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  1. Thanks so much Ari, it was a pleasure working with you.
  2. I have Somfy motorized shades with Zigbee Digital Motor Interface which I need to reconnect to C4. The system worked until a problem with one of the motors. This was fixed, unfortunately during the process the ZDMI lost communication with C4. Composer HE reports an error "OnZigbeePacketFailed", but I can operate the shades manually, by pressing a button on ZDMI. PM me with a quote if you can help me.
  3. That's a lot of lights Glad it works on your system. Any dealers here knowing how to set it up and willing to help remotely?
  4. Are you a C4 dealer? Would you mind trouble-shooting it for me remotely?
  5. Yes, that's what I mean. Would you mind telling me which driver version do you have? Mine says: CONTROL4 DRIVER FOR PHILIPS HUE LIGHTING version 8.0.2
  6. I meant the Hue driver. Not the snapshot driver.
  7. do you know if they fixed snapshots in the driver? theoretically, the driver should be able save the state of a Hue lamp and recall it. Never worked.
  8. what other method do you advise to control multiple zones at once?
  9. what's your experience with programming nested media scenes? For example, linking [source selection] of all zones in the house, but with [volume] and [mute] independent for each floor. 1st Floor: Zone A, B 2nd Floor: Zone C, D Media Scene "All" linked [source selection] for: Zone A, B, C, D Media Scene "1st Floor" linked [volume] and [mute] for: Zone A, B Media Scene "2nd Floor" linked [volume] and [mute] for: Zone C, D
  10. no luck... pausing or playing TuneIn radio doesn't seem to affect "Stops Sensing Audio" on the C4 Matrix Amp.
  11. Yes, it feeds the matrix. An excellent idea! Thank you.
  12. I'm just using TuneIn from the main controller (HC800). IMO it's better to program based on the actual "state" changes rather than "buttons" being pressed. You can control your media in so many ways (by pressing a button on a remote, pressing a button on a touchscreen, or by programming), but the resulting state change is allays the same, so using it as a trigger is much more reliable.
  13. "AUDIO SELECTION CHANGED" is not triggered when I just stop/pause or play audio (TuneIn). I'm not changing an audio device, I just want to display the state of a currently-playing or paused device. Is there anything else I'm missing.
  14. I've been trying to program a keypad LED so that it turns on when Digital Media is playing, and turns off, when Digital Media stops. I tried PLAYING_AUDIO_DEVICE, but no luck. Also, what is the difference between "room off" and "in session"?
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