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  1. @IntrinsicGroup what platform?
  2. We use the room control driver to trigger when we should turn them on via IR. And we had a situation today, where the client wants the genie mini's to turn off or else they keep tuners busy, which stops him from recording all his shows. If yopu dont mind/need the mini;s to turn off.. the IP driver works flawlessly
  3. Yes we do... As a matter of fact my personal home is half lutron and half control4
  4. PM Sent... We are in the houston area, and we have a electrician on staff for all the little things that needs to get done right.
  5. I can definitely test it...
  6. I am pretty sure the wally has a different driver than the hopper/joey's
  7. iPad is not currently supported. But you can create a second user and sign in on the iPhone with that and do mobile to mobile video calling. Also the ds2 will ring on the iPhone as well
  8. definitely do a reboot of the controller.. and make sure you have 4sight
  9. Control4 recommends Pakedge ... We however love working with Araknis gear
  10. an alexa enabled remote and/or a touch screen remote perhaps?
  11. it can definitely be done remotely.. we tested this with its numerous updates over the last few months
  12. Intercom is available now... Contact us if you need a upgrade to your system (2.10.3) and help to get it all working
  13. I called control4, and they told me to try a different HDMI cable to get the intercom app to show up earlier...😂
  14. I would toss the RTI, and replace it with a Z2IO if I needed to
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