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  1. Have to include Tesla power wall control and solar as well.
  2. Speed it up ๐Ÿ˜
  3. We use Hikvision ds-2td2117-6 -v1. it was .2+- degrees at over 20 feet. Serve our biz needs.
  4. We have two of the sliver Neeos. Defility miss the 1-9 buttons but the remote is solid and the screen has great resolution. Overall its a great product. Looking forward to what can be down with it. I DO wish it had voice commands like the X1 remote........ only drawback.
  5. Have two seven zone traine units. The houselogix is super buggy. I am in to support /pay for a new driver.
  6. Drop State Farm. Being a victim from a Tornado during Harvey I learned really quickly you pay for what you get. My neighbors with farmers and state farm waited months... for an ajuster and their first check. I have Amica. The first check arrived FedEx on day 3 and the ajuster showed up the next week. We are over a year out from Havery and are still out of our house but Amica covered everything and has taken great of my family.
  7. +1 i also have Dtv+ and a numi. They said by year end but i donโ€™t see that happening.
  8. following, we also have DTV+.
  9. The app is horrible. So much potential... disappointed in this one.
  10. Sonance rs38 system with in ceiling sub. Sounds great & 4โ€.
  11. Sold my elite that dies 2 months ago for parts.... I made out like a bandit.
  12. Looking to add another WX-1 (C if possible) to my system. Anyone have any used ones around?
  13. I would be interested in having a few of these as well.
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