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  1. no sign of it yet. 2.10.1 does show this is the bug fixes 36095 — T3 to Remote Mobile:: No Video//AAudio
  2. Perfect, the Kodi driver is awesome and the ability to re enable my leanback launcher and use other feature on my shield makes it even better.
  3. SO Kodi full users do not need this driver what about Kodi Lite? I picked that as I preferred the movie grid view?
  4. @alanchow Will this driver interface with your previous Kodi Lite/Full drivers? Thanks
  5. its posible to dio under C4 ( you can with a DSC panel) I asked Texecom as they are the ones who wrote the driver. Another limitation I have found, you can part arm under the menu however if you use the programming Tab to part arm via a keypad it instead does a full set.
  6. arming with open zones doesn't seem to work, when I exit my house I have to make sure the front door is closed before I arm
  7. You have miss understood what I meant by access follow these steps after you have entered engineer menu 1. zone setup 2. select zone 3. you are now in zone attributes. Turn on option 6 ( should show an A ) Do this for any zone that is open your exit route. also turn zones you changed back to guard
  8. Access needs to be ticked on any zone you may walk past. also worth checking that global option 58 (remote arm instant) is turned off.
  9. I can help with this one. The control panels sees the control4 system as a remote arm, because of this it assumes you are in a remote location. what you need to do is go in to zones and check "access" this is in Attributes 1. This allows the system to not panic when it sees the front door or hall sensors.
  10. Sounds good, your Kodi driver was awesome. our company do security as well as AV so between myself my boss and some of the other employees we have most of the hik range. I personally Have a set of the new 8mp domes.
  11. The dealer network has no more info than anybody else. The beta program has been closed for a little while so could mean its due very soon, or that its been totally scrapped. We have had a few customers ask about it and simple tell them we have no info but will update them if we can. If you dealers are selling you a DS2 on the basis of the app then they rely need to be spoken too, leaving them open too the usual " not fit for purpose" arguments. Now my personal guess, as a end user, is that ISE will be the place we will see the launch of the app along with a new OS version.
  12. Beta is now closed, Im crossing my fingers that its ready and will be on show at ISE. Installed another DS2 today and I'm sure you won't be disappointed, even without the app.
  13. Those dates match up with ISE 2018, heading over so hopefully we will have some cool stuff to look at.
  14. No ideas on a release date or a time when you would spec this over a EA-1 I can however confirm the driver for the CA-1 is already in composer and has been since Cedia.
  15. technician for a dealer ( this is my personal stuff sourced from work) and yes uk based, just outside London Thanks
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