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  1. @ Cyknight this may help only the c4 server needs IP to be relocated but for 4 sight subscription it works anywhere even here in Oman , so MY Home App will still work without any especial settings that may fed up clients.. Thanks Gary Leeds UK for the info.
  2. is there any how someone used VPN server on their client network and setup their phone, so the my home app will connect as it is locally connected even the phone is connected on its 3G or 4G. do we still need the 4sight or not? as long as we have my home license on our account it will work locally. Any Ideas?
  3. FYI draytek 2830n can be used for ADSL or a router for FTTC Connected to a GPON . so theres no chance to put something ahead of the draytek. for the GPON it is setup to PPPOE bypassed or passthrough to a single port straight to the drayteks WAN input. so the Authentication will be still in the draytek.
  4. Those other VOIP apps on phone, works only using VPN apps Almost all VOIP apps like Imo, Skype, Viber and some VPN apps are banned here. Were using draytek 2830n with a disabled SIP ALG on default. Firewall Disable as well.
  5. we have a system setup Ea5 and HC800 both with a 4sight subscription. No luck on using my home app outside the local network unless you put the controllers IP on DMZ or forward those mentioned ports. btw Skype, all voip apps doesn't work here we need VPN for Dezeers ,Spotify etc., Blocked by the ISP.
  6. remote connection using 4sight is not working here in Oman, unless we forward few ports like 5020 5021 and 80 which is not advisable to do.
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