holes. 4) possibly have my network broken into several vlan's (to help with security and packet efficiency) 5) I'm open to suggestions for how to develop my network for the future and get a plan together so I can budget hardware cost if necessary Since most of this will be done remotely, I can arrange access any time of day and unless there is a need for a person to power cycle or move cables I can be available any time.
  9. This forum is full of helpful people. Professionals, power users, and the everyday user. Just list out what's not working in your equipment and I'm sure somebody on here can give you a ton of advice to maximize the value you've already put in your system
  10. Well you can try resetting your network but you'll probably have to get a dealer involved
  11. I would check make sure you can see it getting an IP address on your router. And then make sure that everything's on the same OS version.
  12. The audio obsessions driver gives a transparent keypad overlay so you can put in a gate/door pin number and program off of hot spots. Like I have one camera that has an outdoor light in the 6 position so I tap it and the programming allows me to turn it on/off, similar to the x/y axis you are talking about. http://www.audioobsessions.com/blue-iris-nvr.html
  13. Does this driver come with a keypad overlay? I didn't buy mine from Blackwire, it was audio obsessions that I purchased it from many years ago.
  14. You just need a dealer to bind all the outputs together in the amp Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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